For everybody who like to read stories about what happend allready to other foreigners and their money and many other things, i've made this page. The "Living in the Philippines" page will become to large if i put them all there. I hope i can wake up people who are daydreaming and quickly invest their lifesavings without thinking that there are also risks involved in investing in the Philippines. If you are afraid to invest your money in your own country wich you know 100%, you better don't invest (without thinking about the risks) in the Philippines here wich culture is partly or completely unkwown to you !

I put every new story i hear on the bottom of this page. I will start with a few positive stories, that's all i know unfortunatly. Usually i only hear the negative stories about foreigners who invest a lot of money and lost it all, so they will be the majority of all the stories. I also refuse to make up positive stories or to ignore the negative stories because you like to read that, i leave behaviour like that up to extremeleft red and green politicians in the Netherlands who want to protect the foreign parasites and criminals they've imported.

I personally think i have the right to warn others for the risks involved in investing in the Philippines and to give (true happend) examples from others who allready did it in the past. If there are people who think i have to act like the Philippines is Heaven or Paradise on earth and everything is perfect here : Bad luck for them !
The Philippines is just another country on earth with all kinds of people (good and bad) in it and the reality always contains positive and negative facts. So if you only like to read positive facts about the Philippines, go and get some travelbrochures at the travel agency is my advice.

The only thing i could do in a story is to change some details to hide the victims nationality/idendity. As an example i can make from a car a motorbike so the story is still the same.

What i see as the reason that foreigners who don't trust anybody in their own country and will not give a single dollar/euro cent to another person, and after arrival here in the Philippines give away their lifesavings like it is only candy, is the next : I believe they only look at the smile and the fact that filipino's/filipina's are very friendly wich mostly is from their culture, but SOMETIMES only because they see a foreigner (whity) as a "dollar/euro shitting mule" and i must say that some of the foreigners (can be any nationality !) here indead act like that last description.

I always thought that everywhere in every country in the world people with bad intentions always approach their future victims with a big smile and not by shouting at them. That is exactly the same here in the Philippines, it's only a matter of recognising the good and the bad people among those who approach you (super)friendly. Most of the filipino people are friendly and hospital from their culture.

A good portion of mistrust and espacially if somebody starts talking about your money/savings is in it's place here like in every other country in the world. Never forget that many here see a foreigner/whity/americano only as "walking dollars" or a "dollar/euro shitting mule" and nothing more than that !

NOTE : These true happend stories you will read here don't mean that all filipino's/filipinas are like this !!
Just consider it as a possibilty that it also can happen to you if you don't watch out or think about what you are doing !
Any attempt to accuse me of generalising the warm and hospital filipino people with these stories i disregard !

I had these crazy accusations many times before, all of them coming from a small semi-communist criminal and parasiteprotecting country wellknown for his tulips and his windmills and not to forget the generous wellfare benefits overthere. I will not give you the name from that small " foreign parasite and criminal importing and always taxraising " country in between Belgium and Germany on the Northsee. You have to guess it yourself wich country i mean.
If somebody read this and this is his conclusion, i advice him to take of his red socialist/communist blinkers and see the things realistic as they are without ignoring or hiding facts or making up excuses for some people their criminal or parasiting behaviour, that's my opinion !

Every country in the world and every nationality has good and bad people, the color of the skin also does'nt mean anything to me, i only look at somebody his/her individual behaviour to declare them good or bad, no other way.

Enjoy the stories !

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I buy if i need them, always hollow-blocks and other materials in a shop in Basak Pardo/Cebu, this company is started with money from a foreigner in the family and the whole family is working there and do their best to make the business succesfull. So in the future they have a good life running this business and their children can go to school so they also have a good future. There is no misuse of the money from their foreign relative in this case, everybody does his best to keep the company running as it should run.
Unfortunatly this is one of the few postive stories i know about investments from foreign relatives.


TopEuropean chicken

Close to my house there was a small restaurant a short time only, also an investment from a foreign relative. This family also did their best to make their business succesfull, but it was completely a failure. They sold chicken and chicken products in their restaurant, very nice interior, all new with tiles and new furniture etc, but it was no success. This whole investment is ofcourse calculated into the price from their menu. So 1 rosted chicken is P140 while 200 yards/metres away you can buy the same chicken for only P100 in a simple shop beside the street. Finally a sign with "European Chicken" to attract the customers, but nothing helped. Here the people only look at the price and not if it taste better in another shop.

Also this restaurant was in a very bad location, if there were a lot of offices around there would be more customers because the officeworkers also look at eachother where they use their lunch and have a competition in this way. A little bit more expensive than another restaurant could be a way to attract more customers because of this.
So after a few months the restaurant was closed. Too bad, was a nice and very clean restaurant.

Now a few years later an ex-employer who started his owm chicken restaurant told us the relative from the foreigner was spending all the money that came in during daytime the same evening on gambling because he was addicted on it. If it's true or not i don't know, he told it to us so i put it here.



A foreigner married to a filipina is on holiday here at his parents in law house and after a few days he gets a businessproposal from his brother in law to invest in a Sari-Sari store and he is the one who has to provide the money to start everything. After studying the plan he thinks it could be a good investment to help his family in law to have a good income. So he tells his brother in law to clean up the lot where the store is planned because it's full with stones and dirt and plants etc etc. This was something they did'nt expect, the meaning from the whole plan was that he only gave the dollars in front so they good start a big party untill all the dollars were finished. The Sari-Sari store was never build because it was to much work for them. The plan to get dollars to buy a supply of Hope cigarettes and Tanduay rum and San Miguel beer was a failure because this foreigner only used his brains wich his brother in law did'nt expect him to do. Too bad, next time better !



A dutchman with his (dutch) wife arrived at the Manilla airport in a hurry to catch his airplane. Taxidriver charges way too much wich he does'nt accept. An argument is the result from it. He walks to a policeman and asks him about this and he answers that it's the normal price and after a lot of arguments he decide to pay so they can go to their airplane. Entering the terminal he looks back and the taxidriver gives a big tip to the policeman, both had a good day !



A foreigner comes on holiday with his filipina wife to his parents in law here and after dropping the luggage in their bedroom and had a first talk, they went out. As soon as they left the house the brother from the wife who is a drug and alcohol addick opened the luggage and took everything in it with any value out and walked out the door and nobody from the family who were watching stopped him because they were afraid of him.

He sold it all and bought drugs and liquor for the money. As soon as the owners came back there was a lot of noise and they would go the police to file a case against him and he would have to go to jail etc etc. At the end they did nothing because filing a case to a relative is something impossible here in the Philippines because all the relatives are "INNOCENT". All the things he sold were never found and the brother was very happy because they came on holiday so he could buy drugs and liquor again and he just went on terrorising his family and stealing from them instead of going to jail for maby 6 years wich could be the punishment for his theft.



I came to live here and very quickly i bought my first computer and if you only know how to start the thing it will take a while ofcourse before you know how to use it. So i went to a school where they teach using a computer and i was too late for the course that just started 1 week before. The price was P1200 for 30 lessons. Because i was too late i had to wait for 2 months for the next course wich was too long for me. So i ask a teacher there if he knows someone who can teach me in my house how to use this thing. After half an hour another teacher is coming and after explaining he would send me a fax about it. When the fax arrived he asked P1200 for 4 hours only, P300 for 1 hour, a complete daysalary for 1 hour !

That is for 4 hours the same price then the whole course from 30 hours on the school and the only costs he would have was P4 to get to my house and the same amount back. Probably he thought that all foreigners here were crazy to pay everything the filipino's ask to pay. If you think about it you know he really has only dollars inside his head, he knew they've told me the price from that 30 hours course on the school. So i learned with making mistakes to use my computer and after 9 months i had my first website online.


TopBuilding a house

A foreigner bought a lot here and wanted to build a new house on it and found a contractor to do it for him. They agreed on a price and before building, the foreigner payed the whole amount to the contractor and when i heard that amount, i've allready placed some very big questionsmarks with that price. I know the price here from the constructionsmaterials and for that amount you can build 3 houses or 1 appartmentbuilding. Of course this depends on the way you design the interior, with golden faucets or with ordinary ones. The rest from the story is not so negative as you may think, the contractor disappeared after building 1/3 of the house with only a roof above 1 bedroom. Not so bad at all !

So there came a court case for that and a lawyer was hired wich is all very expensive ofcourse. If he ever will get his money back is something else, this courtcase can take easily 8 years and the question is if the thief is still alive at that time or still has that constructioncompany. If this was a carpenter without official constructioncompany he could'nt even file a case to him i think or if he could, it would be 100% sure he would never see his money again. But because this is an official constructioncompany there is a chance he gets his money back with inflation and interest losts included.

The usual procedure here during a construction is that the contractor asks money to the owner from the house if he has to buy materials. At least with private buildings, how it works with big companies who give order to build something i don't know. Also a payment after every week for the salary from the workers is possible. The contractors themself were in the past also many times the victim from people who gave order to build and did'nt had enough money for it so the construction stopped halfway, that's why you can see a lot of half finished buildings here in the Philippines.


TopBouncing Cheque

An expression wich was completely unknown to me untill i heard it the first time here in the Phils. It only means that someone writes a check to another person without having that amount on his bankaccount. There was a foreigner here who sold a lot to a filipino who is very famous for dirty business like that. That filipino payed wit a bouncing check and the result was that there was a courtcase from 8 years wich was finally won by the owner from the lot as i heard. Probably with inflation and interest losts from that 8 years. He is allready lucky that he won the case with the costs from his lawyer refunded and that he received his lot back. Advicable here in the Philippines is to stay away from any court as long as you can and to prevent that you ever have to file a case to somebody.

The only check that is safe here is a managers check from a bank wich is handed over by the buyer to the lawyer or notary with the transaction from the real estate that is sold. Much safer than walking on the street with a lot of money.



Here in Cebu i have a nice completely renovated house for sale where a buyer only has to put in his furniture and for a price far below the value and the amount of telephone calls i had with the question if i wanted to rent it out is enormous, but i will never do it. The reason for it is very simple the enormous amount of courtcases from houseowners to others who were renting their house and stopped paying the rent after a few months and after one year or something like that disapperead leaving a halfdestroyed house behind. And the rent is many times no more than a few thousand pesos a month.

Before you have people like this out of your house ( if you want to do it the nice and legal way) it can take up to 1 year and they many times take the doors and everything else they can take out with them. So it's better for me to just missing the rent every month and leave it for sale then to take a risk to have the house half destroyed and a big bill for repairing everything and also the bill from a lawyer.

This rental behaviour from filipino's is something very common here, i know several cases like that in the street i live and everywhere else i hear the same stories from people who are renting out real estate. I have 3 brothers in law in the policeforce and they tell me enough about cases like that.

Also there is the possibility to rent it out to a foreigner so the risk that i won't get the rent is much less, almost nihil, but there is another risk involved in this. A certain percentage from the foreigners who are retired and live here has a small to a very big problem with alcohol, this is no fairy-tale. I saw enough overhere in the 5 and a half years i live here now. Drunk at 6.30 AM and the helper the whole day walking to the shop for Tanduay rum and a lot of shouting and arguments in the house etc. This will result in throwing with the doors etc, destroying the house systematicly i call it. Because of this risk i also will not rent it out to foreigners.

So should you have plans to invest in real estate, be warned !!!


TopSari-Sari store

I know a filipina who lives in a foreign country and in the past she send money to her brother and sister in law to start a Sari-sari store because he was out of work and needed a way to make money for his family. She did send the money to open the store and to buy the first supply. Those 2 had a good running Sari-Sari-store and could provide their family with food and scholing for their children. No money was spended on liquor or gambling or other stupid ways of wasting money. Very responsible parents !

Later on there came a request from another brother to send him also money for opening a store wich she also did. Later on another request from the same brother to send more money to buy more supply because the shop was running well. But unfortunatly for him she received allready a phonecall from her parents that all the money she send before was wasted on alcohol and cigarettes and gambling and no store was ever opened. The 2nd attempt to get dollars failed and every next attempt from this parasite will also fail in the future, whatever the excuse for asking money may be. She is not crazy.

Unfortunatly they are not all as realistic as this girl ! Some of them keep on sending money to their relatives whatever excuse they may have for asking it even if they know allready that all the money is spend on drinking and smoking and gambling and all the excuses they make up are lies. I guess the close familyties are more important then the money they worked themself very hard for. You could call this a part of the Philippine culture.

This same filipina and her sister who also lives abroad have saved enough money bij working very hard to pay for a new house for their parents in The Philippines here. The mother was controlling the money and resisted all the attacks from 1st and 2nd degree relatives/parasites and all others who saw a possible financial source for having a party and all of the money is used to what it was mend for, building the house. It does'nt happen a lot on this way, a lot of money send here from daughters working abroad is used for smoking, gambling and drinking instead for the excuse they've made up to get the money. These people have a very nice house on the beach where we come sometimes.

It's a fact that the families here are very close, more then in western countries and they help eachother as much as possible. Some of them use this fact to parasite from relatives and many times filipinas working abroad receive "emergency" letters or phone calls from 1st or 2nd degree relatives to send as quickly as possible money because he/she made a big credit wich has to be payed, otherwise they will go to jail. The only thing that is missing are the tears who are not included in a plastic bag.

In a western country this is very simple, they will get an answer that they've created the problem themself, so they also have to find the solution themself, very simple.

But here in the Philippines they are as upset from the problems from relatives as they were their own. They also feel an obligation to help them financial as much as possible because they feel very uncomfortable knowing these problems from their relatives. Even they sometimes get a loan themself at the bank wich they have to pay back with interest and sending that money to the relative who asked for the money is normal behaviour with the filipinas abroad.

The result from this is very clear to everybody i think, if the first relative received money after the first attempt that direction to get money, there will follow an avalanche with requests from the rest of the parasites within the family.
NOTE : I've put here "the rest of the parasites within the family", this does not mean that everybody is the same here. The people who are not like these parasites and are working very hard themself here, also don't like it that their relatives are used as a Overseas Finance Corporation. But most of the time they will not give a warning to the victim abroad because the family here is always "INNOCENT", some of them like the family in the example before gave a warning because they feel pity with the daughter abroad. But not all of them will do this !

The most used tric to get quickly money from a relative abroad is the "TYPHOON TRIC" as i call it. The relative/daughter abroad receives a "emergency" call that there was a typhoon around and the roof is disappeared from the house. The daughter and the foreign husband feel pity and want to help and even loan the money if they don't have it in a saving and transfer it as quickly as possible. If they come the next time on holiday here, they will see the same roof on the house then during the last holiday here.

Also stories that a relative is in the hospital and they need a lot of money for the doctor and operation and medicines etc is very often used. All kinds of excuses they make up, their creativity is endless !

Why the filipinas abroad don't know or don't want to know that relatives are misusing them i will never understand. They only receive letters or phonecalls where they beg for money, never for their birthday or for Xmas ot whatever. Sometimes i think that they know it, but continue with supplying them with dollars/euro's because they are afraid to exit the philippine culture. The relative who are parasiting like this don't feel any pity with the daughter abroad, the fact the girl is worrying all the time because they've been lieing that the father was in the hospital with a hartattack or whatever excuse they gave to get dollars/euro's as quickly as possible. Also excuses that a child is very sick and in the hospital is used a lot, this excuse works very good because most people will help here as much as they can in cases like this.

These things will mostly happen ofcourse within families where the parents only were drinking, smoking and gambling in stead of working and where none of the children ever went to or finished the school. Also within hardworking families with 1 or more parasiting and lazy black sheep in the family who maby are addicts on drugs or alcohol or gambling or all 3 as many times happens here, it's possible it happens.


There are allready so many foreigners who invested in a sari-sari store for their relatives here that you can fill many Boeing 747's with them. Most of the sari-sari stores are very quickly closed here and that also is the case if the filipino's invested their own money in it, not only from somebody else.

The reason is in most cases the same, they are out of stock and most of the goods were sold on credit so there is no money to buy new stock. Many times friends and neighbours and not to forget relatives from the storeowner will attack if they want to give them credit and will never pay for the goods, this is very common here. Ofcourse there will be customers who will pay, but making credit and never pay is something that happens a lot here. Also i think sometimes that it is an insult to go and ask for the outstanding credit to that customer, because some of the storeowners seem to except that they will never receive that money and still are talking to those customers who never payed them like nothing has happend.

The only sari-sari stores who will keep open are the ones who can control the credit they give or the ones who refuse to give credit at all and only sell if there is cash money. In this last case those customers who only like to buy without paying will have to find another sari-sari store where they get that chance.



In the next story i chanced some details.

It's about a filipina who was married to a foreigner who according to my source who knew that couple very well, was very good to his wife, did'nt drink or had any other marriage disturbing hobbies, just a familyman who cared about his family. Together they had a few children, so what else a filipina can wish for herself ?

But the man unfurtunatly trusted everybody and also his family in law and especially his brothers in law. They came up with a businessplan and he wanted to help them urning money for their families and provided the first money to buy equipment when he was present here, so far no problems.

Ater a few years they had to replace some equipment and he gave order by the telephone to look around what is for sale and where and what the prices from the different supplyers and brands are. That was done and the results were send to him. After checking it he gave order to buy product A at supplyer B his shop and he transferred the money and they had to send a copy from the purchase documents to him.

He was waiting and nothing came or there was something wrong with the amounts of pesos on these documents, i don't have the details on this. But something was smelling here and he had to buy a ticket for himself only to go and check out wat was going on with his investment. The children had to go to school, so his wife and children had to stay home.

Ofcourse it was not so difficult to found out what was going on, his brothers in law bought some cheaper equipment or bought nothing at all and the (rest of the)money they've invested in Hope cigarettes and Tanduay rum and San Miguel beer and maby gambled with it also. The result as you can expect was a very big argument and the whole family in law protected eachother because they were all "INNOCENT" as relatives in the Philippines always are, even if the hard evidence is there.

So because he did'nt like it that they were stealing from him and he even get angry because of that (probably he told them he wanted to close the business), his brothers in law had to revenge on him. So they called to their sister and told that her husband went to a cathouse here and more of such lies. With the advice to dump him as quickly as possible ofcourse.

So the wife had to decide what she had to do with this because the husband ofcourse told her that it were all lies. Did she had to believe her husband who was loyal and good to here all these years and now because he wanted to help her brothers, was the victim from them wich she without any doubt also knew it was true, or she had to believe her brothers who were very clearly lieing and were almost automaticly "INNOCENT" according to the Philippine tradition/culture. This only because of the fact they were relatives.

So the question is wich side the wife found the most important, the realistic side from the husband where she could see the hard evidence from or the "Family is always innocent" side from the Philippine culture. In this case her brothers were in favor and the husband was dumped and recieved devorcepapers from a lawyer at arrival home.

Without any doubt the next telephone call from her brothers had a order included, to find another husband who was willing to invest in their addicts from drinking, smoking and gambling. I heard other cases like this before that a filipina received an order from her family to dump her husband who lost his life saving allready to her relatives and to look for another one because they could not steal anymore from him. He allready knew they cheated him for a lot of money and stopped amediantly financing their addicts.

This is ofcourse like a hit with a sledge hammer in the face of the parasite relatives who were allready thinking they had a sponsor for the rest of their life and only had to ask and wait for the dollars/euro's to arrive. They allready considered it their right to steal his money with all kinds of lies and excuses because he had a white skin.

NOTE : Not all filipinas are as stupid as this one who found the Philippine culture more important then her good husband ! You have also filipinas who think first before they decide something, but this "Relatives are always innocent !" part of the Philippine culture is widely spread and in many of them present, some of them follow any order from their relatives, others won't and only will hide it and never talk about it if their relatives did something wrong or something criminal, or maby even make an excuse for their behaviour. But many of the filipinas as far i saw carry this "Relatives are always innocent !" culture thing with them !

And there are also filipinas who throw this (to me stupid) culture behaviour aside and live realistic and protect their own and also their husbands salary against attacks from parasites where ever it may come from. My wife is fortunatly also one of those. Only 3th degree relatives tryed a few times without any succes to borrow money because she is married to a "Americano".

The filipina in this example was ofcourse pressed by her relatives to dump her husband and to find a new source of income for them if possible with a bankaccount campatible to the one from Bill Gates. Even if she was pressed by her relatives, still she had to use her brains, or maby she did'nt had them or they were'nt function properly, that's also possible.

Whatever you may think of this true happend case of pure theft by relatives, consider it as a warning before you start investing your self here ! There are so many stories like this going round, it's not something rare i can tell you !

Also as my source told me this was a family who only were having a party as much as possible, working was not important, schooling for the children even less important because they had a daughter who could provide a easy income by marrieing a white skin.

Investing to help the family in law is only safe (as far as you can use this term) if they are hardworking and do their best for the children to go to school and have always food on the table. As soon as drinking, smoking and gambling is nr 1 priority, you better buy some more luxury for yourself from that money because you lose it all and your investment is only a way of income for them.

If you start investing in a irrisponsible family like this from half a globe away so you can't continuesly check their behaviour, you very clearly ask for trouble and losing all your money is my opinion ! Someone else may think different about this, i have no problem with that.



I met a foreigner at the immigration office here in Mandaue and i dropped him at the busterminal afterwards because i was driving that direction anyway, very friendly man ! What he told me was the next case of misplaced trust.

He started like so many before him with lending money here in the Philippines. The fairy-tale is that you can make 30-40% profit a year with this kind of business, the reality is that almost all of them lose their investment partly or complete within a short time. If you know a foreigner here who become rich with it, please let me know and include the evidence because i will not believe you without it.

He had a few helpers who collected the money for him and he thought he was doing a very good business because everybody payed in time as he thought they did. After some time he had to go back to his own country for a few months and when he came back in Cebu his helpers disappeared from the face of the earth. Also all the money that the customers did'nt return yet was gone because he did'nt knew their addresses to pick it up himself.

All the details he told me gave the next scenario wich i have no doubt about it that this really happend :
The customers or the majority of them were involved in this and were rented for a small payment coming from his helpers. All the money they picked-up at those customers their houses came from themself from the money the foreigner invested.

This was working nice as long as the foreigner trusted the business more and more and kept on investing more money in it. But because he was away for a few months to his homecountry, this circle was broken and the money was quicker spend then his helpers expected and that is why they disappeared.
I can be wrong in this conclusion, but as he gave all the details to me this was very clear to my opinion.

Later on he started a other kind of business somewhere else in the Philippines, let us hope he is more succesful with that !



Another foreigner married to a filipina also starts a money lending business here in Cebu and thinks his bankaccount will very quickly reach the amount of dollars from Bill Gates his bankacoount. He invests a few million pesos in it and a relative from his wife is the manager because he can trust that person 100%. (Sounds familiar to me, like i heard that before !)

According to the expectations this amount would double/triple within a short while. The first demand from his manager was 60% from the profit as his salary and if that was'nt enough, he also took every month a certain amount from the invested money wich will become clear to the investor later on when it's allready too late. The monthly income from this manager is more then the investor ever made in his own country if you count the salary and the money he took away from the business all together.

He is to stupid to know that the more money he takes out of the business, the less profit there is every month and it all goes down untill the whole business is bankrupt or all the money has disappeared. So finally this point was reached and the foreigner who invested the money noticed that something was wrong.

The result of this attempt to make a lot of money here without calculating the possible risks is :
1-He lost all his money and also from a friend who also invested his savings in this business and who also believed he could make a lot of money with it .
2-His relative here in Cebu was a short while very rich and very HAPPY and enjoyed the result of many years of hard labour from his foreign relative.

I've been counting this investment (I know the exactly amount) and how much you need for one year to live here, this invested money was enough for 8 years relaxing here without having to work. This calculation is not included visiting a bar and the casino every night.

Any more people interested in investing in a moneylending business here in the Philippines wich will put you in the top 10 of the richest persons on earth before you know it and without any risks involved in it ??????????
I have plenty of space here to put your successtory as soon as you are in the top 10, so what stops you ?


TopIn between

Maby somebody wonders after reading these stories about investments from foreigners here in the Philippines if i also had an experience like this. I can answer that question with "NO" because it's very difficult to get any peso from me and i don't need any help with emptying my bankaccount, i'm capable enough of doing this myself if i take a look at my bankstatements. I worked too long and too much to save my money to throw it all away like it is candy here.

Because of the fact that no filipino ever managed to get one peso from me for drinking or smoking or gambling, all attempts to get more never came. The word is quickly spread here if a foreigner is easy in opening his wallet and give money, if you are the opposite like me, also that word is quickly spread and i'm happy because of that. In that case you are "TIHIK" or "CURIPOT" here if you hold your money for yourself.

Also i don't contribute to the new Mercedes from a barowner here, not even a valve-cap for his tires they can buy from my money and i like to keep it that way. The fact the barowners are not waving to me from 1 mile distance because i'm not one of their largest moneysupplyers i can live with, i won't stay awake because of that.

My family in law were never to lazy to work en even at this time when my mother in law is allready 63 she still is sitting behind her sewingmachine to make money, not as much anymore as 10 years ago when she just before the opening from the classes was sewing from 4 AM to 12PM 7 days a week because of the many customers.

What i payed was a part of the university from my youngest brother in law who was studying for Civil Engineer after my father in law had a stroke leaving him half paralised and half the income from the family was gone. Because my brother in law had a grade from 9.5 on the scale of 10 i considered it a good investment to finance the university partly. Also my wife who was picking apples when we still lived in the hardlabourcamp i come from helped to pay for it.

It would be a waste if he had to work with a pickax on the street with such a brains ! So he finished the university and also past the boardexam and has the statelicence to sign a building plan as a civil engineer.

The 2nd and last money i've invested was a electrical Gould waterpump for my parents in law wich was also a good investment. They had an old bad functioning handpump wich took 2,5 hours to fill up the watertank every day. They even made a special table to put the books from my brother in law so he could pump while studying. Also my father in law used it as a kind of therapy to use his arm again, that's the reason why we waited a while to buy the new electrical waterpump.

Next day at 6 AM my father in law raced to the switch to start the waterpump and nobody was allowed to do that except him. If you see this, i think it's a good investment.
And for the rest i never invested in anything, my brothers in law all have university behind them and know how to survive and how to make money, they don't need a "Americano" to get food on the table.



We were eating in the MacDonalds here and very close to us was a clearly retired foreigner sitting with his newly Sweetheart from a very young age, in fact she was so young that it might be illegal to do more then only shaking hands. I think he left the same or the next day because he gave her a big amount of pesos "for her study" as he called it.

According to the volume of his voice he was a little bit deaf on 1 ear and his hearing with the other ear was also not 100% anymore.

I don't have to mention for the one who live here that half the family were joining them and one brother of the child asked her how many he gave, when she told the amount wich was enough for an expensive private school where people like this won't send their children to (there is a free state school), he adviced her to ask more "because he has more then enough !!!".
All of this ofcourse in visaya so Uncle Bill could not hear it.

How some people think they can buy love with only giving a lot of money i don't understand, although i do agree that it is some kind of love, love for dollars in this case !


TopFilipino parties

Living in the hardlabourcamp i come from we never went to any filipino party because we were not interested in it at all. The main reason for that is that the filipinas who like to put up other new filipinas in the country untill they have a devorce made these parties to their favorite working area. Also the showingfactor on these parties we don't like at all. Loaded with cheap and bought on credit juwelry they try to be superior to the rest, if another filipina has 2 golden rings on every finger, next time they make sure they have 3 on them so they are superior again.

Because we don't like showing and hearing lies the whole evening and somebody else putting fire inside our relation, we decided that we never would visit a filipino party and this was the wright decision looking back !

But my wife had a niece in the same country and she always went to parties like that and also showed others off with cheap and fake juwelry bought on credit. She told herself that she wants to have more juwelry then the rest of the filipinas on a party, very clear she comes from the squatter area and does'nt know what working is ! In Cebu here this family had very often no food on the table if the dollars send by another daughter in Texas were gone and they had to beg to the neighbours (also my parents in law) for food.

Ofcourse my wife had to visit her niece who according to the letters and pictures she always send to the Philippines lived in a large bungalow with a nice brick fence around it and they had also a big car wich was on the pictures. We found them in a appartmentbuilding with small appartments between a certain nationality of foreign immigrants there, the cheapest and smallest rental appartments you can find in every city there. Also the car was a very small one bought on credit.

That niece had a kind of club with more filipinas from the same kind and they were at the time of our visit also there because it was her birthdayparty. She told her self that many filipinas always were at every party, but never gave a party themself, but still everybody else kept on inviting them knowing they would never get a invitation back. Also here there were some like that present.

I knew allready from the experience from others that from everything that was told at a filipino party like this, the majority were lies to make impression to others. But i never expected that you could not even believe somebody who was only whistling !
The next thing happend :

The ladies were talking in the hall when i passed there and 1 filipina tells that they've planned allready to move to the Philippines as soon as her husband had his pension at 65. They were looking several times allready during holidays for a house & lot to buy, but they did'nt found anything they liked untill now. The niece from my wife tells her that we would move to the Philippines the year after that and amediantly the other one asked us where we gonna live from here and what kind of business we gonna start to have enough money to survive. (If i hear that kind of talk i allready know enough !)

The niece told her that i probably would be a secret millionair if i sold my big house with more then 1 hectare of land wich she saw herself during a visit. The reaction from the other filipina was that she looked angry to me first, after that the same to my wife and after that turned around and never spoke to us again the whole evening. The only thing she did was looking angry in our direction. There will always be people who have more then you have yourself, that is my experience and some people can't handle that fact very clearly because even with telling lies they can't make any impression to someone who has more then they have themself and that is very hard to except for them ! It was'nt our mistake, we said nothing, all information came from the niece of my wife.

Now the coincidence was that i was sitting in the living room next to the husband from this filipina who was angry to us because of the fact that she could not impress us with her lies how rich they were. A few minuts after this happend in the hall, the husband told me also that they would move to the Philippines after his retirement, so i said that as soon as they found a house & lot, he could enjoy his retirement here.
His reaction :

*That is no problem at all !!!!!!!!!
*A long time ago i allready bought a house & lot there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*No, i have nothing to arrange anymore concerning a house and my retirement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*I took care of everything allready a long time ago !!!!!!!!!!

Do you still understand everything what was said here and what the reality is ? I DO !

The reason for telling lies like that is very simple because they have totally nothing except a lot of credit. I don't understand that they are not afraid that one day they will be confronted with facts and evidence that they were lieing all the time, but this is a just a matter of different lifestyles i think. Probably they start believing their own lies after some time and they put themself in a higher level then others because of that.

As long as they don't go to far with their lies to make impression to others, i just let them continue, if those children who are living in their own dreamworld are happy with that. It's a free country and everybody is allowed to say what he or she wants is my opinion. If i think they went too far and it's necessary to confront them with all their lies with the rest of the visitors hearing it all, it's no problem at all for me to do that. Also many times i want to give them a quarter to buy a icecream.

Another thing this filipina did was giving filipino food from a store in Amsterdam to the niece who was celebrating her birthday at this party and she was happy with this present ofcourse and said "Thank you !" when she received it. When leaving the same filipina asked for a payment for those goods and the double amount because the niece also bought in the same shop so she knew the prices.

They really are never ashamed in what they are doing, the word "shame" is completely unknown to them ! The next thing that happend was that the niece also payed the double value to that filipina instead of returning all the goods what any other person with a little bit brains would do.

Maby that filipina wanted to have some refunding for all the gasoline they spended to help the niece with consuming all the food before she had to throw it away, they had no problem at all with eating, that's for sure ! Things like this can happen if they have 2 houses, 1 in the country they live and 1 in the Philippines.
I most complete the story with telling that also the house in the country they lived was a rental house.



The next story comes from my filipino neighbour here who's female friend is married with a foreigner with a bankaccount bigger than mine and coming from Asia in this case. Another kind of business except lending money many foreigners are starting here because their bankaccount will become quickly too small to put all their profits on, is a piggery. So many started one allready and probably the same amount of people closed their piggery.

The filipina in this case had relatives who were really devoted to make the piggery a success. They asked the husband to buy a farm they had allready found where they could start a piggery and he provided them with the money for it because they were not lazy at all and wanted to start the same day if possible. They would make al lot of money with this, i think i heard this before somewhere.

The farm was payed for and they started to renovate the house and build some new barns for the pigs. They were still very hard working untill the day the farm was ready to buy the pigs and start running the piggery, certainly the owner and the family in law were not allowed to even enter the farm !
What was going on ?

This family had never before bought real estate and the previous owner saw his chance to sell the farm 2 times, first with a taxdeclaration to these people wich is a common criminal practice here and later on with the official title from the lot as it should happen. It seems this family was so in a hurry that they thought that they were the owner allready only because they recieved the taxdeclaration wich has no ownership values at all. But afterwards the owner sold the farm the official way to somebody else.

I don't know if the new owner waited untill this family was finished with renovating the house and building the new barns on the lot. This is possible ofcourse. But the fact is that this family never opened the piggery and the son in law lost his complete investment wich was according to what my neighbour told me P12 million.



The next case was on tv here in Cebu and happend very close to my house and this is the most extreme case of parents in law who are parasiting i saw untill now.

A englishman from around 30 years old was on holiday with his filipina wife and their young son and was filing a case against his parents in law at the police station here in Cebu. What was going on ?
Before on earlyer holidays he allready payed the whole renovation from the house of his parents in law and later on also gave them a jeepney to make money for their family. Well, if this is no good son in law, who is it ?

Now he was at the policestation during their holiday here. His mother in law did'nt share the profits she made with the jeepney with her family even do she agreed on that at the time of purchasing the jeepney. Now she demanded a large amount of money from her "Very rich son in law" for her children. The englishman refused this ofcourse and the result was that she took the passports from her son in law, daughter and grandson from their luggage and also the tickets so they could not leave the Philippines anymore untill he payed first the requested (BIG) amount of money and she would return the passports and tickets. Nothing more than criminal behaviour.

So the police raided the house with a camera from the local tv station and the mother in law denied all the accusations from her son in law, he was a lier ! The face from this anti social bitch gave allready all the details what she was and what she was thinking : "You white skin, you rich, you gonna pay !". So the police was searching in the house and they found the passports and tickets and that was the end of the raid. The daughter was talking with shame about the parasiting behaviour from her own parents on tv. She has a good husband who is willing to help them to have a steady income and the only thing they think about is stealing more and more from him.

She told that if they ever would come again on holiday to the Philippines, her parents did'nt exist anymore and she would not visit them, she was very clear in that.
(NOTE : I heard more like this, but the familities are so close in the Philippines that i only believe statements like this if i see it ! )
I heard a lot of stories from parasiting parents/family in law here, but untill now this is the worst case i've ever heard ! It's not only parasiting, but even criminal.

I know another family here where the mother had the same expression on her parasiting face like this monster, but even that parasite went not so far as this one. What that one did was always by telephone keep on begging to her daughters in foreign countries with all excuses and lies possible and sell every present they gave during their holiday here like a gasstove and other luxury things as soon as they left.

This is something that also happens a lot here, daughter and foreign son in law come on holiday with many gifts (also juwelry)and as soon as they leave SOME people bring it to the pawnshop or sell it so they can buy liquor and cigarettes again and have money to gamble. Also drugaddicks in the family have this hobby.

NOTE :This is something very common here that those expensive gifts are sold as soon as the children are on the way to the airport allready, nothing special. Ofcourse this only happens within irresponsible families who are only thinking on drinking and smoking and gambling, Responsible families who work and sent their children to school will not do this because they also know what working is and how hard it is and how long it takes to save any money.

Also another thing what the other parasiting mother in law monster i know did, was demanding all the childsupport from her daughter in the same country i come from. The daughter told her that she did not recieve this every month, but in one time when the child become 18 years of age wich the mother believed and the demand for the childsupport stopped at that time.

Fortunatly parasiting monsters from this caliber like these 2 are an exception here, but it's better to put this in the back of your head so if it ever happens to you, you allready know what is going on and when to stop it.
Behaviour like this i saw also among the parasiting lazy reds and greens and criminal and raping and drugsselling foreigners in my home country who are eating from somebody who works his salary by the statetaxes. Overthere it is managed and controlled by the statelaws that everybody who is to lazy to work can eat from another one his salary.
The more they get, the more lazy they become and the more they gonna demand !

TopHouse for parents in law

The next situation is something very common here and i will not mention one specific case because they are all the same.

There are many foreigners who are married to a filipina (Good choice !) and have the financial resources to by a house here and they ask the parents in law very often to move in there if their house is too small or if they have no house of their own. Nothing wrong with this, if you have a lot of luxury yourself in your homecountry and the parents in law are living in poor conditions here. Mostly the son in law and the daughter also pay the electricity and water and telephone bill etc for them. But be warned, there are possible parasites waiting for a opportunity like this !

Because of those parasites sometimes it goes a different way than the son in law and daughter had planned everything. I know several examples from this and even while they expected it allready before they left and took measures to prevent it by making agreements with the parents in law.
What are we talking about ?

About the fact that some brothers and sisters from the filipina and their complete family see this as a chance to avoid paying houserent and electricity and furniture and appliences etc etc etc. Everything will be paid in the future by their very rich brother in law and their sister living half a globe away without knowing what is happening.

As soon as the sister and her foreign husband are boarded in the airplane for departure, they allready move in the house complete with their 12 or less children. They even have a telephone there they can use wich they otherwise maby would'nt have. And everything else in the house is for free.

What else you want as a parasite if they trough it into your arms on this way ?

The money they save in this way can be spend on more important things like Hope cigarettes and Tanduay rum and gambling. If the sister and the foreign husband send enough support to the parents, it's possible they also stop working because there is allready enough money in the house, why you have to work if there is allready enough money ???????

Some filipinas and their foreign husband allready saw this coming before they bought the house because they allready knew the parasite behaviour from the/some brothers and sisters and thought they took the proper measurements so that this never would happen to them. So they did that in a way that works very well in other countries, but have many times no value here in the Philippines with the close familities. They've made an agreement with the parents (in law) that they never will allow other children to move in the house and they say very quickly "YES" on that agreement.

But here we are in the Philippines and things are different than in other western countries where a agreement is a agreement and stays a agreement. Here the parents are very easy with giving everything to their children and they are always welcome in the house, if the dinner is on the table, they can eat without somebody invite them too. Here you have the Philippine culture and that is something completely different than any other culture somewhere else on the world. So if there is an agreement with the son in law and the daughter who are the owner from the house, it's just a matter what kind of attitude the parents have if another child wants to move in with the complete family included.

The Philippine culture will in many cases be more important than the agreement with the owners from the house, very simple ! So they will not stop the other children to move in with their complete family and even eat from the support that is for themself. I know several cases like this here where the owner had no space anymore in his own house during his holiday because of all the cousants who are filling up THEIR complete house.

The parents will never tell it to the owners that other children moved in, they always have to hear it from others. If it happend there is trouble ofcourse, the owners from the house are angry because an agreement is broken and they are maby allready paying a long time for parasites in their own house who are laughing because somebody else is working for them and they live in a free hotel. I'm sure you can imagine it's no nice feeling if you hear that relatives are parasiting allready a long time from your money while there was an agreement that this would not happen.

The problem is how to solve this very uncomfortable situation, if they come on holiday it's fighting and arguments from day 1 ofcourse, but this is no solution yet. Such a parasites consider it their right to use every opportunity they get and they will certainly not move out if you ask them friendly, it's their right in their point of view, very simple. Also you are foreigner here and if you throw them out with force, they will file a case to you so possible you are quickly back in the airplane because of violent behaviour.

I must say that this would not stop myself to kick them out, with enough force, my right is my right and my property is my property, also very simple i think. But as soon as you are in the airplane, they move in again, it's their right to parasite from you, that is their way of thinking. They are lazy and have (almost) nothing and you are rich and have to much dollars because of your white skin, so it is their right to live from those dollars you have to much, that is the way they think !

Whatever you may say you would do, this is a very difficult situation if you find out your house is occupied by others who have no business there. Even no space for yourself anymore to stay during your holiday in your own house.

And what about those parents in law who allow things like this to happen you may think ? Well, they take life like it comes and accept everything their children decide including moving in to the house and share their support. Also they will not feel quilty on this because it is according to the Philippine culture and that is more important than agreements with others for some people here.

How can you prevent this to happen if you want to buy a house here and your parents in law are as easy as that ? Tell me if you know it, i don't know !
The only thing i can think of is not buying a house or don't allow your parents in law to live in it. That's all i can think of. Don't ever expect that you can control or even change the Philippine culture from half a globe away !

Ofcourse not all the parents in law are like that here that they allow this to happen, many also find an agreement more important than taking care of the possible parasites they kicked themself on this world. Many will keep to this agreement, but the Philippine culture is very strong here, never forget that !

I know also a few filipinas living abroad who send every month support for their parents and gave them many gifts every holiday here like shoes who are much better quality in the western countries than here in the Phils. Untill they also discovered during a holiday here that one sister with her parasite husband and the children moved into their house. The shoes from the mother were on the feet from the sister and they confiscated everything possible. A big argument was the result and they managed to kicked them out finally.

The shoes one daughter brought that time for her mother she gave to somebody else because the parasite daughter would confiscate them otherwise. The mother from 70 or 80 years old was doing the laundry for the family who moved in and the parasite daughter and husband themself were watching tv. The whole holiday was spoiled because of those parasites who gave continuesly arguments and considered it their right to parasite from the 2 sisters. They also did'nt leave the house voluntairly, they had to be forced out. And those parasites even had a house themself, but moving in and eat from the 2 sisters was cheaper for them.

Now an older sister in law receives the support for the parents and is cooking for them and deliver it at the house and wait untill they are finished eating it, otherwise they maby would give it also to the parasite daughter and the husband and children. The bills from electricity etc the sister in law also pays now so the parasites can not put that in their pocket anymore like before. They even went to the local Sari-sari store to buy goods in name of the parents who payed it all because they did'nt want any bad name in the family for outstanding credit.

AGAIN : Not all parents are like this here, there are many who will not allow that nother familymembers misuse the daughter and son in law who want to help them. But you can learn from somebody else his experience and mistakes, so be warned that there are people like this around !

I think it's better to avoid situations like this than to create and solve them afterwards !



TopHiring family in law

One of the things overenthiousiastic foreigners very quickly think about is starting a business and hiring members of their family in law. The fact if they gonna live here themself does'n matter. All very social and very nice to think about your family in law, but unfortunatly many don't think enough about it before they do something like this.

Even in your own country you have to leave your family outside your own business or prevent that your employer hires them if you have a higher position in that company because many will misuse the fact they are your relative. Everybody knows cases like that where relatives from the foreman or manager do nothing the whole day and think they are allowed to act like that because they are a relative from the one who is in charge there. Automaticly that relative waits to long before he fires somebody like that or even does'nt think about it al all because it's a relative so the situation becomes more worse and worse the longer they are walking around there.

In all kinds of companies you'll see the same things like this. Relatives who are doing nothing and make a lot of damage to tools etc and someone else who is working very hard is the first to be fired as a reward as soon as there is not enough work anymore.
It's everywhere the same, as soon as someone makes promotion he will try to get all of his lazy relatives inside the company so they can relax, i never saw anything else than that.

Well, this is even more worse here in the Philippines. As soon as you hire family in law you are according to the Philippine culture not even allowed to fire them even if they were stealing or doing nothing or putting others up against you or were drunk the whole day or stayed away from the job sometimes or whatever reason you can't except. Ofcourse it's very easy to grab him in his neck and throw him outside the door, but this is where the trouble is starting in stead it is being solved. The whole familie are usually protecting each other here and even if you have 100 witnesses, he is "INNOCENT", no discussion possible on that.

So just throw them out and thinking it is solved is a mistake, the chance is there that they will put up your wife against you because your business is more important to you then the fact your relative has no job. Keep on putting your wife up to you untill she will devorce you and you lose your whole investment because it's in the name of your wife is very realistic here, look at the examples i gave allready.

Ofcourse not everybody is like that here, but the close familyties are very important here if you don't know that yet and if you as a inlaw throw out one of their familymembers because of misbehaviour, you are no good anymore and you can expect action against you and they are not afraid to use lies to get your wife so far that she will dump you. It's as simple as that.

This all depends on the way your wife will react ofcourse, if the whole investment and you are more important than a lazy relative who makes trouble.


TopInvesting of Relaxing

Many foreigners who come to live here very quickly start thinking about starting a business maby because it all seems so easy here or maby because they are afraid they become bored here. The first thing starting a business here i've told allready enough about, so i will start at the second thing, getting bored if you come to live here.

Me as one of the biggest workoholics i was before can tell you that you don't have to be afraid at all to get bored here in this tropical heat. It's so hot mostly that any kind of work you have to do in or around the house you will try to delay as much as possible. You just sleep late, eat slowly and no hurry at all and before you know the day is allready finished, as simple as that.

So if you have a doubt if want to start a business or rather want to relax without any worry, my opinion is take the last one, you won't get tired from that. Before you come here you must have been counting if you have enough money to survive untill your pension is coming and if this is the case, i advice you to put it in a good saving somewhere in your own country and just transfer the money you need for 1 or 2 years every time.

Here it's not difficult to enjoy yourself, buy a small boat to sail every now and then or go fishing or look for another hobby. Enough choice ! Or if you rather like to act like the foreigner half in his fifties who came here with P20 million and who lost his whole investment in just 8 months time so he had to go back to his homecountry to work again, this is also a possibility.

Think about it what you like the most !


TopThe boss is out

I know a foreigner here in Cebu who had anbusiness with 40-50 filipino's working for him. One day he has to get something in a shop very close and he gets his bike and after a few honderd yards he had a flat tire. So he walks back and looks around the corner and from all his staff only 2 or 3 were working and the rest was sitting and talking and smoking etc.

He payed them a good salary and if one of hem came with a excuse that one of his children was in the hospital (gambled or drunk everything) or whatever and he needed some salary in advance to pay for that, it was no problem, he gave that. But one time he had so much work that he asked all of them if they wanted to make some extra hours because otherwise he could'nt deliver in time to his customers, the result was that all of them went to a unionoffice or something like that here in Cebu to complain that their employer wanted them to work longer then they agreed on.
Everything had to come from one side very clear.

I also now a factory here from a filipino who had no foreman or manager to control everything when he was out himself, he did everything himself. One time he had to go Manilla to get a contract and the whole week he was out they've been sitting and talking and smoking in stead of continue with their work. This is nothing special here, if the manager is out many will stop working.

Another foreigner who has allready several years a good running company told me that a few times a day he has to leave the productionhall because he has enough of it to watch them working very slowly and delaying things etc and has to cool of outside for a while. In the beginning he was at once jumping on it, but because that does'nt help and has the opposite effect, he stopped with that and let them go on now and goes out himself to get some fresh air to recover before he has trouble with his heart.
Very wise decision i think.

A different case, but with big problems afterwards is the next case from a foreigner who has a business in Cebu here. He had a contract with a filipino factoryowner to produce for him and he had to provide the money for buying the machinery according to the contract. The factoryowner starts hiring people for working with the machines untill he has all the people he needs and they have to wait untill the machines are installed.

Finally the machines are ready to use and the factoryowner told the new staff on wednesday they could start the monday and friday or saturday he had them all visiting in his office. They told him that they had to start on monday and he was counting on them and he could'nt find any other workers anymore before monday, so if he did'nt payed them the double salary they've agreed on, they would not come next monday. Probably they were put up against the new employer by 1 or more red ones among them and they all listended to it and had no job and income because of that. Ofcourse he refused this and the result was that the machines did'nt start up and the foreigner was waiting for his products who never came.

The result was a courtcase to get the invested money back wich he acheeved after a while and from that moment on he did'nt want to do business with filipino's anymore, now he has contracts in other Asian countries where they do what they promise and where an agreement stays an agreement.

Now behaviour like stopping with working if the manager goes out comes only from irresponsible people ofcourse, but unfortunatly they are also here. And as i noticed here, it's not so difficult to put fire and to get all workers together against the employer. So one rotten apple in the box can allready create a lot of trouble in a company.

And many times you'll here that all Filipino's/Filipina's abroad work very hard and do their best wich will be true in most cases. But please don't start generalising aswell in positive as in negative way by using some people you've been working with as an example to say that they are all the same like that ! I have also a relative who works on a ship and he complains a lot about some filipino's on the ship that they are hiding and talking and smoking as soon as they have the chance to do it. That's why they put them far apart from each other if possible to prevent that. I have the same experience with a foreign nationality in my own country that they stop working or do their work only half if they get a chance to talk and smoke.

I stay with my opinion that among every nationality you have all kinds of people and i'm sure that is the only right conclusion. Also the fact that some nationalities are more easy to put up to their employer than other nationalities if they have one or more red ones among them is what i saw myself and that is what i think about it.


TopReaction from S. D.

(translated from dutch)

I've been reading your exciting and without any doubt true happend stories. I do agree it's good to tell these negative experiences from other naive foreigners to warn others not to invest in the Philippines without thinking what they are doing and just believe every businessproposal or complaining from family in law. We "White foreigners" are indead for many filipino's very rich people who always have to much dollars.

Also i had negative experiences like this, like trying to steal my wallet in the jeepney or taxidrivers who charge way to much. But all these negative stories should only attent the readers that they have to watch out and not create a negative view on all the filipino's like they all are professional crooks. For every negative experience from others om this page i can mention more positive experiences from myself.

And that is what i want to do here, showing that it also can go different than only losing your money. I am 10 years married to a filipina now and we send also every month some support to my family in law. In the beginning i was also very suspicious that maby they would spend it all on liquor and smoking and gambling. But when we went there on holiday we were very surprised !

My brother in law build a small solid house (before he lived in a nipacabin) and rented another house for his parents and also invested in several pigs. All was not luxury, but their living conditions were improved a lot !

I decided to give them electricity as a bonus before we left wich cost me P7000 for the connection. When we left i had not so much money left and decided to buy us all some drinks. My brother in law wanted also to contribute and offered one of his pigs without hasetating and this lechon was delicious !

The next holiday 3 years later we had another surprise, this time they invested in welding materials and they started a small Sari-Sari store. In 2003 i bought them a lot and a small jeep and now all the brothers and brothers in law joined together and will start a welding company very soon.

Be honest, ain't i lucky ?

I think so, but what counts most of all that you stayed very realistic from the beginning and kept on being suspicious what is necessarily worldwide if it concerns your money/savings ! All examples i gave here came from foreigners who lost a lot of money to filipino's, family in law or others is only because of the very simple fact that they switched the reality for red blinkers on their head and refused to except that there are also bad people.

Another positive story has nothing to do with my family in law. My wife and i went with the supercat to Taglibaran for a 3 day trip on Bohol and Panglao. A lot of shouting tricycle drivers came to us and tryed to drag us into their tricycle. I asked them who could bring us to the city centre for a reasonable amount of pesos, the usual was P5. One of them offered us to drive around for P5 untill we found a good hotel, so we took that tricycle.

As agreed we gave P5 after visiting 3 hotels untill we found what we were looking for. We decided also to hire this driver to drive us around the next few days. Together with his friend they picked us up the next morning with their car at 8 AM and drove us to Panglao and the Chocolate Hills and stopped everywhere we asked them to stop ( around 15 stops all together at churches, hanging bridge and Tarsier monkees etc) and this for the agreed amount of P1200(including gasoline).

When i offered them a lunch, they refused it and i had to convince them to accept a extra tip from P50. They stayed in the car with every stop and visit we had and watched our luggage and don't think they took something from it ! Friends from us hired a jeepney and had to pay P2500.

Post this with your stories if you want !

Considered and done !

Before more people gonna send 100 reactions like this i have to explain something. I have some of the same experiences you are pointing at here, i even never send money to my parents in law to buy food, they were able to take care of that themself.

Unfortunatly there are also many negative stories from foreigners who lost all their life savings in a very short time, the reason why i allready described above. There are only 2 ingredients necessarily to get another negative story like you saw on this page and that is one (possible bad) filipina or her complete family or a few members from it who are waiting for a chance to empty a foreigner his bankaccount and a naive foreign daydreamer with red blinkers on who gives them a chance to do it.

NOTE : Many times the filipinas themself are very good and honest but have relatives who are waiting for a chance to empty the bankaccount for their foreign relative, check the stories on this page.

All the stories on this page you have to consider as something that CAN happen to you if you lost your sence of reality and start daydreaming, it DOES'NT mean it happens to every foreigner who is married to a filipina ! Not everybody here is the same as i explained allready many times before. You will find all kinds of people in the Philippines like in all other countries in the world.

There are enough people here who don't need a "americano" because they can make enough money themself. But the others who are lazy and not like that, are also present and that is why people can't get enough warnings to keep their attention to all what they are doing here. And espacially if somebody starts talking about their bankaccount/dollars or their savings.

My experience is that even if you warn some people who lost allready big amounts of money to bad people here where they have even the evidence from and know it to well, the next time again open their wallet if the same bad people approach them again to ask money.

Only because of a beautiful girl and a nice smile, the fact she has a bad character and it will give only a lot of (money) trouble in the future they absolutely don't want to know ! This is not because of the fact they don't use their brains, but only because they don't have them at all !

Even one fool who's filipina penpal allready stole several times a big amount of money from him wich he knew and he had the evidence from and who was a lesbienne wich i told him myself, imported her anyway into his own country. What he told me was the next thing : "Everybody says i'm crazy that i import this thief, but i will see what the future will bring to us !".

Think about this whatever you want !

Think before you start investing if you get an businessproposal from someone here, because if you don't watch out, your case can appear on this page too !


That's all !


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