Upgrading to new software is not always advicable ! Before you install a new version from a program you have to use dayly, you have to be sure that it's compatible and without bugs. Here i tell you what happend to my friend who decided to install a new program in his computer.

He replaced his program "GIRLFRIEND 12.4" with "WIFE 1.0".Unfortunatly he noticed that this program demanded a lot of his system and left almost no space for other activities.

He also was amazed that this program created subprograms like "CHILDREN 1.0" and "CHILDREN 1.1" without any order of request. These were annoying and expensive parasite programs, espacially during the first year and unremovable. Ofcourse there was no warning for these problems on the packing or in the readme file, other users had warned him, but he did'nt believe them.

It's also normal that "WIFE 1.0" automaticly starts up as soon as he started up the system and keeps an eye at all the activitys, it's not possible to switch off and another irritataion is that "WIFE 1.0" almost completely makes it impossible to use other vital programs like "FOOTBALL 4.3","BASEBALL 5.1" and "BEERDRINKING 7.5". Sometimes it happens that after many "Retrys" ,"WIFE 1.0" allows the use of these usefull programs, but that is very rarely.

When installing "WIFE 1.0", the user has no control on the used procedures and later on he has unasked and unwanted "PLUG-INS" like "MOTHER IN LAW 2.5" and "BROTHER IN LAW BETA" Iin his system. Also the behaviour of "WIFE 1.0" chances all the time and everytime after 28 days it's almost completely unusable or very unpredictable.

Suggestions for a new version from "WIFE 1.0" were made to the distributor of the program. Here are some usefull options :

-An option "Do not warn me again !" -A button "MINIMIZE"to send it to the background.
-A button "IGNORE"
-An "UNINSTALL" procedure so the user always can remove the program without any "DIVORCE ERRORS" appearing.
-An "RESTORE" option to reactivate the sexual routine wich disappeared when "GIRLFRIEND 12.4" was replaced by "WIFE 1.0".

Watch out ! "WIFE 1.0" also contains a bug wich i did'nt mentioned yet, if you want to install "MISTRESS 1.1" without removing "WIFE 1.0" first, the last one will remove your program "MS MONEY" before it removes itself. In that case "MISTRESS 1.1" will refuse to start up because of "INSUFFICIENT SYSTEM RESOURCES"

To prevent this, you can try the next procedure :install "MISTRESS 1.1" on another system than the one "WIFE 1.0" is working on. Make sure that you never make a connection between those 2 programs, because it's possible that "MISTRESS 1.1" contains routine actions who can obstruct the working of "WIFE 1.0".

Before you install "WIFE 1.0", you better think about it and maby it's advicable to maintain "GIRLFRIEND 12.4"

Also that can have disadvantages, it's impossible to install "GIRLFRIEND 12.5" without deleting "GIRLFRIEND 12.4" completely. Also the "UNINSTALL" option is'nt working perfect. Sometimes tracks from the uninstalled program stay behind, like "FORGOTTEN UNDERWARE DLL " files.