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Living in the Philippines.

I put here short stories about things that are not mentioned in travel books were you mostly can read that people are very friendly en hospital. (that is in every country with a lower living standard the same , If the tourist have money, they are friendly !) To give a realistic impression i put here as well positive as negative subjects about the dally life in the Philippines what for some people is more interesting than pictures and information about tourist attractions, i don't put them in alphabetically order, but at the bottom if i have a new subject.


Maby somebody wonders what i'm doing the whole day in the Philippines.

To start with, the most important :
1-Never work !
2-Pay a vééééééééry small amount of tax.
3-Get up when i want.
4-Laugh a lot because of anti-social events that are happening in Holland without any contribution from me, like a killer who received $350.000 invalid money for all the years he stayed in the jail when he was released.
5-Never worry about something.
6-Never hurry.
7-Visit the beach whenever i want.
8-Regularly going to a wedding or birthday party (in a T-shirt and short pants en wearing slippers which is normal here !) and fill up my stomach what in Holland was'nt possible because of the many hours i've worked over there. Costs me every time a present, but that compensates with a full stomach. It happened already that i had 2 weddings in 1 day, they've better devide it in 2 days next time so i can fill up my stomach 2 times !
9-The rest of the days i fill up with watching tv, this computer and maintaining 2 web sites.
10-If i have a 10 minute job in or around the house, i consider it as a full day job.

The only thing that would fit here also is :
1-A benefit.
2-Living close to a busy road so i can see others leaving to their job in the morning.
(Like some groups in the dutch society)


If somebody should get a general negative impression after reading this page about living in the Philippines, he did'nt understand everything i wrote and the whole meaning behind this page. The Philippines is a GREAT country to live in with a very relaxed way of living compared to western countries like Holland where everything is stressed and to me is no more than an open labour camp for work willing people and a paradise for parasites ! Don't forget the warm weather, beautiful beaches and the untouched nature here. Especially the female nature that's walking around on 2 legs is something to enjoy if you watch it. What is nature beautiful !!!

But there are such a big culture and other differences between The Philippines and other western countries that somebody who comes here without knowing those differences, can get a high blood pressure and burn his hands quickly and also has to change his/her behaviour to feel comfortable living here. That's why i put everything i've experienced myself that can be from any importance on this page as advice to others.

The language i use is very clear so everybody knows immediately what i mean. So you will see on this page the word "Parasite", what i mean with it is a person who is healthy, can work and can find a job if he wants to, but is to lazy to do it and instead of it will try to eat from somebody else his salary. In Holland they call people like that "Social security client" or "Temporary locked out from labour", i just call them what they are.


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Top Organization

That's a word the most people don't know in The Philippines. For instance : If in a shop an article is almost out of stock, they don't order new stock yet. They wait until the last is sold and then they order new stock. As long as it is'nt arrived yet, the customer will hear :"Out of stock , sir !" and he'll have to buy it somewhere else.



That's also a unknown word here, if something does'nt work anymore, many times they don't replace it but just don't use it anymore. If the toilet does'nt flush anymore because the mechanism is rotten, they take a bucket to flush the toilet instead of repairing it. Also water faucets many don't replace if they don't function anymore, they just don't use them . Many trucks and other vehicles are standing beside (or in the middle) of the road because they keep on driving without maintenance until the vehicle automatically stops.

Most of the houses have a galvanized iron roof because of the low weight of it and mostly they don't paint it so it will last 4--5 times as long. They just wait until there are holes in it by the rust and then they first put a bucket for a long time to catch the water. If there are more holes in the roof then they have buckets, they will replace the roof. It's an exception if somebody like me maintenance everything so it lasts longer. I also saw houses who get a lot of water inside every time there's a heavy rain. But instead of putting a small concrete obstacle outside to stop the water, they just keep on waiting for the next heavy rain.



In the USA it's a custom that on christmas eve children go from door to door to sing where they receive something for. Also here it's a custom, only it are adults who are singing and making music and they start early december until half of january when they still wish a merry christmas and happy new year. Some of them give a pain in the ears and you would give them money to stop quickly. I give like most people here nothing because they keep on coming and they all have 2 hands and 2 feet which they can use for working. Also on the street sometimes they approach you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and after that hold up their hand because they expect a tip for that.



It also happens that healthy adults who are to lazy to work, go from door to door to beg for food or money, they would enjoy living in The Netherlands visiting the Social Security ! Mostly with an excuse after a fire somewhere that their house has burned down or after floods somewhere that their house is destroyed by floods. Because they are mostly young and healthy people who come to beg on the doors, almost nobody give something to them because they can also use their energy for working. Because i have a white skin, sometimes they gonna sit in front of my gate and stay there until they (hope to) get something. As soon as i'm tired of the begging, i take my bouvier (big belgian dog) on his collar and open my gate.

What you can see then on acceleration, you can compare with the social security in Holland closing the doors for 3 months and unexpectedly opening it again. The nice animal would not attack them, even if i gave order to do it, but only the size of the dog is enough to chase them away. An other purpose of this begging is to look if nobody is home and if that is the case, if they can steal something.

One of our neighbours came almost home when he saw somebody walking on the street with the same type of television as he had himself. Without thinking about it, he came home and when he entered his living-room, it was the same television who was standing there before. He went after them, but they disappeared already ! That's why everywhere you can see high hollow block walls with pieces of glass on top or high fences around the houses.

I don't think there are more parasites here in the Philippines then in Holland, maby there are, i never counted them and have no plan to do it. But there is one very big difference : Here they approach the targeted victim and he decides himself if he give something if they look at him with those sad sausage dog eyes.

In Holland the extreme left political party invented the social security long time ago where such a beggers get money with 100% successs and the government steals that money from the working victim using the very high taxes, if he likes it or not. The only thing a working victim can do to avoid that the government steals from him is sell his/her house, stop working and also go to hold up his/her hands at the social security. As i watched already the customers there, bringing a gas mask would'nt be luxury i think.



It happened to me a few times that somebody asked me where i come from and when i say "The Netherlands", the next question came :"In what part of America is that ?' Many here think that there are only 2 countries on the world : Philippines and America. Older people who lived trough the war, also know that Japan exists and some people who have relatives in Europe also know that there are more countries. England many times is called :"London". Nobody is interested in a map, if i show them where Holland, Germany etc is, they look to somewhere else and start a conversation with somebody else. Only the one who have international connections or a high education know there are more than 2 countries on earth.


TopSquatter Area

Here they call it sometimes :"U.S.A. = United Squatter Area". Some people (especially red socialists) in the western countries who can't point The Philippines on the map, know the cause of these areas : "Because the government is corrupt over there !". It's possible that there are corrupt people, but i'm sure that's not the cause because i can see that over here. Almost always the cause of some people living in a situation like that is a trait of character that for instance in Holland is rewarded with a subsidized house, a free television and carpet etc from the social security, exemption of city taxes and a big benefit on top of it, and that trait of character is called :LAZYNESS, PURE LAZYNESS ! Why do you have to work while you have enough rice in the house for the whole week ? If your boss don't want you anymore after being absent for a whole week and it can take a few weeks more before you urn some money again is thinking too far into the future ! If you expect that in that case they are the whole day looking everywhere for a job : No !

The only thing they do is laying down on the (old & damaged) cauch or on the floor and wait until relatives come to offer them a job if they know one or go to relatives/friends who have liquor/cigarettes because they can't buy it themselve and if during a drinking/smoking session somebody tells them where they maby can find a job, they will take a look there the next day if they have the time in between the drinking and smoking. Also if you count this gambling, smoking and drinking habbit from the husband during the weekend/week, maby you 're not surprised this is the result. Also the result is that there's no money anymore for clothes and schoolbooks for the children, so in the future they go looking for food in the carbidge or begging for food and money between the cars at the traffic lights instead of going to school. If they grow up they behave the same like the parents because that's what they're learned and they also gonna live in the squatter area.

Sometimes i meet someone who've been thinking at a young age that he don't want to bring up children in this way and those people study in the evening after work until they have good papers too. I know somebody who became lawyer after many years of studying in the evening. But mostly the children go the same way like the parents. There are also people who come from the provence and come to work in the city. Because they have already a decent house in the provence, they can't buy another one in the city. So they also gonna live in the squatter area, but their house looks decent and maintenanced and their children go to a good school.

To show you what the character from many people in the squatter area is, the next thing :

An example what i made myself what could happen if a daughter from a family living in the squatter area should marry to a (real) foreign millionairee who feld pity with his family in law :
*Suppose he would give his family in law a bungalow from 5 million peso, a new mercedes from 3 million peso, all new furniture and on top of that a bank account with 10 million peso on it what is more than enough for their whole life if they should take care of it. The next scenario could be reality :
*As soon as the foreigner goes home, the party with liquor, cigarettes and gambling begins and many relatives are present.
*They already come as soon as they hear it and 99% of them will ask if they can borrow money, they will pay it back as soon as possible. Here it's normal they give the money to relatives if they have it, because most of them try it them self also everywhere.
*The 10 million peso could be reduced to zero in a matter of a few months (if it takes that long !)
*So they need of course new money to buy liquor, cigarettes and for gambling, so they start selling the furniture piece by piece for a small amount, the most important is that they have money again !
*If all the furniture is sold out, the next item that goes out for any acceptable amount is the mercedes, and if somebody shows a few hundred thousand peso cash, that is already acceptable for them !
*If that money is gone within 1 or 2 weeks, the bungalow has to go for any acceptable amount because they need money again. If somebody shows them a few hundred thousand peso cash, it's also already acceptable for them !
*After 1 or 2 weeks that money is also gone because they still give money to relatives who want to "borrow" from them.
*After a few months the capital from around 17 million peso could be reduced to zero and they would go back to the squatter area again where they build a simple roof from galvanized iron where they can live under.
*And most people in western countries would feel sorry for them if they should see them on tv.

*Something like this seems impossible for somebody who lives in a western country who already counts all the bills that are coming for mortgage or rent, cable tv, electricity, insurances etc. etc. as soon as he receives his salary in his bank account, over here they don't think so far into the future ! Many here have only 1 thing inside their head and that is :liquor, cigarettes and gambling, all the rest like working and schooling for the children is'nt important.

*I know 1 example here from 2 sisters who were working very hard abroad so they could send money to their parents to buy a few hectares of land in the mountain that was very cheep at that moment because there were rebels around and many people wanted to sell their land there. If you have so much land in the Philippines, you can survive easily if you have your own vegetables in your garden and keep some cows, pigs, goats and chickens. When the girls came here, their parents bought just enough land to put a small house on (what was'nt there !) and the rest of the money went out immediately on partying. Their comment to their daughters :"You gave the money to us, so we can do with it what we want !". They did'nt understand that the girls almost exploded when they heard that !

Also all the money they've send to the parents to send their youngest brothers and sisters to school was gone and all spend on liquor, cigarets and maby on gambling and the youngest children had to stay at home because there was no money to send them to school. When the oldest sisters came on holiday here they expected to see nice diplomas from their youngest brothers and sisters, but nothing !

Now everybody here is not like that, i don't know what percentage because i don't leave Cebu City a lot, but i expect it's around 20-30%, i don't know how much the percentage in the whole Philippines will be. The local people here who are not to lazy to work always mention 70-80%, so i think the real percentage will be somewhere in between those 2. There are also parents here like my parents in law who are working very hard to make enough money to send their children to a good private school/university. The result is many times that without noticing it, they're spoiling their children who start acting like rich and become no more than selfish basterds who only think on them self and will not support their parents later if they retire what is the custom here. Shit instead of thanks ! There are enough examples here from them !



If somebody is applying for a high level job, they ask for his diplomas and the school he graduated. There is a big difference in the education on state schools or on expensive private schools, and that's why people who can afford it send their children to private schools. Even between the private schools there is a difference and that's why the same diploma, but from different schools has a different value. So normal somebody with a diploma from a high valuated school/course gets the job. And it also can be different for different courses. Like for one course school A is better then school B and for another course it's just the other way. Here in Cebu is also de Don Bosco school who is also in Halle (Belgium, also the same building style) and many other countries. That school has also a high valuation here.



That is something that occurs a lot in The Philippines and that is the reason that almost in every shop there's a security guard armed with a revolver and/or riot gun and at some banks you'll see sometimes 5 or 6 guards. And they don't hesitate to pull the trigger like the police in Holland. I saw on the news that somebody tryed to steal the riot gun from the guard in a bank and a few seconds later he was laying on the floor in his own blood after a few direct hits. What also is a big difference with Holland is that on the news you can see a suspect and a victim in 1 room at the police station where reporters interview them. Also the names from the suspects are shown on tv, they don't have the same protection over here like in western countries.

Tonight i saw on the news that a man was arrested because he used his stepdaughter from her 7 th until now on her 14 th year. Now she filed a case against him and the comment from the police chief was short, very clear, efficient and very cheap for the community : "He will go before the court and that will be a lethal injection !" A very good solution for dirty people like that i think !

1 of the main reasons there are so many criminals here is the family protection where you also can read about on this page. If a child has done something, the parents and all the relatives immediately start protecting the child and deny any involvement, their child is "innocééééént". So in that way those children get a big head and can do what they want because all the family will protect them and what started with stealing a small item ends with armed robbery and/or murder. And even then they are still declared "innocééééént" by their relatives.

The main cause behind the most criminal activity's here is alcohol and drugs because after using those things all the breaks go off.



Here in the Philippines some people like to make impression to others with the amount of helpers they have in the house. 1 for washing the clothes, 1 for cleaning, 1 for in the kitchen and a "yaya" (babysit) for the children. If you have no helper here, people like that think you are poor. So i'm poor ! I told my wife already that she can use a helper from around 20 years old with big bumpers, but she don't want one. I don't know why !
After 2 years the work in and around the house became too much for my wife and she was looking for a helper who can be trusted which (we thought) we found, because some of the helpers can't be trusted because they steal. That's why many people now go first to the police station to ask information about a helper they want to hire, or if there was no registration yet, they first do that so the helper can be tracked more easily in case it's necessary later. I will put our experience here :

We hired a helper(without big bumpers !) and she worked good, we did'nt told her what to do, she did everything herself automatically. She could eat with us and was treated like a relative, that was'nt the problem. But very quickly the whole day the telephone was ringing for her and we asked her how the people knew our number, she did'nt gave it she said. The ones who were calling all said she did. After a few days we put down the phone if they asked for her. Also after a few days a phone call from het mother that her father was in the hospital and needed money for medicine and she asked us if she could borrow money from us for that. We did'nt gave it because i did'nt trust the whole story. When she went out to the hospital, it was'nt true, only a excuse from her mother to get money. She also had only a few clothes and 1 pair of damaged slippers, so my wife gave her almost new shoes and a jeans and bought new ones herself.

During sunday she goes to her relatives and returns barefooted and without the jeans. She gave both to her relatives who asked for it. A few days later she asked if she could borrow money to buy new shoes : NO ! What we noticed when she went out after receiving her first salary was that she went out on sunday and after a few hours she returned without any money left, because that is not our business, we said nothing.

The second month the same and later on we found out she had a boyfriend who was on drugs and she was in a hurry to bring her salary there including all the coins and she had to walk home 4 km because she had no single peso left for a jeepney. One day the blood was running down her legs and she asked my wife for a napkin : NO ! My wife just bought a supply but did'nt gave 1 ! She is in a hurry to bring her salary to the boyfriend to buy drugs and we pay everything for here, we are good, but not crazy !

The 3 th month we went out during sunday, but because she said she would be back around 6 PM, we went home eearlier than planned. Never give a key of the house here ! Monday morning at 9 Am the phone ringed and she said she was on the way home and when she arrived she could pack her things and leave the house. Her eyes showed very clearly she was under influence from drugs. Later on we heard from the neighbours that every time we went out when she was still here, 15 mminutes later her boyfriend came to the gate or she went out herself and was waiting on the road for him. What he came to do we can only guess, he did'nt came for nothing !

We suspect she was stealing small amounts of rice and other food and gave it to him. What we also found out after she was gone, was the fact that she put-up the price a little bit if she went to buy food for us (including herself) at a restaurant nearby and put the difference in her own pocket. After she was out we went ourself to buy the food there and we heard the real price. Probably picking up those few pesos she stole from us was also a reason for her drugs friend to come at the gate here when we went out. Anyway, we were lucky we did'nt loose more.

Now 4.5 years later she was on tv with Police Patrol. They showed a picture from her that was taken in the house she was working as a helper. The reason was that she stole a lot of money and disappeared with it and is now wanted by the police.

So later on we hired a working student who works here half a day and goes to school half a day and who gives no problems like that, but it's difficult to find a good one you can trust.

Maby you don't understand why you have to be strict here, a while ago there was a woman in Lapu-Lapu who had to collect a big amount of money to pay for a piece of land where they later on wanted to build a house. The husband was working in Saudi-Arabia and came home only 1 time in every 2 years because he wanted a nice future for himself and his children. The helper who knew about the money and who was already 40+ and also married and had children called her sister who was also helper somewhere in Cebu and 40+ and had children. Together they first killed the very young daughter and after that the mother and went off with the money. Very quickly they were captured with most of the money still with them, but they were innocent like every criminal who has relatives here. That's why you have to watch out here !


Top Car

Here there are also many cars who are sponsored by a finance company and many of the owners think they belong to a higher caste and don't talk anymore to neighbours and other people without a car. So it can happen that one day they still talk to their neighbours and the next day they have a car and pull their nose up if they pass them. If somebody else buys a more expensive car they become also jealous just like in western countries. At the first house i bought here in Cebu i had a neighbour who did'nt talk to me from the first day i moved in, probably because i payed my house and new lite-ace cash and he had a old car, probably also sponsored by a finance company. The cars last longer here, 20 year is normal. You can see many old cars from 30 years or older like old types of Mercedes (double bumpers) and beetles you can see a lot here.

One of my neighbours still has a Renault 8 which he bought new 33 years ago. Still no rust on it, but he is spray painted 3 times because the paint was'nt shining anymore. Now the engine needs a repair and he bought another engine for spare parts. In Holland you can see every saturday morning the same people with the same ritual :washing and cleaning the car. That is nothing compared to here, here they do it every morning so the car enters the road clean. At 6 am the helpers or owners are already washing and cleaning their status symbol.

My car is now 1 year old and is mostly the most dirty of all. What you can see here and can be very annoying is that they blow their horn in front of their gate because their helper or wife have to open the gate for them. Most of the gates are so high that somebody from the inside has to open it. I had a neighbour who always came home at 9.30 PM and always blowed his horn. One time he blowed his horn for half an hour until his wife came out to open the gate. His gate is only 1 meter high, but as a car owner you can't open your gate yourself !


TopPhilippine party's

If there is a party here for a birthday or another reason, the table is full with all kinds of food and there is enough for everybody. Normal there is food left because they don't like somebody walking out with a half full stomach. (Except at the people with a car sponsored by a finance company) I went in Holland to a party 1 time at people who also think they belong to a higher caste en all the food was measured and when we came home, first we boiled and consumed 3 kilo of clams which we bought for the next day because our stomach was still empty. They have to get the money for the car finance somewhere. ! I heard other guests say that there was sooooo much food, what they are use to eat at home, i don't know. I think my dog gets better food then those people. Overhere people don't give a party if they can't serve proper food. Even in the squatter area they eat more that such "rich" people in Holland.



In all of Asia that is popular, so also in The Philippines you see it everywhere. Almost in every house they have a "singalong" (karaokeset) and at every party or just to fill up the time they are singing and they don't all have the same voice like Elvis . I think sometimes if i hear some people singing here, that they're only chasing away the cockroaches. Many times they are alone and singing and the more drunk they get, the more they sing out of tune. On the cable tv are 2 channels who broadcast 24 hours a day karaoke video's. At party's people almost fight to hold the microphone. Everybody his own hobby, this is'nt mine. At party's there is normal always karaokesinging and if they give the microphone to me and i refuse to accept it, mostly they look angry to me.



On every street corner you can see 1 or more pawnshops sometimes opened 24 hours a day where people can bring their jewelry if they certainly need cash. A lot of people here don't trust any bank and if they want to save, they buy golden jewelry who they keep at home. Here they are much cheaper than in for instance Europe and mostly 24 carats (also others are available). It can happen that somebody certainly needs money for instance if they have to be admitted in a private hospital where they first have to pay a warranty before a doctor looks at the patient. The free state hospital is mostly crowded and many times without the wanted medicines and also every doctor has so many patients that he has no time enough for every patient. Also it's possible that there is an emergency and they need certainly money in the evening to buy cigarets and liquor or for gambling.



They are the whole year for sale here and also it's allowed to let them off, but on christmas and 31 of december sometimes there's a fog on the street from the smoke. It starts half of december and ends half of january. Fire crackers are sold here on the street without any safety. The amount of decibels is unlimited so it makes a lot of noise, especially if you know there are open windows here

This picture is taken at Dec.25 at 1 AM.

The amount of paper from the firecrackers is difficult to see here, but at the end it's around 3-4 inches thick. This is all from 1 neighbour, the rest buy only a little bit or no firecrackers at all. This is at 4-6 yards from my house, it looked like Afghanistan. Next morning they filled 3 cement bags with the paper. So you have an impression what can happen here. At new year we have the same.



That is a chaos here compared to western countries. All participants use the whole road : trucks, busses, cars, motorbikes, bikes, tricycles, mopeds and also horse and carriage. Direction indicators and mirrors are on the cars, but the drivers mostly don't know what purpose they have. Jeepneys are stopping everywhere, sometimes in the middle of the road to let passengers in and out and if they start driving again, mostly the driver does'nt use the mirror. Very slowly drivers who delay all the traffic and keep on driving on the left hand side of the road so you are forced to pass them on the right hand side is also normal. Motorbike drivers who are racing like a idiot left and right between the cars, taxi drivers who try to pass left and right and always try to go before their turn if they have a customer. If they're looking for a customer they drive the speed of a turtle and push the break every time they see a possible customer and delay all the traffic.

The biggest idiots are the drivers of big busses/coaches who drive between the cities. I went one time with a bus during a holiday and never again. Last year i went to Toledo which is 1.5-2 hours driving and i saw those bus drivers doing stunts which made us waiting for a big accident what fortunately did'nt happen. Passing just before a dangerous curve in the road or just before the top of a hill was normal. A miracle that no accident happened ! There are different company's driving the same route and the drivers keep trying to pass each other to pick up the passengers. Regularly there are big accidents with those busses. There are also many vehicles who are driving with a few lights are none at all during dark.

The ones who drive with the speed from a turtle are grandfathers from 90 years old or young girls or homosexuals(they think they are a girl !). At the traffic lights you can recognize them if you are behind them. The grandfathers drive away slowly with the rest of the traffic, the girls wait until the rest of the traffic is already 2-300 yards away and they push the accelerator all the way down and raping the clutch. With a lot of noise the car start moving very slowly until they are on their maximum speed from 20 km/hour ! If 300 yards away from them an obstacle appears on the side of the empty road, the breaking lights are already on ! The most crazy i saw was a girl who drove constantly (probably automatic gearbox) with 1 foot on the accelerator and the other foot on the break (was afraid that she could'nt stop in case of a emergency stop with a speed from 15 km/hour !), very rarely the breaking lights went out.

The ones who drive a bicycle look like a asylmentseeker in Europe who just chanced from a camel to a bicycle, they need 2 meters of space and drive like they're drunk. In generally, if you drive a car here you have to keep in mind that everybody with any vehicle can move in any direction at any moment without giving a signal or checking if the road is free, stopping, starting, left, right, you have to think about that all the time you drive here !

The reason that many don't know how to drive in the traffic and how to handle a car is very simple. Here if they go to get a driving license, the costs are P350 they've told me. After that payment they have to answer some questions about the traffic rules, no drivingtest. If they put P800 instead of P350 between their papers, even the questions don't come, they've already passed that test ! That is what everybody here tells me it happens, so i think it's true.



People who work in a shop are not interested at all in their work and mostly they don't know what they have for sale. If you ask for something and they have to search to much in the catalogue they use, they sometimes say they don't have it. I asked one time very clearly and understandable for 2 gallons of "red lead primer" what i bought before in that hardware shop and the answer was : "We have latex glossy, Sir !". After that i told i did'nt want latex glossy but "red lead primer "!. Answer :" We have latex glossy, Sir ! ". Again :"I don't want latex glossy, i want red lead primer ! Answer : "We don't have that, but we have latex glossy Sir !". In the mean time a second person came to assist and he also said they did'nt sold that. I told them that i bought it before and they did sold that.

I took a paper and wrote down : Red lead primer which was the name of the paint on the can . When i gave that the next reaction came : "Aah red lead metal primer ! We have that sir ! ". You need a lot of patience here. When i bought my first house, i made my kitchen cabinet myself and i asked in that hardware for wood glue. The girl who worked there for years said they did'nt sold that and everybody used ordinary glue for that. The same when i bought my bungalow here. When i came afterwards in that hardware again i took another position at the counter and there i saw 3-4 different brands of wood glue displayed. If i order 3 pieces of the same item and tell them in english and their own language, it still very often happens they write only 1 piece down. They are totally not interested in their job.



If we want to buy mangoes at a street vendor, i always walk behind my wife and just pass the vendor. If i join my wife buying them, the price goes up to 100 peso/kilo instead of 35 peso/kilo because i'm white. If they find out later that she is married to a foreigner they very often look angry .



I always eat the local fruit here because the import is to expensive. 1 apple (mostly dry from America) costs for instance 18 peso/piece ( 50 US dollarcent) An orange the same and also dry. Now we have the MAKRO shop here in Cebu where they sell good quality fruit for a more reasonable price.



That happens many times here, especially after a heavy rain. That's why i have a UPS (back up batterie) between the outlet and the computer so i can save my work in a file. On the table i always have a candle with a box of matches for the next brownout.



Here it's normal that the whole family protect eachother. If they hear that one member of their family is arrested, they already say he is innocent, even if they don't know what was the crime and all the evidence like fingerprints is against the suspect and there are 10000 eye witnesses and it's also on video, and they keep saying he's innocent for the rest of their life. In Holland my wife had a telephone call from a far relative who also lives there. She said that both her brothers (with a big criminal record) were arrested here in Cebu, but they were "innocent" because " somebody put something in their pocket ".

Now by coincidence my wife had a short telephone conversation with her mother just before this one and she told that those 2 stole a pig and were arrested on the way home in the jeepney with that pig. So the answer to her relative was :"Aha, somebody put a pig in their pocket !" what was followed with a silence and another topic. Later on it seamed they've stolen a pig and a goat. Those 2 always escape with a short stay in the jail because their "rich" sisters abroad always send money what they give to the victims so they redraw their complaint.

It even happened that the same "rich" sister came on holiday here and also bought new shoes for those 2 which they sold the same day they received them. A box from more than 100 USD with knifes, forks and spoons for her mother was empty the next day because those 2 sold all to buy drugs. And then she still protects those 2 criminals ! Even the wedding ring from their mother which she put on the table they've took and sold. Their own sisters who saw that and reported it to their mother received a spank because her sons "don't do that", it was somebody from outside ! This behaviour is normal here, but fortunately they are not all crazy like that. It seams that if somebody asks information at the police station if a person has a criminal record and if that is the case, they can get a whole list with all crimes that person committed. The criminals are here not protected like in western countries. Criminals like that can't find a job (if they want to !) because employers ask information at the police station first.


TopBig family's

The low (or not) educated people still make sometimes 12 children because that is their future pension. Because those children probably also won't receive a good education they will have a low salary so they need a lot of them to have decent food when they get older. People with a reasonable or higher education take mostly a few children so they can afford to send them to a good expensive private school so they will have a good salary if they start working. There is also a possibility that man are sterilized for free, but for the most that's to much work because they have to go all the way to the hospital for that, it's more easy to bring up 12 children. If everybody who had a free sterilization should get 2 bottles of liquor and 5 packs with cigarets as a reward, there would be a waiting line from half a mile probably.



The difference in salary between non-educated and educated workers is big here. A carpenter has 160-300 peso a day, it depends on his speed and experience. My brother in law who is a ordinary traffic enforcer where you already need good diplomas for, has around 440 peso a day and he does'nt get tired, he only have to drive around in a airconditioned car en sometimes have to go out. Jobs on a higher level will give a much bigger difference compared to lower payed people.



They call it "drama" here and every evening it's for every serie half an hour of crying and arguments always between the same actors. Always a nice girl with a flower in her hair and another bitch with a sneaky smile on her face who always gives dirty comments to everybody and who has a few criminal helpers. There are actors who only have to cry, they almost never have to speak. Many people are hooked on these drama series and can't miss it for a day. Add to this that the most drama series come from South America and are synchronized so the sound is'nt according to the movements of the lips which is very disturbing to watch. Locally made crime movies are the same nonsense, a gang, a kidnapping and a hero who solves everything.

Everybody knows karate and at every gunfight with machine guns they fire around 40.000 bullets and the good guy mostly have 1 pistol and always wins. Mostly at the end of the gunfight his pistol is empty and he wins in a man to man fight. Ridiculous ! Sometimes around 5 criminals empty their machine gun on the hero from the story who is standing on 20 yards distance in a open field telling whole stories and is not hit by 1 bullet. Also as many effects as possible like exploding cars etc. Now there is a hero who even can fire a pistol in every hand to the left and right of him at the same time without looking and always direct hits. During watching these ridiculous movies most people put the sound as loud as possible.



Here they have open air disco on open places between the houses. With the sound at high volume the people who live next to it can enjoy the music every weekend until midnight.


TopCredit Cards

Here in the shops it's normal that they charge 2% extra if you pay with a credit card, so almost everybody pay cash. Also some of the banks charge 5% if you want to cash a traveller cheque. Tourists visiting the Philippines better use a credit card to get money from a machine. Almost at any shopping mal is a money machine. Only you have to check if the logo from the creditcard is also on the machine because not all the banks here support all credit cards. It also happend to me that in a remote bank the money machine gave a warning that they charge 5% if i continued the withdrawal, even when the logo from the mastercard was on the machine. Normal that does'nt happen here.



It seems that every branch from a bank is a different business because the credit card they give for their money machine only works in that branch of the bank, like i also have with my bank. In the mean time i've changed from bank for the next reason : We wanted to get money from the machine at friday afternoon to go shopping in the SM shoppingmall next to the bank. As many times the machine was'nt working again and we went inside to the counter to get money and she told we had to get it from the machine. We told her the machine was'nt working and she had to give the money because we needed it. After consulting several people the answer was :"We can't give money over the counter, it's to much work !". We've told them immediately that it was'nt to much work for us to come back the following monday and close all our bank/saving accounts and move it to another bank. The following monday they looked at us in a strange way, but that is'nt our problem. Now we have a bank who gave a creditcard to get money from the most machines in the city.



That is compared to Holland where i come from very cheap here in the Philippines, so the kitchen in my house and in my bungalow have a marble dresser.



I had my doubts about posting the next stories, but if the people who had the same experience read this, i hope they agree with me that this is a warning for others before they have the same plans !

From the first day we live here many times people here ask us what kind of business we have and if we say :"None", more questions following about how we can buy food without working etc. Also from all directions we get advice to start a business in lending money because of the many profits on that ! No bank gives money here without a security, so if you don't have real estate without already surrender de ownership documents :"no money !" So there are many official and non-official businisses who lend out money against a higher interest rate because people have no choice !

The interest is around 10 % for 3 months, so that means that the profit on a yearly base good be 30-40% if they all pay their credits in time !!! I've put very clearly "IF" because many lazy people here are having trouble paying back their debts, especially to a "white americano" ! Very friendly if they come to ask if they can borrow money, but if it's time to pay back and don't show up so the one who gave the money have to get it himself : very unfriendly language or acting in a way you feel pity and always delay, "next week i have money" etc.

I know from a few other foreigners who were thinking to do good business and enjoy their nice life here, but instead after a short while had to return to their home country to wear an overall again, what a failure ! The official business can go to the police and file a case against the people who refuse to pay back the money which results in a court case which easily can takes a year or 8 and does'nt mean they get their money back. It happens also many times that people disappear certainly because they have to much credit ! The unofficial businesses can't go to the police and lost their money !

I know 1 foreigner who came to live here and planned to buy a house cash first where he already was looking for and with the benefit he had send from his homecountry every month he thought he would had a nice life here ! But from all directions they adviced him to start a business first and later on buy a house from his profits ! He and his wife listened to it and started a business(no moneylending !). I don't think i have to tell you the result after you've been reading the previous text. The result :The rest of his life he have to rent a house and all the money where he good have bought a nice house for cash, was out ! The first time i met him and his wife they gave a (unnecessary) warning to me not to listen to others and never to start a business here !

Many stories are circulating from foreigners who started any kind of business here and ended without money. I know from another foreigner who started a business in second hand cars here and as i understand he had a reasonable business, but the problem was his family in law. They were like many here very happy with a foreigner(money !) in the family and so it happend that the foreigner went on a holiday with his wife and trusted the business to his brothers in law. When they returned, all the stock was sold out,but also his brothers in law disappeared until they had no money anymore and returned home. After that his wife started to protect her brothers(see "Protection" above)because they were "good boys". That happens also many times here.

The last extreme case that i heard from the wife of a foreigner here looks unbelievable, but because i saw the payment behaviour from some people here and especially to "white americano", in combination with a foreigner who's willing to believe everybody, i'm not surprised !

That women had a very good friend who is married to a foreigner from around 50 years old who had his own business. They've decided both to sell the business and move to the philippines to have a quiet life here. So they've did sold the business and moved here !From selling his business he had the nice amount of around 20 million peso(more than 500.000 USD !) If you count that this moment 2 people need between 10 and 20 thousand peso a month to live easy here, if they payed their house and car cash, you'll agree with me that he had no worry for the rest of his life ! In that case you'll get more interest than you spend money ! I've been counting quickly and if he had bought a house, furniture and car cash he had from 2 million peso still money left to live 1 year here. The yearly interest from the rest of his money against 7% would have been 1.260.000 peso a year which is more than 100.000 peso a month without a small amount of tax on it reduced.

But they also had a lot of good advice to start a money lending business first before buying a house cash , which they also did ! And the business was very successsfully, the customers were almost standing in line, except with paying back ! Because many customers came, they had no time to collect the money from earlier customers because they did'nt bring it themself and finally i think they did'nt see the wood for the trees ! The result was that after 8 MONTHS he had enough money left to buy 2 tickets to his homecountry where he good start working again ! This sounds unbelievable, but if this person was credulous enough and trusted everybody who came to loan money, this is very realistic here !

I also know a foreigner here who bought a farm on a distance from his house in the city and he trusted his family in law to run the farm. The next thing you've expected already i think : They've sold the whole harvest and first spend all that money on drinking, smoking and gambling and after that they went without any shame to the foreigner to ask for their salary they did'nt received yet.

For more investment stories like these CLICK HERE !

If you should think after reading all of this that i myself who can see such behaviour here also loan money to others :
Not 1 peso !!! Even if they beg me on their knees and are drowning in their own tears !
It happend in the beginning regularly that far relatives (1.5 hours driving !)from my wife who only visit if they need something, knocked on the door from my parents in law to ask my address because they want to loan money from my wife who is married to a "white americano" who they consider all to be rich ! They already are told by my mother in law not to wast the energy to visit me because they will not get 1 peso because i did'nt sweat and suffer all those years to fill up their stomach ! Now they don't come to beg anymore because i'm close-fisted, i'm holding my money for myself !

It happend 1 time that a far relative from my wife who is a pilot who lost his job because Philippine Air Lines was in financial trouble, knocked on my door to ask if he could loan money from me. He even brought his ownership title from his house to give me for security ! It did'nt make any difference, because he also like the rest left without 1 single peso from me !

The reason i don't get involved in business here is
1 Because i know already the result if i should do it !
2 I can manage here for many years if i keep acting normal.
3 And last but not least:there would be to many people and especially those who i give comment to at this site be laughing a lot if i should return to the "Paradise" (Holland) to start working again after a few years because my bankaccount is empty and i don't grant them that kind of fun!! Even if i would go back to Holland for whatever reason, i would'nt work anymore because there's enough money at the social security over there and also i'm allergic for everything connected with working !

Finally i also want to put here that also the wife's from the foreigners are sometimes to blame ! Especially if they come from a lazy family they become sometimes very quickly "High Class" because they're married to a "rich americano" and only wear expensive clothes, have 3 helpers in the house and buy new furniture regularly just like in the western countrys, and only to show to the others that their bankaccount is endless ! Also they don't buy on the market anymore, but only in the expensive shopping malls where they pay 2 times the price for fruit and vegetables. If they see somebody were they been looking in the carbidge with for food and empty bottles etc. when they were young, they look down on them, pull up their nose and pass them without talking ! Fortunately such behaviour punishes itself very quickly !

If somebody after reading all this about starting a business here, still thinks that he wants to start a business here in the Philippines and become a millionaireee within a few years with that, i will put here the next 2 possibilitys to start a business. To start with, you can't start a business here in the Philippines on the name of a foreigner, maby this will change later on. What is possible is that the business is official on 60/40 base, that means 60% of the money to start from the filipina wife from the foreigner and 40% from the foreigner. This seams to be a little bit more difficult and takes a little bit longer than the next way i'll explain. The most easy way to start a business here is to do it on the name of the filipina wife from the foreigner, this can be finished in 4 weeks time. The husband can become an employer or manager in that way.

Also i will put here that it's here not the same like in other countries to sell something to a customer if you have a good product at a compatitive price. I will give an example here which is exaggerated to make clear what i mean. Suppose you have a computershop and a sale from a 2Ghz with 256 RAM and 19" monitor en 40GB harddisk at a very compatitive price. Another shop has a 450Mhz with 64 RAM and 4 GB harddisk and 14" monitor for 20% less, many here are tempted to buy there immediately without watching what they get for their money. Even that both computers are not comparable does'nt matter. This was a little bit exaggerated to give an example. The same with a house, if they want to buy a house and they find a big house for sale which is in topcondition and they find another one which is much smaller and need a lot of repair but is a little bit cheaper, they prefer that one.

Even if after repairing they spend the same amount than if they would have bought the bigger house which is in topcondition. Here is the price they pay at the moment they buy the most important for them, extra costs afterwards don't count. So it's not so easy to convince a customer to buy something even if you sell the best product for the best price.
Also you will see here the for us very oldfashioned habbit to buy only in a shop where a member of the family works, comparing the prices is something they won't do or will only do half. That's why you can hear many times something like : "Overthere works a cousin from me, we take a look there !".

Also the fact that many people here buy on credit because they want something more expensive en newer that relatives/neighbours have is normal. Mailorder company's i did'nt saw here. The shop who gives easy credit to customers(with the most risk) will sell quicker their products than other shops who are cheeper and have a beter service. Mostly the credit here is on installment base, pay 50% cash and the rest in monthly payments. The shops who give easy credit always put this in their advertising to attract customers. There is 1 computershop here who is doing well and it's not because of their prices, expensive. Also the computerparts they sell is'nt the reason for their successss, once i asked there for the price of a 19" monitor and their answer was that they did'nt sell computerparts, only complete PC sets. That was the reason i saw no parts on display there. Only big advertising with the creditpossibilitys they offered.



I have 2 brothers in law who are policemen here and if i tell them that in Holland it's not allowed for a policemen to shoot somebody who throw stones to them, they have to laugh ! If somebody here tryes to throw something to a policemen, the chance that he will catch some bullets is almost 100 % ! And they won't get dirty hands with giving first aid to people like that, and they have no hurry to call an ambulance eather ! The people have still respect for the police here compared to Holland where they laugh at the police. One of my brothers in law had to go to a bar because of trouble there and when he entered the bar, he was insulted by a drunk german who called him a "poor filipino" etc. The reaction from my brother in law was very quickly, he planted the butt of his Colt AR-15(M-16) in the stomach from that german who was very quickly quiet. If a dutch policemen would do that, he had to go on rapport and probably had some sanctions to !



Here is a story that is true happend. 1 of my brothers in law who is a police, came home 1 day with a new weapon in the battle against terrorists who were active at that time. Every police who was longer than 1 year in service was given 6 handgranates with the order to use them if they could throw it in between terrorists if no other people could be hurd by it. The standart equipment is already a handgun (most of them use their own handgun, calibre .45 is very popular among the police, a Riotgun and a Colt AR15 (M16. My family in law was eating 1 week later and my mother in law had been very active that day with cleaning the bedrooms. She asks her son what kind of strange "Pineapples" he had on his desk, she picked them up, took the dust of and put them back. She only knew the steelhandgranates the japanese had during WW2 when they occupied the Philippines. When she heard what she had in her hand that day she was a little bit scared, my father in law said to him that every next item he braught in the house, he had to show first so everybody knew what it was. The first thing my brother in law did was putting a lock on his bedroomdoor so nobody could enter anymore.


TopBegging street children

People in western countries feel always pity if they see begging street children in for instance the Philippines on their tv and some are probably crying if they watch that and blaming the government from that country because they are corrupt. I can be very short on that subject. The ones who are to blame for the fact that those children wearing old and dirty clothes and are begging on the street are in the first place the parents who are irresponsible and only think about drinking, smoking and gambling. They keep on making children without having money to support them and to give them food. The only thing those children get enough is beating and kicking when the father is drunk which is mostly. There are already many children run away from home because of that. If somebody during a holiday in the Philippines already gave money to a child on the street, the chance is big that 1 of the parents was waiting around the corner to take the money quickly or that the child spend it immediately on glue to sniff on. There are people here who buy 1 gallon of glue and sell it to the children in plastic bags.

It's also normal that if somebody wants to give food to a begging street child, they refuse it and demand money, very clear it's for glue ! Here in Cebu City is some kind of curfew for children, after that time the police picks them up and bring them to a orphanage where they take care of them and give them food each day and send them to school so later on they can get a nice job. The only thing most of them think about is to escape as quickly as possible because they only want to live on the street where there are no rules for them. I have a few german and swiss neighbours (girls) who work in a (from Germany) sponsored orphanage here in Cebu and they will tell you the same stories and they will know it i think ! Mostly the children the police bring escape and the people who accompany them gonna try to find them and ask if they want to come back. Now they have a limit and they don't try to find children from 12 year or older because all the time they spend to find them and to try to get them back in the orphanage is wasted time, they only want to live on the street.

According to the german and swiss girls, the chance for successs is 50%, nothing if you compare it to whole of the Philippines, but those children get a nice future and will have a better life. In that orphanage they send them even to expensive private schools and universitys if they can and want to learn well. But the girls who accompany those children have a difficult and manytimes ungratefull job. The lazy, irresponsible and mostly drunk parents from those children are in the mean time laughing a lot because the rich "americano's" take care of their children so the little money they normal had to spend on food (only rice)for them, they can also use for liquor and cigarettes now. As soon as their children are finished with learning payed by the "americano's" and they have a nice good paying job, without any doubt those parents know how to find them and knock on their door to plunder them and in the most cases they also will succeed in that.


TopLoaning money

Over here it's normal that somebody (always the same) gonna try to borrow money from relatives if they receive a bill they can't pay or for whatever excuse. The fact that they spend the same amount of money many times a month on drinking, smoking and gambling, they don't want to see themself. The person who give the money, will never see it back. What they will see again is the same person who receives the next month another bill which he can't pay and again want to borrow money. There are people who feel pity for them because it's a relative and give them every time money what never comes back. I know a girl here who has a married brother who returns every month to ask for money to pay the electric. That he has enough money to be drunk and to smoke the whole month she does'nt notice, she works every month 1 week for him.

What they always use here if they try to borrow money somewhere, is : "Pay back tomorrow !" or "Pay back next week !". My wife was approached by relatives to borrow them money to buy something and "Pay back next week !" was also added. She told them they better waited a short while untill next week with buying that product so they had the money themself. Why making a credit if the money was coming so soon ?
Their own tric to get money was used against them. This was not appreciated.

If i tell you here that in the most cases that somebody approaches a foreigner(also a filipino) with :"Pay back tomorrow !" or "Pay back next week !" to loan them money and that person is so stupid to believe it and give the money they ask, it only means : " Thank You , the party can start !" and/or " You can say goodbye to your money !" as soon as the money is inside their pocket.

It looks like a national hobby here what a lot of people are practising.

(Just a note for worldimproving socialists who see it as an obligation to protect antisocial people and criminals with all kind of stupid excuses, " a lot of people " does not mean : " EVERYBODY " , also it does not mean : " ALMOST EVERYBODY " , also i do'nt mention a percentage, it only means that a lot of people are showing this behaviour.)

But there is a difference with your own country, if this happens to you in your own country, the whole surrounding will look at that antisocial parasite/criminal (or whatever you want to call that) for what he/she did.
Not overhere in the Philippines, almost everybody will look at you, because you were so stupid to give your money where you had to work very hard for to get it.

That is one of the (many) differences in culture.

Something to think about.



This moment it's a fashion in the Philippines to walk around and look the whole time on a textphone (SMS). Whole groups of young girls, married women and gays (who count themself to the same category) you see watching their phone while they walk on the street, in shopping malls, and even in the St.Nino chirch during a service they've told me to show they have enough money to join the latest fashion. Everywhere you'll see shops appearing where they sell all brands and types of textphones, in the shopping malls sometimes next to eachother. I'm curious how long this fashion will last before they all jump on something else. The last thing i heard was that at the cityhall they had no Xmasbonus last year because of the many hours the workers are watching their textphone, they have no time anymore for the customers ! I don't know if it was only to make them scared or not. Also in some churches warnings are appearing on the walls to switch off the textphones. It looks like some kind of disease that is spread by the mosquitos. Sometimes i wonder if they are also watching their textphone when they're making babys. Even during driving a car or motorbike they are watching the text on their phone.



I will put here some things about building a house etc here. First of all it's everywhere in the world wellknown that during a typhoon in de tropics, an enormous amount of rain is falling down what sometimes results in 50 cm or more water on the street, depending on the location. So if you think only a little bit about that, you put the groundfloor from a new building at least 1 metre above the land/street level. But here it looks sometimes that they first make a hole to be sure that they have an indoor swimming pool every time it rains. How somebody can be as stupid as that, i will never understand. It's very rarely that a new nouse has a higher level groundfloor.
In the mean time i learned that the reason for making the groundfloor below the streetlevel is that it costs to much money to buy the gravel to fill up the space to make it higher.

All the money they spend to make a house solid and for practical reasons is not necessary and they consider that as wasting money. Only the budget for things they can make the neighbours jealous with has almost no limit. Like marble or tiles against the wall outside or as much possible design in the wrought iron bars for the windows to stop the burglars. Also the roof design as difficult as possible(with as much chance as possible for leaking) to make the neighbours jealous is normal.
Also it's not rarely here that a new house after 2 years is already half or complete eaten by termites. Whole parts of the roof replacing after 2 years happens a lot. If you want to prevent that, the only materials you use are steel/concrete and hollowblocks for the walls/construction and steel/aluminium for the window frames so it will last your whole life.

Every now and then i see a steel roofconstruction appearing on a construction site, some people are opening their eyes ! Also triftines is many times a fact during a construction, like not enough/to small/non at all reinforcement steel in a concrete floor/wall to save money is normal here. And with some persons who like to save money that is the same with all the building materials. Where i live here they made a new concrete road to which we as users and homeowners here also contributed our share of the costs and after a few months it's already full with big cracks which they fill up with mastic. A space from 1 meter between the 10 mm thick reinforcement steel they consider as more than enough, if somebody like me tells them that the distance is much to far, it looks like they are laughing because of that remark.

If they spend a little bit more money so the distance between the reinforcement steel is 30 cm, it will probably not crack at all, but they don't think about that. The most important at that moment is that they are saving money by reducing the materials. What also is the reason to keep this road cheap is that many homeowners here are until their ears in the credits and i was the only one who payed his share in 1 time to the road owner. The roadowner needed a few weeks to convince the homeowners to contribute also because they also used the road and now they pay every month a part of their contribution. If the price from the road went up more, probably there was no new concrete road now.

And it's the same with private as with state/city management. A few years ago they made a new concrete road to Toledo from 20 cm/8 inch thick. According to western regulations, a road like that would last for at least a 50 years. But here they forget completely to put reinforcement steel in it ! Now already parts from a few square meters cracked and went down 10-30 cm so you have to drive slowly from the left to the right in between the cracks, sometimes on the other side of the road because your own side is impossible to drive on. If you should think that the next road they will make will have enough reinforcement steel : No !

We in the western countries learn from our or somebody else his mistakes, here they continue the same way. In the mean time i know why they don't use reinforcement steel in the road. I was at the office where they design the roads and buildings for the state and i heard that from Manilla they give a certain amount of money for a certain distance. Reinforcement steel does'nt fit in that budget, making a new road after 10 years with the same result does fit in. Also here if there is a fashion like in my house an inside gutter what is the most stupid construction possible, they all follow that fashion without thinking what can be the result. That is for later if the house is finished, so they can keep the carpenter busy. Also you see everywhere very high and very thick horizontal concrete supportingbeams, if they should use steel beams from 1/4 of that size for it, it would save a lot of time/money to make the reinforcement steel package and the plywood support to put the concrete in.

People who have their house on the beach, sometimes make a seawall if the water comes to close to their house. The way they do it is they put a layer of cement and put stones they've found on the beach in it to save money, after that another layer of cement and stones etc until they've reached the height they want. This is no bad construction if you also put reinforcement steel in the cement what they don't do. After a few decades (or a few years)seawalls like that are completely destroyed by the forces of the seawater during storms.

This is the way it looks.
Watch the anchor cables who were more than 6 months ago disconnected from their anchor in the seawall.
Nobody thought about it to anchor them back.
With the first typhoon that comes, this 30-40 meter hight antenna tower will fall down.

We visited about 2 years ago again over there and the antenna tower was down on the ground as predicted, the house was not hit by it. Unfortunately i had no camera with me that time.

I came a few weeks ago at somebody's house and he also made a new seawall. I asked him if he used reinforcement steel in it and he said that it's not possible because the steel will rust because of the salty seawater. Instead of steel he used bamboo in it and i know that is already rotten after a few months in the cement. So i explained to him that in Holland they also put steel in the concrete and the distance from the outside has to be at least 2 inches so it can't rust. That was not true according to him and after that i chanced the subject. Here most people don't except advice from a foreigner who wants to help/advice them to do something in a cheaper or better or longer lasting way. They see that as obtrusive, so i just let them do it the way they want.

I was looking for a white roof paint for my roof that was already in the rustconverter(acid) and primer and i found out that all the paintfactories here only make dark colored roofpaint. It is wellknown everywhere that a lightcolored roofpaint reflects the heat and keeps the temperature inside lower, but here they don't know that. So i bought the cheapest white laquerpaint i could find and put that on my roof.


TopConstruction materials

Generally spoken the quality from all the construction materials who are locally made here is bad to very bad. That is'nt only my opinion, but also from all the construction workers here. If you in Europe build a new house, the outlets will last as long as the house itself. Here they use american plugs with 2 flat pins, mostly all the older outlets don't squeeze enough so the plug comes out quickly. The faucets who are locally made can last 10 years, but sometimes also refuse duty after 2 months which i had also. If you want a good quality you have to buy imported american faucets which gives the next problem that there is so many demand for them that they are mostly out of stock. Handy materials in the constructions who are'nt used in Europe for the last 20 years they never saw here because they work different here. PVC connections for the gutter they also don't know here, the plummer/carpenter has to fix himself something for it from galvanized iron plate and connect it with rivets. Not only construction materials, but also things for in and outside the house can be broken after a few months. It's all very cheep, but also the quality is cheep. Generally spoken, the only locally produced thing that's (mostly) from a good to very good quality are the girls !



In Holland and other western countries you can presume that every carpenter or plummer you hire have enough knowledge from his occupation that he can deliver a good job because they learned it at school. Here they don't go to a school to learn a occupation in the construction, they learn it at young age as a helper with an older person so they also take over the mistakes they make. 1 example is here very clear, if you look at some doors and the way they hang them in their frame. In Holland it's normal you put a hinge at 10 cm from the top and from the bottom and also 1 in the middle. Here you can see on many doors that they've put 1 hinge at 10 cm from the top, 1 at 50 cm from the top and the 3th at 10 cm from the bottom, nothing in the middle ! Probably someone started that and his helper also took it over and everybody who saw it also. If you ask why they do it like that is the answer :"That's the style here !" or something like that.

And that's not everything, if you hire them for a renovation on your house, you have to watch them all the time, if you leave them alone for 1 second, they will sabotage the work because they do it their own way. Most of them here are very stubborn and you have to explain them several times how you want it, but if you turn your back, they think : "I do what i want !" and they do it their own way. It's also normal that they don't appear at work 1 or more days if they don't like or even because they start somewhere else. I also had that with 1 person who wanted to come back after 1 week because the other job was already finished, that was'nt possible with me. I even payed them more than a filipino would do, even that does'nt help. A certain amount of workers are not reliable because they do what they want at any time. If you hire people for a construction/renovation here you have to be very strict, otherwise they play with you !

I wanted to build a firewall and after only 50 cm height, it was already 5 cm out of balance. I've told them that it had to be straight, but Unfortunately i had to go away for half a day. When i came back, the wall was already at a height from 1 meter and 10 cm out of balance. The wall had to be 2 meters high, so he would be 20 cm out of balance if i said nothing. The comment when i pointed them on it :"No problem, if it's finished, we will fill up the difference with cement !". They thought i would accept that also, with a lot of murmuring they supported the wall the next day and pushed it straight and first made the concrete beams in between so it stayed straight before they continued with bricklaying.

I let another carpenter make a shower for me and i assembled support on two sides to make the concrete floor equal. I gave 1 inch sloop to the water drainage which was good according to the carpenter. When he put the tiles against the wall/floor, i had to watch a few others continuesly, this carpenter i could leave alone according to insiders, he was the best in the company where he worked for many years. When he was ready, he filled up the 1 inch difference in the floor because he never heard of cutting the tiles to work around the slooping floor. And this was the best one from the company he worked before, if i had hired one of his ex-colleagues, maby they've put the door in the sealing ! Also concrete they make thin like water, when i saw that, i told them that is not the way to make it because the more water you put in, the more it shrinks and cracks. But as soon as you turn around, they make it thin like water again, they are just like children you have to watch all the time. If you add the lazyness from many who are always try to hide somewhere and smoking, you can imagine that my father in law who contracted whole jobs was sometimes upset by them.

I will put here incase it's not clear, that they're not all the same here. There are also allround contruction workers who try to deliver a good job and first think before they do something(and you can cconsider to be real craftsman) so they always are allowed to return if the owner from the house has another job for them. They're not all at 5o clock and liquor, cigarets and gambling with their thoughts ! The problem is that such workers are booked a long time in advance, so you have to wait if you want to hire them. If you're in a hurry, you have to hire who's available. The cooperation between the craftsman and the one who spoil everything is not perfect most of the time.

A official construction company is only hired for big projects because the owner also needs his share and a profit and also that tax (what a nasty word !!!) has to be payed. What i also experienced myself was that i hired 2 carpenters who were still working on another job, but would start on my house as soon as they were finished. When they were already 2 weeks finished there, it seamed they've spend the last 2 weeks with drinking, smoking and gambling instead of starting on my house. Even if they wanted to start, they were not welcome anymore ! 1 of them(a nephew from my wife had such a disturbance that later on he asked my address to my family in law who did'nt gave it because he wanted to borrow P25.000 from me. Even if he and his whole family are starving on the street, it's better to give food to a street dog because he waves with his tail because he's grateful ! In the Netherlands already more than enough parasites have been eating from my salary !

The carpenter also needed 1 kilo of concrete nails to hold the reinforcement steel where they put the hollowblocks over in place. I've told them that was'nt necessary from the beginning, but everybody knew it better. I did'nt listened to it and when we started on the wall, i measured and drilled first the 10 mm holes in the floor where the reinforcement steel had to be, and after that i hid them in with a hammer so they kept standing. That was something they never saw before ! And that is what i mean with thinking first before you start building.

You can see everywhere appartment buildings who people can rent. If you look at the roof, the inside walls are above the roof, they put the roof in between the walls ! This is the most stupid construction i ever saw. If you think only a little bit, you know already that the rainwater will enter the building true the wall. Sometimes they cover the wall with galvanized plate to stop the water. If they put the roof on top of the wall, the rainwater can never enter the building, but they don't see that. I had the same thing with my kitchen and i explained the carpenter with 30 years experience 3 times that the roof had to be on top of the wall which he understood. As soon as he started there, he wanted to put the roof against the wall anyway, so i had to explain it again and watch it until it was finished. If you read this, you will wonder why i don't do it all myself because i know better how to do it. I hire others to do it because it's to hot to work here and they are used to it. Also the salary is very low here and with more people the job is quicker finished so i can relax again where i never had a chance for in Holland because i had to work and pay tax for all the parasites over there.



Here they use hollowblocks from 8 x 16 inch and 4.6 or 8 inch thick to make walls. The hollowblocks themself are very week because they are made from dry concrete which is only pushed together a little bit, the strenght of the wall is in the reinforcement steel that is vertically and horizontally put in it. If you put a hollowblock on both ends, and you put your full weight with 1 foot on it, the hollowblock falls apart in 1000 peaces, that's how week they are. If you than see here that some people are cutting down expenses by reducing the size and amount of reinforcement steel in the walls, you can imagine that a house collapse with an earthquake or typhoon. Plastering the walls is done without any lime because it's imported here and very expensive. That's why after a few days of drying, the plaster is already cracking. Also the cement is only in 1 quality available : doubtful. The hollowblocks are put together with ordinary concrete, it contains pebbles up to 3 cm. So they can use the same material to fill up the hollowblocks and to put them together. The joint become 4-5 cm thick, but that's no problem because they put plaster on it.



The locally made wheelbarrows here look like a toy wheelbarrow in Europe, small with a small massive wheel and a dom design because the load will slide off if you lift the wheelbarrow a little bit too much. Sometimes i see that model wheelbarrow with 2 wheels next to each other in the shop. If you want a good wheelbarrow here, you have to buy an imported one who are expensive. At small constructions sites without guards they usually don't use wheelbarrows because they would disappear quickly. There they use wooden boxes where they nail cross bars on so 2 people can carry it. At the destination they only have to turn the box upside down to empty it.



The last years the internetcafes were appearing like mushrooms here in Cebu, on every streetcorner a few and in between a whole lot more. One of the reasons is that there are not so many computers at home. It looked like 20 years ago in Europe when everywhere videoshops appeared. The competition is hard because normal they have only a reasonable amount of visitors when the schools go out and in the weekends. That's why the prices went at some places already down from P25 to P10/hour to steal each others customers. If you count a minimum from P25.000 for 1 computer, the rent for the space, the electricity they use and on top of that around P6000 for an internetcafe connection at a internetprovider, you'll be not surprised that now many are closing/going bankrupt.


TopPrices of living in the Philippines
( anno 2001 for 2-3 persons. P1000=$19)

I had before questions from people how much it costs to live here, that depends of course from the way you live and behave. If you want to act like the rich foreigner here and spend the money like water to make impression and quickly go back to your own country to work again because all your money is disappeared, you need a lot of money more than somebody who behaves simpel. I belong to the last category and i'm never jealous to somebody else for his property or bankaccount, not that i don't want to chance places with a multimillionaire (in Euro's or dollars), that is something different, i don't call that jealousy. It's also impossible that somebody makes a impression to me by buying (together with the financecompany) an expensive car and show it very proudly to me, the only impression he makes to me is that he is showing with somebody else his money !

To start with, if you want to live here permanently you need a permanent visa. You can also get a Balik-Bayan visa at entering the Philippines if you're married to a filipina and after 1 year make 6 times an extension on that and after 2 years leave the country and return with the same airplane to get another Balikbayan for the next 2 years. This method is quit expensive, but if you go to your homecountry 1 or more times a year this method is maby better. With a permanent visa you have to go first to the immigration office to get a returnvisa, if you don't have that, your permanent visa has no value anymore if you return and you have to apply again for it.

A permanent visa is advisable if you want to live here forever and like me don't go on holiday too much to the country you come from. I have no plans to go on holiday to Holland for the next 20 years, so happy i am that i'm escaped over there ! The permanent visa you can better apply in the country you live because it's more easy there and here in the Philippines you will get the choice to pay a lot of bribary to hurry-up the very slow procedure. At the embassy in your homecountry they will explain the procedure to apply for your visa. A medical examination with a X-ray and a copy from your bankaccount about the amount of money you have to survive here at least a few years.

Also a taxation rapport from your house with a copy from the mortgage you have is the same or a statement from the office that gives you a benefit or pension that they wil send it behind is okay. About the amount of money you have to show, don't imagine too much with that, the reality is that the most people who come to live here and have enough money to survive for at least 10-20 years, already have to go home within 2 years because their bankaccount is empty and the reason for it is that they've been acting like a millionaire too much or that their family in law or other parasites been helping him to empty his bankaccount. Also some business transactions/adventures as i described already enough on this page is many times a reason to go back to the country he came from.

I will put my experience with a permanent visa here as a warning :
That permanent visa you get at the embassy is a so called A13 visa which is a runner-up to the original permanent visa after 1 year in the Philippines if you at least behave. This is no Holland where foreigners can sell heroine in the street or commit robbery's without being deported ! I had my A13 visa from The Hague and i applied for it in November, but because it took a few weeks to get my passport back and i had a holiday to Cebu in December and i did know already the speed from Philippine offices, i said i could not leave my passport behind.

That was no problem, i had to return in February to get the visa which i did. The date of the A13 visa was from November, so i asked if it was'nt a problem because there was a Balik-Bayan visa from December in the passport. No problem, No problem ! So i started to put my house for sale(i wanted first my visa before i did that !) and in September first a holiday to the USA and finally on October 6 the big day was there ! Me, my wife and my dog go to Schiphol airport/Amsterdam with a one-way ticket to Cebu ! What a relief !!!! The feeling that no parasite in Holland will ever eat from my salary ever again, that feeling you can't describe on paper, you have to experience it yourself ! Like a weight from 100 kg is falling from your shoulder !

At arrival in Mactan airport/Cebu i show the A13 visa and the immigration officer takes a look in my passport and notices the Balik-bayan visa from December ! At the spot that A13 had no value anymore because of the date from the balik-Bayan visa ! Nothing helped, the next day to the head of the immigration(nice man ) and even he wanted to help me, but could'nt because the procedure was no good. Now if i knew that before i arrived, i just would have teared the page with the Balik-bayan visa out of my passport, allowed or not allowed, i don't care ! So the mistake was from the consul who said it was no problem at all. So after 1 year i went 6 times to the immigrationoffice for a extension from 2 months (every time P1000-P2000)and after that i applied all over again for the permanent visa which i have now and costs no more that a few hundred pesos a year and i have to report in the first 2 months of the year at the immigration office. Works very simple and cheap.

So my warning here is : Don't go on holiday to the Philippines if you have already the A13 visa unless you use that at arrival and get a returnvisa if you go back to your homecountry. Maby there is a timelimit on that returnvisa, i don't know.

Financial management :
If somebody wants to move to the Philippines and had already enough from working like me, probably he has a benefit/pension that is send behind with a small amount of saving money too, or like me only an amount of savingmoney and he counted it several times to make sure it's enough to survive until he gets his pension before he decides to move. So i imagine that all the cases i've mentioned before from people who had to go back to their own country to work again because the bankaccount was empty here after a few years, had a plan to survive until their pension. What happens before you come here is : People including relatives with credit until their ears from bankloans, financecompanys etc etc will tell to eachother : "That one thinks he has enough money for his whole life, within 1 or 2 years he comes back to work again ! Mark my word !". This is from the point of view :" I have only credit until my ears and no savings, so he's the same !". This is an extra reason to make sure your financial management is okay here so you don't have to go back to your own country i think. That's why i will put a warning here.

If you get a benefit every month, and you're acting like Santa Claus here, automatically you'll have to face the truth when you fall without food yourself because you gave all your money to parasites here. The next month i think you will watch out what happens to your money. Anyway you don't have to go back to your own country because every month new money is coming.

If you saved an amount of money which you think is enough until your pension, then the next thing :
I don't mention doing business anymore, that should be very clear already.
Here it's normal that the children take care of their parents if they get older and if they need P5000 a month to survive and there are 10 children, everybody gives P500. If the wife from the foreigner comes from a family who are'nt lazy and all the children went to school and are all working, it usually happens that way. If the wife from the foreigner comes from a lazy family who've only been thinking on having parties and the children only saw the school on the outside, it usually happens that she gets the next message from her sisters : "You are married to a americano, so you pay everything !". If that also happens at your presence, it means you're sleeping.
Also it's normal here that the oldest children pay the school for the youngest children if the parents get older so they also have a nice future.

As soon as you live here and you don't take a firm position and you give in the evening money to a relative or somebody you know because you feel pity, the next morning at 6 'O clock they're standing in line at your door and waiting with their hands open. Now if you worked before always at the social security in Holland, i'm sure you won't get homesick ! If you should think that your bankaccount has no bottom and you keep on acting like Santa Claus here until al your money has disappeared and you have to go back to your homecountry to work again, you better put the next thing that will happen to your brain :
*The ones who expected you back very soon will enjoy and laugh a lot when you come back. Possibly they will use it against you for the rest of your life as soon you open your mouth.
*Here is nobody, but REALLY NOBODY who will cry even 1 tear because you have to go back, except yourself ! All the parasites who've been eating, drinking, gambling your money until it was finished will tell only one thing to eachother : "To bad she went back with her americano, that was an easy address to get money !".
The fact you have a white skin causes such a magnetic effect to parasites here, that you better are warned for it !
Now it should be clear enough i think.

I will put some ordinary daily things here below with the prices if possible :

Container : If somebody wants to move to the Philippines, he needs to rent a container for his furniture, i will put my experience about that here. There are immediately people who give a comment that it's cheaper to buy new furniture here than to rent a container, very clear they are not so smart and acting like they know everything. I heard expensive prices from some persons about the rent, but because somebody who arranged transport at a big factory told me the price 2 years earlier, i had a idea about the real price and did'nt listen to stupid talk like that. Somebody told me that the cheapest one was a filipino businessmen in Belgium where the price was $2500 for a 10 feet (3M) container. Another called with a filipino businessmen in Amsterdam where the price was $6000 for a 20 feet container(6M), must be included packing and unpacking i think, but it was also the cheapest one.

Never listen for the prices to anybody else than a person from the office from the containercompany itself ! So i will mention the real price for a 20 feet container from Holland/Belgium to the Philippines in 1998 which i heard from a container company itself at the time i had to rent one, and they can now it i think ! The price was $1250 in 1998 including the transport to and from your house on a truck and a 2 hours limit for loading. Every hour extra for that you had to pay more. Big difference compared with the prices from the people who acting they know everything ! The transport in Cebu you have to arrange yourself, in my case it was P2500, depends on the distance of course. The time from transport was 2 months because of loading in another ship in Singapore. Try to buy new furniture here in the Philippines for $1250, not to smart people who give a comment like that !

The insurance from your furniture can be the same price or much more than from the rent of the container, so if your furniture is'nt new, you think first if you take an insurance or not, i did'nt do it. The custom has to inspect your container at unloading to see if the list you've made is correct. You have to pay an amount depending on the value from the articles you have. Also a signature from a policeofficer who is authorized for it that the container contains no firearms or drugs is necessary.

Household goods for arriving residents (Also with 13A visa) are free from importtax. You have to go to the Department of Finance in Manila to get the documents for that.

About articles that are allowed to bring into the country, you have to ask the philippine embassy or better is if somebody in the Philippines asks at the customoffice. Electrical household appliances you'll better don't bring because of the 220V/60H instead of the 220V/50H in Europe and the 110V/60H in the USA. Radio's who have diodes to make direct current, mostly work here. Also heating appliances give no problem. Tv and video must be american resolution or a possiblity to it and also different voltages/hertz. My tv gave up quickly, also the video. The microwave works only 5 minutes because a safety stops it, probably because of the 60 Hertz.
Electrical engines can be rewinded to 60 Hertz here which is not so expensive.

House : Depends of course on what you want, the most foreigners here(especially the ones who are acting to be very rich) never buy a house, but always rent one. A ordinary reasonable decent house costs between 1.5 and 3 million peso, depending of the design, size and location and maintenance. I most mention here that it's not possible to put a real estate on the name of a foreigner, it has to be on the name of the filipina wife. Only a condominium can be in the name of a foreigner. The prices to rent a ordinary house in Cebu City is around P10.000 a month and for a appartment around P8000 a month from what i hear.

Lotprices : That has a enormous variaton depending on the location. Here in the city of Cebu a price from P3500 for 1 square metre is normal while i know a canadian who lives in Negros and bought a lot with white beach for P35 (no mistake !) a square metre. I have to mention that he has no road to his lot, only a small almost impracticable passage that only can be driven on by an offroad motorbike. The distance to the nearest city is 1 hour. Also there is no telephone or cable-tv or waterconnection, only electricity that many times has a brownout. It's very quiet overthere and he asked me if i did'nt want to buy a few hectares next to him that are also for sale. I did'nt had to think long about that, in Holland i also lived a long time on a distance from the city in the polder, but if i can't drive to my house with my car, it's not necessary for me. Suppose you have a emergency and you have to go to the hospital !

In the mean time it's already 4 years after i wrote the article above and the prices for a lot in Cebu City are now P7000/P10.000/P12.000 a square metre depending on the location. Even there is sometimes a difference in price between 2 lots in the same subdivision, depending of the fact if the lot is flat or slooping. The last one is the cheapest because of extra investments during the construction.

I will put here also a warning for a swindle practice that is going on here and where many people already are the victim from, aswell filipino's and "americano's". If somebody here goes to the cityhall with the locationnumber from a lot, it seems to be possible that he can get a official looking paper named "taxdeclaration" that the realestatetax for that lot is payed, even he is'nt the owner. This paper what looks official is used by crooks to "sell" the lot for the already suspicious price from 10-30% of the real value to people who believe them and there are enough of those, some of them are even more than 1 time the victim of it ! I will explain here what is the official procedure to buy a lot and/or house. On every lot and house that can be sold is mostly a title given and to become the new owner of it you have to go to a lawyer with the owner and the lawyer has to make a "deed of sale" with both signatures from the old and new owner. After that a pressmark from the lawyer in the paper and the property has a new owner. If a Lot/House has no title yet, the property can also be sold, but only at the office from a lawyer with a "Deed of sale" and not on the street with chancing a paper for money !

The title can be applied for later and the requirements for that are : "Deed of sale", Surveyor rapport and the latest taxdeclaration which is on your name. That's what i've been told. I did'nt experience this, so the rest of the procedure is unknown to me. Advisable is only to buy a lot/house with already a title on it because of the long time everything takes here at offices. If somebody has a mortgage on his property he had to give the title to the bank who gave him the mortgage so he can't sell the house/lot. At my bungalow here it took 2 months before the title was released after the last payment was done, the previous owner even had to go to Manilla to put some "hurry" on it. It came probably because the mortgage was given at the SSS which is a stateinstitution. At privatebanks the procedure should go quicker.

Electricity :Is here 220 Volt/60 Hertz. That is around P1000 to P1500 a month with ordinary use of electrical household equipment. Without aircon !

Water : That is around P100 a month.In the beginning of this year they added chlorine to it without notification. The result was that many persons like me also had to run to the toilet the whole time and medicines did'nt help. Until we heard from the neighbours that they had the same problem, so we knew immediately what was the cause of it. There are also many houses without water connection who still have a pump.

Telephone : The price for a connection with PLDT is around P550 a month with unlimited free local calls. Only long distance calls have to be payed extra. Every month a P100 extra for a caller ID where you can see at the second ring who is calling you. Since they started selling them, the amount of calls from idiots who don't speak when you pick up the phone is almost with 100 % reduced, before it was some kind of hobby from some disturbed people to call all times of the day to always the same victims. Now we can call them back and they keep on saying they never called our number and they're eternally "innoceeeeent". The fact i don't have to pay for local calls reduces the costs from internet(see below) a little bit.


Here in the Philippines it's normal that companies and hotels etc take a telephonedirectory and call all the foreigners they find in it to approach them about promo's they have. Like now from a expensive hotel in the city here that they have a promo for Valentinesday with a diner and room overnight included. If there are people who go into a very expensive hotel in the same city they own a house i don't know, i will never do it for sure. Also internetproviders and many other companies approach foreigners on this way to sell their goods because that is where the dollars are.
So if you don't want to be disturbed all the time with promo's like that, it's advisable to put the telephoneline on the name of your filipina wife. Asking not to be in the telephonedirectory does'nt work here, we submitted a special signed paper for that in time and we still are in the telephonedirectory.

Food and drinks : That's something with a big variaton depending of your adjustment to the local foods here. If you only eat imported foods, it's expensive. I eat almost everything (except Baho Boto: cebuano for dryed fish)((my own translation !). Bread is everywhere for sale, on every streetcorner you'll find 2 bakery shops and in between also a lot more. Count every month P6000 to P10.000 a month for 2 persons.

Healthinsurance : That is around P12.000 a year for 2 persons. I have to mention that it's not the same insurance like in western countries. Here the private insurance companies are paying up to P10.000 for a hospital admittance and everything more you have to pay yourself. They have their own doctor where you can go every workingday, if you want to wait for a few hours until it's your turn. The medicines you have to pay yourself, only the consultation is for free. In several hospitals they have contracts with specialists and ordinary doctors for emergencies during night. If there's no doctor present who has a contract with them, you have to pay it yourself or go to another hospital where there is one. This all did decide us to stop the insurance and pay ourself a doctor if we need one. If i ever should need a medical treatment (what i don't hope !) which is more expensive than a retourticket to Holland, i buy one and report overthere at a hospital so the hardworking taxpayers overthere can pay for me, they also love to pay for asylmentseekers !

Doctors : We always go to the same doctor where a consult is P300 including ordinary medicines. Other doctors charge sometimes P100, but you have to pay the medicines yourself. One remark i have to put here about doctors with their own practice here and that is that some of them have contracts with hospitals and receive a commission for every patient they send for a test with a machine or blood analyse etc. especially (white) patients with a fat wallet are the victim if they don't watch out ! One replacement doctor wanted to send me to the hospital for a test what was'nt necessary at all, you did'nt had to be a doctor to know that. After that she wanted to take a plastic clove and put a finger in my ass to investigate something. I told here immediately she had to find a gay (bayut, bakla) for that because they would enjoy that. She become a little bit chagrined because of that, i don't know why ! When our doctor was back the next day, she had to laugh because of that and after the remark from me that her replacement wanted to urn some extra money by receiving commission from a hospital, she had a confirming smile, but said nothing.

Medical test :If you need a medical test here, you're better of than in Holland where they let you sweat or even get depressed 1 or 2 weeks(or months) before you're tested and hear the result, other countries i don't know. Here you can go on advice from the doctor to any private labatory you want and wait for the result (if possible). If the result is good, they tell you, if it's bad they say nothing and you have to ask your doctor. You have to pay P1000 or something like that, but it's better and faster arranged than in Holland with a waitinglist.

Driving license : A foreign drivinglicense you can chance here easy (you can keep your old one !)for a filipino drivinglicense, that's a formality (+P1000 i thought). When you apply for it you have to give a translation in english or filipino from your embassy with the categorys your allowed to drive on your existing driving license. The filipino drivinglicense is a creditcard size with a digital picture on it what you have to renew every 3 year(P180).

Cars : They are a lot cheaper than in Holland, here they don't have semi-communists in the government who consider a car to be a milkcow that they tax so high that you just can afford to drive one. On this moment a (Suzuki?) minibus is around P150.000. European cars are expensive here, american cars i don't know, the japanese cars are the cheapest ! However, a ordinary sized familycar is already around P900.000, to expensive for me, my Toyota Lite-ace was P639.000 (in 1998) and has space for 8-10 persons with powersteering, aircon, electrical windows in front, dark windows etc etc, but Unfortunately a 1.5 litre gas engine instead of a decent dieselengine which was not available at that time. There is also roadtax now, something from a few hundred peso a year i thought.

Carinsurance : There are 3 kinds of carinsurances here and 1 is aquired by the law, and that is a insurance that pays the other party until a certain amount in case of damage. I pay around P2700 a year for my Toyota. A kind of allrisk insurance is around P18.000 which i don't do anymore.

Income tax : In the Philippines you don't have to pay incometax if you don't have an income, like me, very simple. Only people who work for the state like policemen or for a big company have to pay incometax. Everybody who always works where work is available, can keep everything in his own pocket. Or he buys liquor and cigarets for it or goes gambling and loose everything, that also happens a lot here. Even a small shop at home (sari-sari store) does'nt have to pay tax, that starts at a certain amount of sales or at a certain floorspace the shop has, i don't know how this works. If they have to pay tax, they have to registrate their business first and they have to surrender 3 times a year taxforms at the taxagency and after the 1 quarter year (april) there is a final taxbill for the year before. The fact that only a small part of the population pays tax results in the fact there's no anti-social security here where they can devide all the money that's left under the parasites.

Real estate tax :It depends here also on the value of the real estate. It can be from a few hundred peso until 5-6000 peso or more a year.

Savings tax :On the interest on savings in the bank is a tax which is automatically taken off if you collect the money from the savingsaccount, i don't know how much.

Internetconnection : Many foreigners have a internetconnection here to stay in contact with their family/friends all over the world. The internetconnection is expensive here compared to other countries. I pay at one of the best internet providers here every month for 30 hours connection P935(almost $20). And i have a connection where a internet provider in the USA or other western countries can't hold a customer for longer than 1 day. I have a maximum download speed from 3.5 kb/sec. And that goes up and down.

The internet providers here blame it on the coperwires that the phonecompanies are still using here instead of glasfiberwire. I also invited other internet providers who said they had a faster downloadspeed to give a demonstration in my house, but it's all the same. In the morning from 10 to 12 i have sometimes a reasonable stable connection, it also happens a lot that i open internet in the evening and i can't get any website so i have to close the connection. A few months ago there was an article in the newspaper that Sky where i have the cable-tv from, also started with internetcable connection so i thaught i was gonna get a fast connection if it was'nt to expensive ofcourse. After 3 phonecalls in 1 week, i learned that its only available in 2 areas in Cebu City, just where i don't live.

In the rest of the city they have to replace the cable first or something else, so it will take 1 or more years before i have a fast connection. Also there was another internet provider starting who had a ISDN connection, after 1 phonecall i knew they only had that in Manilla. The first internet provider i had, gave a service that i sometimes had to call 2 hours before i had a connection with their computer. Also 80% of the mail send to me did'nt arrive because the internet provider could'nt be found. And still they had the guts to tell me that i was the only customer who was complaining. I've spoken to several other people who had that internet provider and they all complained about it.

July 15, 2001 : Today there is a pagesize advertising in the newspaper with good news from an unexpected corner. PLDT telephone gives a unlimited ASDL connection with a possible downloadspeed up to 8 MB and while surfing you can use the telephone like normal. I checked the website and as i expected there are some snags somewhere. First of all you have to live within 4 km from the PLDT mainoffice, i think i'm just within that range, but what i also expected was also true : The price ! The montly subscription is P2000 without tax, all together the price will be around P2200 a month. I asked them if a connection is possible here, it takes 2-4 weeks until they can check the line here.
When i write this, it's half of august and i have my ADSL connection. Don't think that it's the same speed like in western countries, the fastest MP3 that i've downloaded was at 4.1 kbps, most of them is 1-2 kbps, it does'nt matter how many i download at the same time, the speed stays the same. Uploads go out with 10 kbps sometimes. Mostly i download 10-13 MP3's at the same time, if i cancel 1 download, the speed from the others stay the same, so it's not my connection to blame. The only thing that happens every now and then is that i can't find my internet provider for several hours because of starting-up problems, i hope that is finished in a few weeks. For me this is already luxury after 2.5 years trouble with a bad dial-up connection !

After a few months the ADSL was already P2500 instead of P2000. After the minimum period of 1 year, i disconnected the ADSL and now i have a dial-up connection again. ADSL was a little bit too expensive. The dial-up connection i have now is better then the one i had before i had the ADSL, i downloaded something with 5 kb. As soon as there is a cableinternet connection available for P1500 or around that price i will take it.

Now a few years later i use the cheapest internetconnection available, prepaid internet cards for P10 an hour and between 12 and 7 in the night for free. Connecting is sometimes a problem because the line is busy, but because i only have to check my email it's no problem for me.
If you need a faster internetconnection, there is ADSL or a wireless 512 kb avalable now. The ADSL becomes cheaper and faster now because there is competition from the other telephonecompanies.


At this moment (March 2004) there is (finally) some competition starting here in Cebu with internetconnections. ADSL from PLDT was before P2500 for a 128 kb connection without any limits on it, for that price you have now the 256 kb. A 128 kb connection Promo was P1500 with a 45 hours limit a month. For P3000 you have now the 384 kb internet connection.

Globe telephone also has ADSL, i had a brochure from them with a 384 kb connection for P1990 a month without any limits on it.

Pacific has this month a promo for a unlimited dial-up connection for as low as P888 a month with a minimum period from one year. Every 4 hours the connection is disconnected so you have to dial in again, but you can use it 24 hours a day the whole month for only P888.
To compare this, before it was P1200 or something like that for a 30 or 40 hours a month !

Now i think the rest of the internet providers will have to follow this new development, otherwise they will lose a lot of customers. All together a very good development for the consumer ! We've just have to wait until the bottomprices from the competition who has started now is reached to make our choice !



In western countries people use very quickly the term "poor" as soon as somebody does'nt has 2 or 3 computers, a tv and video in his house and a new car in front of the house. Probably they don't know what the term "poor" means ! Here in the Philippines you can see real poorness in some places. But i look first why people live like that instead of declaring the government corrupt which has nothing to do with it. Everybody has to use his brains and spend the money he makes in the right way. If somebody is an ordinary worker with a feeling of responsiblity for his family and he always works, he will not be poor here. But as soon as you give a priority for liquor, cigarets and gambling, your whole family can end living in poor conditions.

I live very close to a "derby" as they call it i think where every friday afternoon the gambling with cockfights is starting. You can see a huge amount of people who worked the whole week and loose a lot of money there. Maby they keep enough money to buy liquor and cigarets on the way home and after that (almost) nothing to buy food for their family the next week. I call that selfcreated poorness and don't feel any pity with them. If you should live in a western country in the same way, you would also end on the street with your whole family, very simple. Here a ordinary constructionworker has around P250 a day and they work 6 days a week, at the end of the month he has P6500.

If his wife also sells something on the street and makes a P100 a day, they have P9000 a month. With that amount they can buy a small peace of land to build a small house on with a loan from the SSS and later after a few years make the house bigger. My parents in law also started that way, only they payed their lot cash that time so they never had a mortgage and on that point they are richer than most people in western countries i think. Now they have a big hollowblock house and the children take care of their food because they become older. With hardworking instead of drinking, smoking and gambling they managed to send 5 children to private schools and universities despite the fact they (almost)never saw a school on the inside themself.

Unfortunately they belong to a small minority under the low or not educated people here. Many of them only think on wasting their salary as soon as possible on liquor, cigarets and gambling, also some of the women. Some of them are also to lazy to work and you can see them in the morning at 8 O' clock already with playingcards on the table and gambling with or without money. I don't feel any pity with them, the children are the victims, but that is not my responsibility. If somebody has a good education, they can have already a salary from P15-20.000 a month, and that makes it easier to buy a house/lot and even a car. But also in that group there are exceptions who even with a salary from P40.000 don't have a house and car and with their whole family live in their parents house who also agree on that. Those man mostly spend their salary on other girls, liquor, cigarets amd gambling. Enough examples from that. I know a few (even one with a topfunction on a factory with a salary from P80.000 a month) who started stealing from their employer and were fired because of that and the rest of their life they will never find a job like that again.

Old people who were abended by their children live in real poor conditions here, a little bit or no food and no money for a docter or medicine so it means the end if they become sick. Also invalid people are poor, but sometimes i put a questionmark especially if they are very young. They go sometimes very easy begging on the street hoping enough people feel pity with them and give them money instead of looking for other ways to make money. I had a neighbour from 35-40 years old with only 1 leg and still has a good income together with his wife. His 4 children go to a private school which is very expensive here. What he does is making officefurniture together with his wife and me who learned for carpenter is amazed what he can produce with only handtools. He does'nt has electrical tools, but you won't see a difference with factorymade furniture. All painted very nice which is the job of his wife, topquality. So that's also possible if you're disabled and don't give up. But you have to take the initiative yourself, the government won't do it for you with subsidizing etc.

Also it's very easy here to sell something on the street or at home, you mostly don't need a permit for it. If you take a look what is'nt sold yet or a lot in the neighborhood, you can make enough money with that to buy food. But for some people that's al too much, just sit at home and wait until somebody brings food or go begging for it is much easier and you don't become so tired from that. Also looking for a relative where they can "borrow" money from is an easy way to have an income.
So i first take a look to the cause why people live in poor conditions, if they are themself to blame or not.
First complain about Holland again :
In Holland you won't see situations like here because they have a social security there who takes care of the irresponsible people who are very lazy and get (almost)the same money like the one who's working. There are many, especially leftthinking people who think that's the way it should be, not me, i don't enjoy if i'm robbed. Also it's normal that lazy people like that live in the newest and most expensive houses because of the subsidize they receive while somebody who works can't affort such a house. The one who still works there and finds that normal, has also a very big left disturbance.!


TopSari-Sari store

There are everywhere Sari-Sari stores at home here where they sell a lot of daily things. It's allowed without permit until a certain amount of cashflow or floorspace, i don't know exactly how that works. The owner buys his merchandise in the ordinary supermarket and adds 10-20% at the price he bought it for when he sells it. Many people only buy groceries when they need something at the closest Sari-Sari store and not 1 time a week because they don't have a car. What i hear is that many borrow the money to start a store from "Turko's" as they call them here, they seem to come from India and many times you can see them on their motorbike picking up the redemptions at the stores.

Because the interest they pay is already 10%, the storekeepers add 20% on the price they buy the merchandise for. The strange thing is that most of them keep on borrowing money and never become independant. The uncle from my wife also has a bigger Sari-Sari store, but he never borrowed money to start the shop and will never borrow money, so they only add 10% on their merchandise so they take away many customers from other stores. But if you should think they have no worries, your wrong !!! Every friday and saturday they have to visit many customers to pick up the credit they've made the whole week before they spend it on liquor, cigarets and gambling, they won't bring it themself.
Business is a very risky thing here, even for the filipinos themself !



Here i will put a warning for everybody who goes for the first time to the Philippines and does'nt know the price for a taxi here. At the airports in Manilla en Cebu etc are very very friendly taxidrivers waiting and also fake taxidrivers who use an ordinary car without a taxicounter in it. A white skin (foreigner) means here that almost all the real and all the fake taxidrivers want to rip you off !

What the real taxidrivers mostly do is not starting the counter and ask you a round amount from P1000 or P1500 or P2000 for a drive that with the use from the official taxicounter does'nt cost you more than P100 and thereby they break the law ! If you refuse to pay that, they can't go to the police with that, the only one who can file a case at the policestation is yourself ! A fake taxidriver you should never hire ! If a taxidriver refuses to start his counter, tell him to stop and get out of the taxi and look for another one ! Mostly they say straight that they don't want to use the counter because they don't like that en they consider it their right to ripp you off ! Therefore you have to tell Before you enter the taxi that he has to use his counter, the one who don't like that because they're looking for an easy victim will drive off, there are plenty other taxi's ! Some of the taxidrivers have a animalbehaviour and if you tell them to start the counter, sometimes they demand an extra payment because the traffic is busy or something else, or they drive away quickly without giving your change. Here in Cebu generally it's not so worse, but in Manilla the taxidrivers sometimes look like real criminals !

On this moment (Aug. 2001) a taxicounter starts at P25 in a taxi with aircon and after that goes up slowly.

A taxi without aircon is even less than P25. What also happens is that they have their aircon in the freezer position, just tell they put it lower if you don't like it ! Also there are very helpful boys waiting for you at the airport to carry your suitcase to a taxi, just refuse and if they touch your suitcase what will happen anyway, just hit them on their hands ! What those are doing is asking you P100 to carry your suitcase maby 30-50 yards, that is almost half a day salary for a constructionworker !

Now (2004) i've read on a forum the experience from a foreigner who took a taxi with his younger looking fiancee at a hotel in Makati/Manilla. They get into the taxi and very soon after departure they are picked out of all the traffic by a policepatrol and directed to the side of the road. She was seperated from him and he was told he had sex with a girl below age 18 and he had to pay a lot of money to get no charges against him. She was told that she had to play the game and would share in the profit after the foreigner payed.

of course she opens her mouth and after hearing she was older then 18 and his fiancee, they left quickly. The taxi drives on and at the destination he gave the driver a small tip and that's all. The driver did'nt complain about all the time the taxi was on the side of the road and the meter was not running.

But later on he started thinking about the whole case and he finally understood what has happend to them. Immediately after they got into the taxi the driver did sent a SMS message before departure and very shortly after that they were picked out of all the traffic on the road, the taxi driver was involved in this and told them he had a foreigner with a young hooker in his taxi.

Also it's possible a taxidriver will send a SMS to his criminal friends and you are robbed somewhere on the way and he will share later on in the money they stole from you.

From this you can learn that as soon as you take a taxi in Manilla and the driver takes his cellphone, you can ask him of he's gonna send a message to his criminal friends and tell him that you are warned for behaviour from taxidrivers like this.

Also it's a common practice that their taximeter is running 4-5 times faster then normal because they been messing with it. If you see this you just demand he drives to the L (and) T (ransportation) O (rganisation) and you pay nothing to him before you are there. L.T.O. is the institute that gives the taxi licences here in the Phils, just report him there if you have the time.



Without any doubt many visitors on this page will think that i have no friends here in Cebu because i also put negative stories here, this is quit the contrary ! I have many friends here under the people i like to have as friends. All working filipino's agree on everything i write here about parasites and filipina girls who are together with their whole family are looking for dollars (and give a bad reputation to all filipina girls all over the world !)if they see it on internet or if i show it in my house on the computer to them.

There are here 2 ways to get a lot of friends, a very expensive way and a free way. Because i'm dutch, i choose the last method. The expensive way is to give money to everybody who asks for it until your bankaccount is empty. The 2nd free way is to mix between the people (except the parasites !)and put yourself on the same level like them. Now i see everybody as the same because everybody smells the same if he/she had the same food and empty his rectum in the smallest room in the house. Also everybody is born naked and nobody with a golden diaper on his ass.

What many foreigners do here is put themself on higher level because they come from the civilized "rich" world and all the filipino's are poor and therefor lower in level. Everywhere they come they have a big mouth (mostly because of alcohol), shouting to everybody including family in law and push away the children to keep a distance, refuse filipino food that their parents in law prepared with a lot of work and serve with a little bit proud and tell them also it's pigfood etc is the behaviour from such arrogant basterds. Now if you're looking for a way to get many enemies under a proud people like the filipino's, that's the best way do achieve it !

If you use your brain and just mix between the people, everybody accepts you without any problems. Especially ambiguous jokes to the girls are welcome if they know you already, if you do it to a girl that does'nt know you, you can get some difficult to solve problems ! It happend that a girlfriend from my wife visited with her beautiful younger sister who went into a monastery a few weeks later. I made the remark that she better get married instead so she would go to heaven every day instead of only one time as a non. The girl laughed a lot because of that. Everywhere they tell my wife that i'm one of the few foreigners who make a joke or talk to them, it seems that the most foreigners here always are in a bad mood, i don't know why. From the fake millionaires who are borrowing their holiday money from the bank i know the reason for that : That's because they think already during the spending of the money that it's gonna take 2 years to pay it back and before they can borrow again to act for millionaire overhere !

I have with nobody problems here, except with one of my neighbourwifes(businesswoman who is almost bankrupt because she begged to much at the bank) and tries to control everybody here in the street. She has the same thoughts like people in western countries with credit above their ears and who put themself on the highest level of the society. If i have trouble with that one, at least there is something here everybody in the street enjoys. I'm the only one in the street who's not afraid of that dirty fishwife and shout back at her. For the rest a neighbour (i don't know if he's male or female !) with a pink short pants with a crazy dog who told me that it's not allowed to walk with my bouvier on the street and after i gave him my reaction on that, now he/she hides or goes inside if he/she is outside and i'm passing his/her house.

I think i was very lucky that he did'nt hit me with his shoulderbag !! Imagine a typical handmovement with this and it's complete ! This all came because his crazy dog attacked my dog and i hit his dog on the head with a thick PVC pipe with steel inside. The noise sounded like the head was empty like his boss probably ! The PVC pipe was in pieces and is now replaced with a 10 mm concretesteel with a handle and a very sharp point to put into his/her crazy dog next time he attacks again. By the law it's allowed to kill a dog who attacks you or your dog because of rabies danger. And with the rest of the people who have brains here i have no problems because i live my own life and don't interfere with others.

To keep some distance here is advisable, what i mean with that is not to make a open house where everybody can walk in if he/she wants and certainly not to give any drinksessions where everybody is welcome. Also everybody has to know that there's a gate you yourself have to open to let them in. There is a very small criminal part of the population here who are very friendly when they are sober, but as soon as they are under influence from alcohol and/or drugs, will cut open somebody his throat with a filipino chopperknife for P100 ! Imagine if you get somebody like that in your house as company from another friend /relative who visits you, it could become dangerous if they use liquor and/or drugs and think about your luxury goods in your house !

The chance that something like this happens is very very small, but it's better to avoid then to heal ! On the TV news in the evening we see enough cases like that who mostly occur in remote places, not in the city. Even a case where they cut the throats from 3 very young children and trough them in the river only because they were witness that their mother had the same treatment to steal a few thousand pesos from here. Again this extreme case was under the influence from alcohol/drugs which is together with gambling the most important reason for such criminal behaviour here.



Maby you think this is a strange subject to put here, but because you can't live without enough blood in your body this is a very important information if you want to live here in the Philippines. Normal all the filipino's(asians) have positive blood, so if you need in a emergency negative blood, here in Cebu somebody has to call the bloodexchanceline which is runned by a german woman here or put a emergencycall on TV/radio. The bloodexchanceline gives only telephonenumbers if it's for foreigners or 1st degree relatives, not for filipino's !

Now if you'r leftthinking, you will call this immediately discrimination or racism or whatever you want to call it, but first read the reason for that : The time it was still for filipino's too, i heard from a donor that it happend a lot that he or another donor went to the hospital to give blood for a filipino and at arrival there the whole family and many more relatives with without any doubt a few possible donors were watching there when the foreigner came to give blood. They were all to easy/lazy or whatever you want to call it to donate blood themself and called for a foreigner to do it. So from that moment on the bloodexchanceline is only for foreigners or 1st degree relatives from the foreigners!

In the mean time this bloodexchanceline is ended and all donors are send to the official Philippine donor institution who they say are in contact with all the hospitals. Foreigners with negative blood still call for donors in an emergency case on the radio and on forums on the internet. Also in bars and other places where many foreigners are coming there will be possible donors for them.



Drugs is 1 of the largest problems in the Philippines as you can read in the many short stories on this page. If a drugaddict has no money for real drugs like shabu, they switch many times to "Rugby" which is the name of glue here. That's why you can see many with a braindamage moving (you can't call it walking anymore !) on the street and sometimes they see something laying on the street and freeze completely and watch it for a few minutes and continue their trip. Also telling long stories while moving or talking to themself happens a lot. A while ago i was working on my computer and i heard somebody on the other side of my bungalow giving a speech with a very loud voice from a balcony on the other side from the wall around our neighbourhood here. After 30 minutes i went to take a look what was going on and i took the next 2 pictures :

These pictures that i took from a distance of 150 yards mean nothing without explanation, but the whole speech that this person gave lasted 1.5 hour and i could'nt understand all he said. I've asked to somebody else what he said and she said that the needle always jumped back on the vinylrecord and it was mainly about the fact he did'nt used any shabu, but only was sniffing on rugby. The way he gave this loud speech was looking to the left, in front and to the right like 20.000 people were listening. The area in front of him is empty terrain and nobody was there. Situations like this you can see sometimes with gluesniffers.

In the mean time he gave already several long speeches without any ordeance. During one of them he declared himself to supreme power over all the Gods that are worshipped by all religions on earth. Now he only has to wait if he can find enough followers who gonna pay a Rolls-Royce for him.


TopBringing your dog

Here something about bringing your dog to the Philippines. I'm not from the kind that wants the latest fashion about dogbreeds. Some people wants the same breed of dog immediately if there is a tv-serie like in the past about a Scottish Collie or the last years with a movie about Dalmation dogs and the dog they have already they bring to a asylum or tie to a tree somewhere. I consider a dog something you have to take care of from the moment you get him into your house until the moment he stops breathing. To take a dog to the tropics is something else, so i've been looking around first if somebody wanted to take care of my 8 years old Bouvier, 1 condition for me was they needed a big garden because the animal could run for the last 7.5 years behind rabbits and pheasants first on 1 hectare and later on half a hectare. Unfortunately i could'nt find a suitable place for him and had to bring him to the Philippines.

Advisable is to ask first information about that to the Philippine embassy because you have to fill in some papers and you need a importlicense for it. The dog has to be checked by a vetenarian, a injection for rabies is a requirement and also a declaration from the vetenarian that he comes from an area where is no outbreak from a disease like foot and mouthdisease at the moment you leave. The most important is that you have to tell when you order a ticket, that you also bring a dog in the same airplane. This is'nt possible in every airplane because not every type af airplane has a ventilated luggageroom where they can put animals in a special plastic transportcage you have to buy yourself.

Also another airplane if you have a stopover needs a possibility to transport animals. So it can happen that you gonna leave and they switched the type of airplane that was in the original schedule and your dog has to come behind in another airplane. The price from a ticket can be a surprise to you because they count the amount of space the cage is using and not the weight from dog + cage. For me the price was the same like 2 one-way tickets for me and my wife, $1250 i thought it was. The dog arrived together with us in Cebu. After some paperwork at the customs office in the evening we could bring him along. First it was'nt possible and we had to return the next morning to pick him up, but after some talking it was possible to finish the papers that moment. I did'nt like to pick him up the next morning because the animal could be already in some people their rectum.

There are cases here from imported dogs who died after a few months because of the tropical heat. My dog had in the beginning trouble with short breathing so i placed a electric fan to cool him down if it was to hot. Also i shave him every few months. 1 time i was afraid he was close to his end and that was because he was shakin' all over and had high fever which i never saw before. I called immediately the vet and he told me to put him on the floor and to cover him with ice to bring his temperature down which i did. After laying down for 2 hours and being to weak to get up himself, certainly he jumped up and everything was okay again like nothing happened. I had this 3 or 4 times now. The vet told me later that if i was'nt present at that moment, it would have been too late. Advisable is if you can find people from which you are sure they take good care of your dog, to leave him behind. The risk that the animal can't stand the tropical heat is just too big.



About the speed that offices work here the people in the western countries mostly have a realistic view. In a western country you can go into a office and they put something in the computer and it's done ! Or you call by phone and they put it in the computer and it's finished. Calling to an office to get something done here will almost never work, you have to go there yourself to get something done. If you call they keep on connecting you to somebody else and every time you have to tell your story and they connect you again to somebody else, if you succeed to get something done by the phone, it's a miracle. If you go to an office you will see that they many times work with a double bookkeeping here, everything has to be typed on a paper and also they put it in the computer. If this is as a next step to change completely to the computer or as a way to keep as many people as possible at work i don't know, i suspect the last one. Foreign companys who open an office here with a foreign manager work only with the computer.

If you for instance want to start a business here, one of the first things you have to do is fill in 3-4-5 names for your company and they have to send the form to Manilla by post even do there are everywhere computers. After 1.5-2 weeks you can return to check which name was available and then continue with the next step. Nobody had the idea here to connect all the computers so the whole procedure is finished in a few minutes. Also there is no one-stop desk to ask information about starting a business. You must start with the first step and continue with the second one after that. The best is to ask somebody who just started a business how it works, if you ask at an office you'll get no complete story.

What can be the cause that everything is bad organized here is that i get the impression that somebody who makes promotion to floormanager or manager in an office, only is waiting until his next promotion or his retirement. It looks there is totally no control from above if the office is working efficient and as fast as possible with a minimum of employers. As long as all the work in the office does'nt get jammed, it continues the same way. Also it happens a lot that if you need a signature and the person for that is'nt present, they tell you to come back tomorrow. Another foreigner told me not to except that and to demand that the one superior to that person puts his signature because he is authorized to do that.

I did'nt mention that some persons like something extra to speed up the whole process, that also seems to happen here.

I had to go to an office here to get something done and i received a lot of papers and i had to go to one person for the first signature, after that to nr 2 on the first floor, back downstairs to another one, back up to the same person again, back down to another one etc etc. From the 15 people behind a desk, a few were reading the newspaper and some others were sleeping until somebody shouted that the highest in command was coming. Certainly everybody was very busy, until that person went out again and they continued with their daily ritual.
What you never should do is to open a big mouth here if something takes a very long time because of the way they work. The more you open your mouth, the longer it will take, because they will delay everything. Alway stay friendly, evendo sometimes it's difficult, but it's the best way.



What before was a pen-pal is these days all much easier and faster with the chats on internet with or without webcam. Just like before with writing letters there are also now on the chat good and bad filipinas like always. One fact is that filipinas mostly are more friendly with their smile and being more reserved then MANY western girls/women and because of that many times they (bad ones) know how to get the trust from a western chat-pal who thinks that something friendly and smiling always can be trusted.

Of course SOME filipinas who are only looking for dollars/euro's/ticket use this fact as you'll understand. Filipinas with bad intentions will use all their charmes to find a victim (or more) that believes everything just to get dollars/euro's, an O.B.C. That means : Overseas Banking Corporation.

How far will those filipinas who are only looking for financial improvement and/or a ticket go with their trics i will try to explain here. I have this information all from other people who saw this in the internetcafes here, i almost never go into an internetcafe myself.

Chatting became a national hobby here and the internetcafes are mostly full after school/work time and in the weekend.

First i will start with the filipina with bad (financial) intentions.

Sometimes if there is no webcam, their mother is sitting next to them to advice what to answer to their chat-pal who thinks she is answering. That he get many lies for an answer to wind the future O.B.C. around her finger will be clear.

Also in some internetcafes there is plywood for privacy between the PC's and sometimes the filipinas lift up their shirt to show her boobs to the foreign chat-pal. Posing on a distance from a webcam in several positions to show their (beautiful) body to the chat-pal also happens a lot. This last thing is also done by the good filipinas because it is still within the borders from the oldfashion (to us) norms and values they have here. I have to admit they mostly look beautiful, but that some filipinas behave indecent for a filipina is also a fact.

Also there are filipinas who have as many chat-pals as possible, sometimes every day another one and they tell them all he is the only one for her. Every foreigner who is fooled by this thinks he found his future wife and she will wait for him until he visits her. Fact is that the first one who visits and shows enough dollars/euro's and marries her and give her a ticket is the one who won.

Unnecessary to put here that there are enough smart foreigners who are asked to send money the first or second time he chats with a filipina also will send money because they think they can buy one. That is exactly the same as before by letter, some of them believe everything. Even if they get 100 warnings from others not to send money, they know it better and i don't care if their bankaccount is completely emptied, they apply for it themself.

Because of the fact some foreigners are very easy with sending money because they want to act rich, this became some kind of competition between a certain kind of filipinas. Some of them get a royal income like that for themself and/or their lazy family and they are proud of the fact they have a lot of chat-pals/O.B.C.'s who send them money and they are bragging about it to their friends. I heard this from another filipina girl who heard conversations like that in school. This way they can get an income somebody with the highest education can't get at work.

In general there is 1 warning and that is to never send 1 dollar or euro to a filipina chat-pal who you even never met in person. If they start complaining about their financial situation on the chat and that they need money, ask them why they have pesos to go chatting in the internetcafe, that's not for free. After that dumping her is the best solution. If a relation already starts with begging for money without ever meeting eachother very clearly something is wrong and they only want you for money, that's all.

Last year there was a documentary on tv about chatting and there were also married filipinas who's husband knew the way she made money, his only explanation on tv was that with a little investment she made a nice income for them. Another sign there are still many foreigners who believe everything and are willing to "buy" a girl if she smiles at him and answers what he wants to hear. A very easy way to make a lot of money without getting tired, a few hundred peso for using a PC in the internetcafe and a royal income in return.

I heard from another filipina who came on holiday here and met an old schoolfriend from her who just build a new home while her husband never worked. Asking around she found out it also came from chatting with different chat-pals every day who she asked for money. If ever one wants to visit to meet her she will quickly break up wit him.

Also i want to put here that there are a lot of transvestites chatting in the internetcafes here, to see from very near that it's no girl is already difficult sometimes, with a webcam it will be more difficult. I would'nt be surprised if they also are chatting to find an O.B.C.

I also want to point at 1 extreme case from making easy money here that happened last year. There was a foreigner who was chatting with a filipina and decided to visit her, she was around 20 years of age she said on the chat. When he arrived it did'nt took long before they were somewhere in a room and having sex. What he did'nt knew while enjoying himself was that the parents allready called the police who was waiting outside. He was arrested because she was a minor from 17 and having sex with a girl below 18 is punishable by law. So he ended up behind bars and next day the parents from the girl came to visit him and told him that they are willing to redraw the case if he payed them 2500 US Dollar. This is their way of making nice money.

Now i continue about the good filipinas :

The good filipinas who are only looking for a western chat-pal who could be their husband later on, will never do these things like showing their boobs and asking for money ! They will always behave according to the (for us westerners very oldfashioned) filipino rules according to what is decent. And showing private parts to strangers is not decent here. Also begging for money is'nt decent because it is a kind of cheap behaviour or selling themself if they ask money to a stranger.

Every filipina with some selfrespect will condemn such a behaviour from other filipinas. Everyone who works here urns (just) enough money to survive and will not beg for money because she can urn it herself with working. Also it's a big insult for a foreigner to send money if she did'nt asked for that, they still have a lot of proud here. Like buying a girl.

The only reason a good filipina is chatting is to chat and possibly find a good husband without the 3 most common male hobbies in the Philippines, smoking, drinking and gambling which gives a lot of misery for the married wifes here. Many filipino's have those addictions in their genes and that is nr 1 priority for them, if the wife and children have no food on the table is not of their concern and if the children can't go to school they also don't care about. All kind of responsibility is unknown by macho's like that. If their wife makes a little bit money with washing for others so she can send her children to school, they also get that after beating her up telling her that it's her obligation to give it all to him.

If you live here yourself and visit many places between all the people, you can see many behaviour like that. So you will understand filipinas are looking for a western husband who does respect his wife and has responsibility for his family. Also the livingstandard is higher in western countries, so that attracks also.

What i also here from a filipina i know and who chats sometimes like her friends, is that foreigners sometimes immediately attack with questions about sex to her and that scares them off. A family and a good relation with her husband is nr 1, sex nr 2 for them and thereby it's no subject to start talking about first of all. That is the way good filipinas think.

It does'nt mean they can't have a joke, but western jokes are very quickly insulting here because there is a big difference in jokes here and there and specially with strangers.

Sometimes foreign chat-pals show their machinegun in front of the webcam and this is very amusing for all the filipinas in the internetcafe.

Filipinas with bad intentions of course like to have a chat-pal like that who starts immediately about sex, that are the easiest persons to become their victim and become an O.B.C. Buying a sexanimal by chatting is what they want and many bad filipinas will use that to make him an O.B.C.

So i wish you a lot of wisdom if you gonna chat !


TopNoise Pollution

If you come in the Philippines, you will notice immediately that there are other rules about noise, there is'nt even a law against making extremely loud noise that disturbs the neighbours. In general everything in the Philippines has to be as loud as possible, even the television when they watch a movie.

These anti-social basterds with stereo's and karaokesets were before respecting a law that people say exists here, that between 11 PM and 6 AM it is not allowed to make so much noise that it disturbs the neighbours, i'm not even sure if this law really exist or somebody made it up in the past. So it means that between 6AM and 11PM you can do what you want, speakers from 5000 watt on full volume so 3 km/2 miles away it sounds as somebody is hidding your wall with a jackhammer. You can use subwoofers who create vibration which give headeggs to everybody closer then 3 km/2 miles from you. Karaokesets with 5000 watt speakers. EVERYTHING is allowed !

The neighbours will not complain about it like in other countries, if somebody does it is the same like suicide because they will step the one who makes the noise on his extremely very long filipino toes so he feels "Insulted".
Few years ago 3 cases in Cebu City in 1 week time, 1 tricycle driver was repairing his tricycle and made a lot of noise with his damaged exhaustpipe and one of the neighbours asked him very friendly if he could continue on a distance because he made too much noise with it. In the evening he had a few drups of alcohol and he went inside the house from the neighbour with an illegal gun and killed them all except 1 young daughter that was'nt home. Later on he was on tv in the jail and he was very proud of what he did, "The neighbour insulted him and he had to revenge that !" was his excuse.

The same week 2 other cases from stereo and karaoke noise where the neighbour asked friendly to put the volume down where both families were killed by that anti-social basterd.

This"revenge" thing that is normal in the filipino people stops almost everybody to complain about it to the anti-social basterd himself or at the policestation, they accept all what is done to them and choose to suffer the rest of their life instead of stopping it. They do complain a lot about it, to other victims. If somebody has the curriage to get the police involved, he is on his own, all the other victims shut up and "never heard anything !" if the police asks around. So afraid they are from the anti-social basterds who are making their surrounding unlivable with their noise. If the police approaches an anti-social basterd like that, many times he is laughing in their face because "There is no law against it !" and "You can't do anything about it !", so the police will leave the spot doing nothing.

This "law" that between 6AM and 11PM it's not allowed to make too much noise is already forgatten by most anti-social basterds here, they all want to be the first one in the morning to terrorize the neighborhood with their sonic booms and vibrations and so it starts sometimes at 4.30AM already. On some locations 24 hours a day. And almost every neighborhood is terrorized by 1 or more anti-social basterds, schools where the pupils can't hear the teacher anymore, hospitals with an idiot producing heavy sonic booms living opposite or next to it is also common now.

And it are not only the "rich" people who are doing it, also from simple nipacabins you can hear it and the owner is sitting outside with a big smile from ear to ear, very proud he can join the latest fashion, terrorizing all the neighbours with sonic booms and/or heavy vibration. Children who are not fed properly and/or don't go to school because the money is spend on the stereo is nothing special here.

The way they put their enormous speakers shows that the whole meaning from that terrible noise is to terrorize the neighbours as much as possible, nothing else. Everybody who wants to listen to his stereo himself, turns the speakers direction himself sitting in his sofa, these anti-social basterds are putting their speakers outside pointed at the neighbours.

Then there is the "Karaoke" !

Karaokebars who get a permit to stay open almost 24 hours a day so all the houses around it can't be rented out or sold anymore are also common here. Before they had the permit to terrorize the surrounding nobody wanted to move probably. There are people who can sing, but many sound like they are chasing away the cockroaches singing out of tune, specially if they have been drinking.

Then there is the "Disco" !

In the western world you think about the Bee Gees etc, here it is only sonic booms from 5000 watts and the speakers are getting bigger and bigger and can terrorize further and further, the latest speakers reach easyly 3-4 km from the location where it still feels if somebody is hitting the wall with a jackhammer, nobody in the reach of those terroristic disco can sleep. The only one who enjoy these disco's (i have my doubts about it) are a bunch of young people where 1 part has a itching bodypart (can be aswell on the front as on the backside) and the other part has a jumping bodypart and don't forget the owner from the "mobile disco" who becomes rich with this terrorizing shit. The young people here have a word for that : "F.U.N.".

I always thaught that "Fun" was enjoying yourself, not something that terrorizes thousands of people, that is why is think what they mean with "F.U.N." is : "Fuck U Neighbours !".

When i came in Cebu in 1998 all disco's were ended at midnight, now they start at a quarter to 12 and stop next morning at 7 and in that time many anti-social basterds who are on drugs took the terrorizing job already over with their african sonic booms and heavy vibrations. It is in general here they say that everybody who is terrorizing the neighborhood with their noise are using drugs, because everybody with normal functioning brains can't stay longer then a few seconds in a noise like that.

If you have bad luck like in Cebu City and you live close to several barangays, you have a few times a week this african sonic booms and vibrations in your house until early in the morning because of a "Fiesta" which you can translate as "Terrorizing the neighborhood with noise". Every opportunity they use to terrorize as many people as possible, even a "Novena" which was before 9 days of praying is now 9 evenings and nights filled with sonic booms and vibrations from at least 5000 watt speakers or more just to terrorize as many people as possible. People have to leave their own house and sleep somewhere else because of a disco around.

And even if there are no people (anymore) at a "disco", they keep on terrorizing because they are payed by the hour. They have to finish the hours they are payed for because the whole meaning from a "disco" is just to terrorize as much people as possible and as long as possible, it's just a competition between the barangay organizers who can terrorize the most with as much as possible noise. The "Disco" installations with the biggest speakers are rented out very easy, not enough noise is "NO FUN".

Sometimes there is a big disco planned in a barangay and at the last moment there is a brownout, all people around that location until several miles from the disco are very happy with that and they all hope the brownout last the whole night so they can sleep and/or don't have to run somewhere else to relatives or a beachresort/hotel where it's possible to sleep.

Then there is the "Radio" !

Even with the newsbroadcast here there has to be heavy bass noise on the background and also with all other programs.

Even the priests are complaining on the radio and in the church that it's anti-social all this noise and also that all respect for other people has disappeared. All the victims here, aswell filipino's as foreigners are saying that these anti-social basterds with their terrorizing noise have totally NO RESPECT and NO DISCIPLINE.

In the past if a funeral was passing, the people switched off the radio out of respect for the one who past away, now those anti-social basterds open the volume complete with this sonic booms and vibrations just to terrorize the people who join the funeral. At November 1 & 2 there was even a anti-social basterd here who chased the people away from the cemetary with his sonic booms while before the people always stayed 2 full days overthere. Even in front of the church entrance they came with their suzuki minivan with big speakers to disturb the service and when the priest came to ask to put the noise down they laughed in his face.

And all of this while it is so easy to solve, just throw the van on his side with several people, beat up the basterd and it will never happen again. All neighbours who are terrorized by 1 anti-social basterd can throw stones to the house until it stops or cut the electricitywires and more of those direct solutions which are the only way to stop it. With drugaddicts you can't communicate on a human way. But people have to cooperate and this will NEVER happen in the Philippines !

The only thing they do here is complaining to each other and making up excuses like : "There is no law against it !" and "You can't stop it anyway !" and "It does'nt help !" and "My walls are very thin, that's why we hear it !" etc. Just making up stupid excuses because they are afraid to do something against it on their own or in a group. Sometimes there is somebody who takes action and throw stones to a neighbour with disturbing noise. I know somebody who has 4 children living close to him and they were terrorized by a anti-social basterd with a karaokeset until 3 every night. They threw stones with all 5 of them to the motherf*cker his house when he started to (try to) sing for 4 weeks and then he stopped.

Also if somebody is dieing at the neighbours house or already past away and people come with condolences for several days, these anti-social basterds nextdoor laugh at them if they ask very friendly to put the volume down and tell them to mind their own business. Also there is a chance they kill the one wo ask this friendly, this depends on how many alcohol/drugs they already consumed.

And it's not only the neighbours and the whole neighberhood that are suffering, also the (grand)parents who are afraid of their drugaddict (grand)son and are afraid to complain, in their own house.

Those anti-social basterds also enjoy it if the police (who mostly can or will not do anything about it) comes to them a lot because of many complains. The more people are suffering and complaining the more they enjoy it. Only thing that helps is throwing stones to his house with all the neighbours, but don't count on it this will happen here. If it happens it's 1 person who is hiding after throwing a stone. There was 1 foreigner who's neighbour was singing karaoke very loud in the middle of the night, he asked very friendly to put the volume down because they wanted to sleep. They stopped for 1 hour and started again. Then he went in with a baseballbat, result 1 karaokeset in 1000 pieces and 2 anti-social basterds in the hospital, and it was quiet the rest of the night. Unfortunately this is the only language anti-social basterds like that understand.

Another foreigner also had neighbours like that, also he asked very friendly to put the volume down. Result was that a few days later they attacked him with a piece of wood in the dark, he just survived and after many months in the hospital he is for ever disabled i heard. Nobody knew who did it when the police investigated, it's all relatives or they are afraid for revenge if they talk. Everybody there knew who did id because gossip is a widespread hobby here. Another foreigner complained about karaoke in the middle of the night, many nights they kept him awake because a group of anti-social basterds threw stones on his roof. Also filipino's who complain are killed, not so long ago at a short distance from here a woman complained, the one who made the noise came in the house from the woman with a bolo after first drinking some curriage in his body, the husband jumped in between them and was killed. Something common here.

And all those anti-social basterds have the same, they all have to consume enough alcohol and/or drugs before they have the guts to attack, sober they are just BIG COWARDS.

The Tricycles and busses and jeepneys are joining the terrorizing competition, with as big as possible speakers they are terrorizing their own customers and everybody they are passing on the road and also here nobody will complain and act against it accept a "americano" as they call all foreigners here. Tricycles and jeepneys and busses with speakers like that are empty in general, they are too stupid to understand they are chasing away their potential customers. Only at the traffic hours when people go to work/school/home they have customers because they take all transport they can find.

To give you an idea how much noise they make with jeepneys and busses the next experience. I was on the way with my car to Cebu and i heard an terrible african noise (heavy bass sonic booms) approaching, i saw a ceres bus in my mirror who i thought it was. Now i have no convertible, but a closed van and it was impossible to keep on driving with that lunatic behind me, such a schockwaves i had in my van. Best thing you can do in a case like that is to get of the road if possible, let the motherf*cker pass and wait a few minutes so you don't see him anymore on your way. So i get of the road, stop and close my ears.

So the big ceres bus from 40 ft passes me and that was'nt the one ! It was a anti-social basterd in a jeepney who was driving behind that bus. The few passengers in that jeepney also closed their ears in stead of attacking that motherf*cker behind the wheel. The minimum distance when i was driving was 18-20 meters with a big bus in between and even then it was impossible to hear that volume longer then half a minut. That gives a good impression how much noise they make i think.

The same thing in the shoppingmalls like SM and Ayala, the speakers have to be as big as possible to chase away the customers with their sonic booms. It's no fun anymore to go shopping in the shoppingmalls, drinking something in a coffeeshop in the hall is'nt possible anymore people told me, i stay away from the shoppingmalls because i don't know my reaction anymore if i see a anti-social motherf*cker terrorizing the mall with his noise.

My wife took a jeepney in Cebu City and after leaving the driver opened the stereo on full volume with sonic booms. My wife asked him to put the volume down PLEASE, his answer was :"Why, do you have a heartproblem or something like that ?" and did nothing. I have to say i was'nt present at that event, because i'm sure i could convince the anti-social motherf*cker to put down the volume, and not with words ! It is normal that they put down the stereo complete if they pick up passengers, otherwise nobody gets in. As soon as they open the volume nobody except a foreigner opens his mouth, they all suffer the terror from basterds like that.

If somebody opens his mouth to a anti-social basterd/motherf*cker who terrorizes the neighborhood, it will mostly be a foreigner because we learned to fight for our rights instead of excepting everything they are doing to us like the filipino's. We as taxpayers have also the right to a environment we can have a decent living in, the national and the local government have to create that from the tax we pay.

There is always the same answer if you complain as a foreigner :
*This is the Philippines, noise is normal here !
*You are not the boss here, so shut up !
*Just accept it (that you're not allowed to sleep) or go back where you come from !

What they mean is : Just let those anti-social basterds terrorize the country and shut up !

But they have a (typical filipino) way to get an anti-social basterd who makes a lot of noise, they open themself also their stereo on full volume and they are very proud they revenged ! In reality that motherf*cker does'nt hear it and the neighbours in between have the terrorizing noise from 2 sides.

What is the local government doing against these basterds who terrorize the neighborhood with their terrible noise ?

With a few exceptions : NOTHING ! Sometimes you here about a city that forbids loud music in tricycles after many complains, like last in Talisay city, but it is rare. Also there were cities who this year forbid any noise at November 1 and 2 around the cemeteries, because in previous years the people were running away because of the heavy bass sonic booms and vibrations from an anti-social basterd around there. Maby this is the beginning from a national protest and a law against noise, but it will take a long time. Laws against smoking at the workplace in Europe also started with one person and now there is a law against it, so you'll never know where it leads to. I do hear from several people that on Mindanao there is much less noise because the barangaypolice controls it.

What are the local people/victims doing themself against these basterds who terrorize the neighborhood with their terrible noise ?

With a few exceptions : NOTHING !
Every now and then we hear a filipino throwed stones to a anti-social neighbour who made a lot of noise during night, but it's always 1 person, the other neighbours who are also suffering won't help hem, they'r only watching. If they have 1 drup of alcohol inside they will even tell everybody who did it if the name is'nt known by others. Last week close to here there was also a filipino who throwed stones to his anti-social neighbour who made a lot of noise (sonic booms) the whole night, 1 of the visitors there was wounded on his head. Now there is a case at the policestation against the one who throwed the stones.

What is the national government doing against these basterds who terrorize the neighborhood with their terrible noise ?

NOTHING ! I never heard anything from the government about a law against it while it is the biggest complain from the people here. It is made easier now to get e retirement visa (SRRV) to get more foreigners in the country, many more are leaving because of the terrible noise nobody is doing anything against. I know several who are leaving or left already because of that reason. As i mentioned before, complete areas are unlivable because of the sonic booms and vibrations (heavy bass) and karaoke.

What is the result from these anti-social basterds/motherf*ckers with their sonic booms and vibrations ?

*People with high bloodpressure who get a stroke and possibly die from it. 1 foreigner was in the hospital in Cebu City where they checked his bloodpressure etc every hour. When a anti-social basterd with a karaokebar opposite to the hospital opened his volume with heavy bass in it, at the next check his bloodpressure was up with 20 points.
*People with heartproblems who get an attack and possibly die from it.
*Children who can't hear the teacher anymore in the schools and/or are still half sleeping (at exams etc) because the night before they were awake the whole night because of a disco or a anti-social basterd with heavy bass noise/sonic booms and/or bass vibrations.
*Babies who are crying the whole day and/or night because they can't sleep from the terrible noise.
*People who go to their work half sleeping and with a heavy headegg from a disco or a anti-social basterd with heavy bass noise/sonic booms and/or bass vibrations the whole night.
*Neighberhoods with many houses & lots who are for sale/rent that can't be sold/rented out anymore because of a anti-social basterd/motherf*cker around who makes the place unlivable. Even in the very expensive subdivisions this is happening, sometimes the terrorizing noise is coming from outside the subdivision. Also helpers in subdivisions and elsewhere are putting the stereo on full volume and all windows open as soon as their boss leaves the house.
*Economical and medical damage caused by this terrorizing noise must be enormous.

We had the next experience :

My wife had heartcomplains when we lived in Cebu City, on advice from the cardiologist we moved to a small village at a distance. She needed no medication, just had to move, after 3 weeks she had all tests again and all complains were almost disappeared.

What was the cause of those complains ?

Mainly that african noise with sonic booms and heavy subwoofer vibrations what they call "disco" here. It happens many times we had earplugs in our ears and were watching tv with loud volume so we did'nt hear the sonic booms anymore until early in the morning when we were falling asleep. This happend sometimes 3-4 times a week, normal sleeping was'nt possible anymore, early in the morning around 7 o'clock some anti-social basterds in the neighborhood took over from the disco. The few days there was no "disco" around we were out of our sleeping rhythm and normal sleeping was'nt possible anymore.

The longer we lived in the small village here, the more it started to look like Cebu City, it spreads like malaria. It's like a disease to terrorize the neighborhood, the priest we heard last week on the radio was telling exactly the same and it's true, it becomes worse every day. More and more idiots can buy a big stereo/karaoke to join the rest of the anti-social basterds.

A while ago all neighbours in their nipacabin here were awake the whole night from a "disco", not at 1 km distance, not at 2 km or at 3 km distance, but at a distance from 8 km ! The wind was coming from there and blew all the noise overhere over the hill. The only ones who could sleep were we because i made a concrete roof specially for those anti-social basterds. There was a Novena 1 km from here, 11 days "disco", the whole night that african noise, we were the only one who could sleep here because i designed my house knowing those basterds are around here. Next day a drummer with big speakers, a set of drums is the latest fashion, of course with a big amplifier otherwise only a few hundred people are terrorized by it and it's no "FUN".

For the rest it was quiet lately. In fact it's 90% of the time very quiet here (and that is a lot in the Philippines !) and you can here the birds singing.

If you read this you'll understand that you better don't make a balcony ot terrace because you can't sit on it anyway if you have anti-social basterds like that around, if they are not yet around, they will come anyway. What is happening more and more now when people think before they build is building a bunker (with concrete roof) with no windows in the house to hide if a motherf*cker starts making noise. There is a beautiful house at the coast here, 1st floor is a bunker with no windows and split unit aircons, fresh air with electric fan from the 2nd floor. They are not hiding for japanese bommers, but for a anti-social basterd with a big stereo and sonic booms and vibrations very close. As soon as he starts the whole family including children run inside the bunker, 2nd floor is unlivable that moment. They have bedrooms and a livingroom and shower and toilet in the bunker so they can hide for a long time. These are filipino's who were thinking before the construction started.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and view hiding inside your bunker in the tropics because of an anti-social basterd in your neighborhood !

I will put our experience from the first year we lived here.
We came to search for a house and we found one very quickly, almost new, nice view on the sea from the balcony, nice house. We asked the neighbours if there was an anti-social basterd around with a big stereo and/or karaokeset and they said it was always very quiet there and they never hear anything. Somebody else who rented the house before said the same thing and so you trust on those statements. The road was close to the house, but you are quickly used to traffic noise, no problem. Immediately the first morning we lived there an anti-social basterd started with heavy sonic booms, later on the day another one followed.

In the beginnning i called the police a few times about one and after many others also complained, they confiscated his stereo i was told, this is never confirmed. Another version was that his sister in law who lived very close and who throwed several times stones to his anti-social face told her husband and he threatened to kill the basterd and he was so afraid that he sold his stereo. Any way the noise became terrible overthere from all directions where drugaddicts lived, that they started to terrorize in shifts, between 10 and 12 AM there was no noise and it was even possible to sit in our livingroom !

And that is no lie !

In the beginning i was always sitting on the balcony at 10PM, but after 8-9 months this was'nt possible anymore because i was blowen off the balcony with those sonic booms. Fortunatly we had a bedroom below with a concrete floor above and so that became our soundproof bunker where we lived in for almost 1 year. My wife lost many kilo's/pounds from cooking and not because of an special diet, but because she had to mix the food in the pan and had to hurry down into the bunker to go back after a while to mix the food again and hurry back into the bunker again etc. Only if this african noise what they call disco here came from the other side from 2.5 km/1.5 mile distance, it also came in the bunker and we had to use earplugs and put the PC on whole night with winamp on high volume. Letting the dog out during day also required earplugs overthere.

That was the first year we lived here in the village, after that we build our own house in the mountain where we now live in.

So don't think that if you go looking at a house and ask the neighbours if there is any disturbing noise around, they will tell you the truth, they tell you they here nothing because they also want to hear nothing and are afraid to do something about it. Be sure they complain enough about it to eachother.

Advisable if you move to the Philippines is to bring a lot of good E.A.R. plugs because they don't sell them here. Also if you gonna build a house you have to know they are there or they will come later, make a concrete roof and double glass (8 mm glass outside-5-6 cm space-6 mm glass inside)to keep the noise out. Ordinary GI roof in whatever shape just catches the noise and send it down to the sealing into the living space below.

This beautiful tropical country is becoming unlivable because of these noisemaking anti-social basterds/motherf*ckers/assholes or however you want to call them, any name is to good for them, for me they are just extremely dangerous vermin. I can't find anything human on them, except that they walk on 2 legs.

That is my personal opinion after being a victim for a long time myself.

What they also should sell legally here apart from these terrorizing stereo and karaoke sets with an enormous volume, are small noise-seeking missiles like there are heat-seaking missiles in the military. Just launch them and the problem is solved. I'm sure they would be always "Out of stock, Sir !" if they start selling them.

The question is, how many people who complain have to be killed before there is a law against this terrorizing noise so the police can do something about it ?
The police in general is complaining also that they have no power to do something about it because there is no law against it.

Expectation for tomorrow : MORE NOISE !

Investmentadvice if you plan to move to the Philippines within 5-10 years : There will be a big demand for hearing equipment and probably also pacemakers.

Enjoy your stay !


TopNovember 1 & 2

Pardo cemetery-Cebu City-November 1-2001

Here something about the All Soulsday (November 1)in the Philippines. As everybody who was here during that day will know, the day before the preperations starting already. Workers from far away are going home 1 day earlyer to be at the cemetery in their place of birth. Many constructionworks are stopped 2 days before All Soulsday until the weekend after it. What you see on November 1 & 2 is that all cemeteries are crowded with people and everywhere they put candles and/or electric lights and flowers at the graves who are normal 4 to 5 levels in a concrete tube as you can see on the 2 pictures i've included.

After 5 years the bones from the deceased are collected in a plastic bag to put in another shorter concrete tube(also 4 or 5 levels). Except if the family don't pay for that and the plastic bag is placed in a space surrounded with a wall where you sometimes can see the plastic bags with bones. Almost everybody brings food and stay the whole day sometimes until late at night at the grave. Also many are selling snacks to supply the people with food. That day is also a annual meetingplace where they meet old friends 1 time a year to exchance the latest news.

What you also see is that the man goes to his place of birth and the wife to her own place of birth. During November 1 and 2 the whole normal life is stopped because most people are Catholic here. Also only a few jeepneys are driving during those days compared to other days.
What i saw the first time i visited a cemetery here was that there is 24 hours a day an armed guard present. After asking the reason for that i knew it was to prevent that criminals are opening new graves, throw the deceased out of his coffin and sell that coffin somewhere.

Pardo cemetery-Cebu City-November 1-2001


TopBuying a pedigree dog in the Philippines

If you want to buy a pedigree puppy from a imported foreign breed, there are some things happening here what makes me prevent doing it. A puppy from the neighbour with an unknown father is sometimes more advisable because they have a higher resistance in this envirement. If you do want to have a big or small pedigree dog from a foreign breed, there are some things to consider.

There are several imported breeds for sale here and you see them everywhere. Dalmatiens and Rottweilers and Dobermans and Labradors and German Sheperds and Great Danes are widely spread here. Don't think it's easy to buy a pedigree puppie from a breed like that because 99% of what you see of them is pure inbreed. They buy a male and a female from the same nest and as soon as those two puppies know they have to multiply, they start breeding from them. Father and daughter and mother and son is also a possible combination. It's possible they keep all the female puppies from the first nest themself so they can breed from them using their own father to make more money.

The prices now are around the P4000 for one dog of the breeds i mentioned, Great danes are around P15.000 for one, somebody offered me one a while ago. Real pedigree dogs with Familytree documents from the club from that breed will be around P35.000 or more.

They don't know or just don't care and don't want to know that in this way they are creating sick, week and disturbed dogs after a few generations because the money they are making with it is more important. Few months ago i went with the dog from my german neighbour here to the veterinarian and also that veterinarian complained about it that many were irrisponsible breeders with relatives so pure inbreed was the result. The only thing they care about is MONEY.

Now there are clubs for several breeds here, if you buy a dog from one of the members, it becomes already more safe to buy one. But even there i would'nt buy one quickly because there might be also breeders who buy some just born puppies from an inbreed nest and put them with their own dog who just gave birth so they can make a big profit on it. Some people are inventive here ! But of course a real responsible dog breeder with only one special breed will not do this, so mostly the last thing will not happen.

And sometimes you see advertising in the newspaper with pedigree imported dogs, if you call them they will tell you just what you want to hear, that there are familytree documents from the club of that breed already present etc and all for a very cheap price. So you think you can buy a real pedigree dog without inbreed there for a very cheap price, just forget it ! A friend of mine here also thought he could buy a very cheap pedigree dog here until he went there to get the puppy.

First of all when he arrived there he had to pay first and was not allowed to watch the puppie first, when he asked for the breedclub documents, certainly they were'nt there and they would send them behind. So he payed nothing and turned around and left, they just tryed to sell inbreed puppies for real pedigree puppies with official club documents telling they had no inbreed, that's all.

I think it is a very tricky thing to buy a pedigree puppy here thinking you bought no inbreed, if i don't know the owner and the dog personally, i will never do it.



Like in most countries, they have also here some superstition. One is that cleaning the ricecontainer where they keep their rice in on friday, brings bad luck. Not everybody believes in that. Also there is a superstition that a kind of potatoplant named "Camote" has to be planted naked, if they wear clothes, the plant won't grow. Thats why they plant them naked during night so that the young girls won't see the tools which will make them happy later on. If it still happens like that thesedays, i don't know. I have this story from my father in law from the time he was young.
*There was a opening from a new Jollibee fastfood very close here at the 8st of the month. So i heard that it's because of a chinese superstition that every opening from a new store/shop has to be on the 8st, 18th or 28st of the month because it brings good luck and good business. There has to be a 8 in the date.
*Also they sell eggs here named "Balot". Those are eggs with an already developed embryo inside and they give these to just married couples because they believe they have the same effect as Viagra. Also some people eat them every now and then, what is advisable is a gasmask for the gasses that are developed after eating these eggs. Some people even put out the light when they eat them because of the unpalatable sight of it.
*In the past it was'nt allowed for young girls to ride a bicycle, they believed they could lose their virginity with it. Thesedays most people know better.
*We had mouses in the house and i told my wife we had to buy poison for them, certainly she tells :"SSSSST, the mouse can hear us !". So i had to laugh very hard about that remark, i asked if the mouse also know english. They really believe it brings bad luck if you talk like that if the mouse can hear you.


TopAll together

Summing up the whole content from this page who is mend to give a realistic view on living in the Philippines from a western point of view who is clearly different. Most of the emails i had came from people who come a lot here or live here and they confirm that i succeeded in giving a realistic view on the Philippine society. Some things may be different from living in the provence here, but that is clear i think. Not everybody agrees on the language i use, but this is only to make it clear to you in 1 word what i mean, i don't like it if i have to use a dictionary to know what i'm reading and i also don't like it if you have to use that.

Also concerning the page "Filipina Girls" i had the same respons.

A few emails filled with communist thoughts and commands came from Holland (Where else ?) from people who look at the whole world using red Lenin glasses. Now in their own country they are voted out of the government and they can't find no new followers for their religion anymore and that's why they try to spread it to other countries far away by internet, i think because it does'nt work anymore in their own country. They can't even point the Philippines on a map and don't know at all how the people are thinking and living here, but they know everything better anyway. The best pilots are on the shore they say. The result is that these emails are very funny and only have to be deleted if a respons is'nt necessarily because my freedom and right for a opinion of my own is attacked. This is something those reds can't accept, thinking in another way then is mentioned in the red book from their red political leader.

It is always the same thing and that is if they read here the word " some" or " A part of the population" , they translate it in their brains (as far if they have them) as : " EVERYBODY". Even if i would put here i mean 1% from the population, they react as if i wrote "100%" from the population. Probably it comes from the positive discrimination widely practised in their own country that everybody with a other than a white skin and another then a western passport is holy and perfect. Everywhere on forums you can see these kind of reactions, all other than white skins are perfect, no criminals or bad persons at all among them etc etc etc and only the people with a white skin and western passport are criminal and lazy and those reds always react to everybody as they are the communist leader and they are in control.

I usually never use percentages because i have no statistics here and leave it up to the readers themself to find or think on a certain percentage if possible at all. I only mention what i see and that's all. And if i put : "A part from the filipino people" , i mean : " A PART FROM THE FILIPINO PEOPLE" and i don't mean :" EVERYBODY" , very difficult to understand for some people it seems.

Also i had some emails from people who visit filipino parties and my website is sometimes a subject for an discussion, some say everything is negative and others say that it's not true, it's only realistic what is also the whole meaning from the site. Many confirm that and also filipino's themself and especially about the way i write about the conservative (READ : STRICT AND DECENT) way the filipina girls are brought up by their parents and the for us westerners very old fashioned filipino norms and values concerning the freedom the filipina girls have compared to the girls in western countries. And of course the exceptions to the rule in that matter who are present here and as it seems have no filipino (or any other) norms and values at all and only are looking for dollars for themself and/or their family using or their tools and charmes they can use to succeed.

One fact is that filipinas in foreign countries who belong to as i describe it the "welcome committee" on the "Filipina Girls" page are not happy at all with my website because it becomes more and more difficult to blow up marriages from new filipinas in the country they live who've (or the husband) read this warning for those bitches/devils who seem to enjoy to create devorces in others their marriages. This is a fact to me that my information is correct and my warning is followed by others who avoid those "devorce creating devils".

Other ordinary (READ : CONSERVATIVE or/and DECENT filipinas who i think are the majority of all the filipinas are happy with my warnings and wrote this to me several times, also they've put their comments in my guestbook about it, read also that guestbook if you have the time. Those conservative filipinas who want to have a happy life without any devorce also know these "welcome comittees" are present from their own experience.

Also i had many reactions from foreigners who found out using some true happened examples i gave on this site that their very nice behaving penpal (only in letters or by telephone or on the chat) was lieing all the time and was only trying to get dollars from him with all kind of lies starting very soon after their first contact.

So i received from several sides the confirmation all the warnings i gave have had their result.


Almost all foreign men who are married to a filipina are dreaming from moving to the Philippines after their retirement or even sooner than that to escape the environment they lived they're whole life already.

If you want to listen to my advice or not is up to you, but this is my advice after 5.5 years of observation at this moment :

*All those who look at the whole world with red socialist Lenin glasses or/and red blinkers on and who feel pity with everybody who is complaining and are asking for money even do they create and keep their poor living conditions themself because of their antisocial irresponsible behaviour (smoking, drinking and gambling) and for those who want to help these people financially because they feel pity with them : Stay where you are ! Before you know your bankaccount is empty with the help from many who will assist you with emptying it !

*For all of those people who think filipino's don't know how to do business and want to give a demonstration here how to do it by investing all their lifesavings so they will become very rich very quickly : Stay where you are because you probably will become the victim from people who will try to buy on credit from you and will never pay and leave you behind with a empty bankaccount !
Even many cases from foreigners who's filipino family in law assisted in helping to empty their bankaccount very quickly with very good business advices/proposals are not rare overhere !
Read on the page "Stories" on the menu left.
If you think you know it better than me and i can't stop you from investing here, at least start a business which does'nt need a lot of investment like only a few computers or something like that so you can'nt lose a lot of money too

*For all of those who have a very realistic point of view and who can keep themself easily on a selfmade budget and who are thinking that everybody had 2 hands and 2 feet themself to work and to get money for buying food and accordingly to that will always keep their wallet close at any attempt from others to empty it : No problem at all if you come to live here !
The only thing you get is that those with less honest intentions who want to assist you to empty your wallet/bankaccount as quickly as possible is that they will tell you are "Close fisted" or selfish as they can call it too..

*For everybody who feel like a KING if they can show with money and who are acting very rich by telling big stories and give all their money away like it is candy : No problem at all if you come to live here, a certain percentage (READ : A CERTAIN PERCENTAGE) of the people here will give you the feeling you are looking for and consider you to be one of the richest persons in the world and you will have many friends and admirers !

Until your bankaccount is empty.

*For all of you without the financial resources to move to here at this time and who want to find a good payed job here very quickly and start working here : First find a foreign employer who will hire you, buying a ticket and very quickly find one overhere is easier said that done !
Many tryed already without result.


For whatever plan you may have : Good luck with it !


TopNegative impression ?

And still i read that people who are looking for information on the Philippines are left with a negative impression after reading this page or website. Also i had reactions from people who are coming here many years and gave a reason why people maby are left with a negative impression while this is a wrong thought.
* My realistic view is fine, nothing wrong with that, many confirm it and also the way i describe everything on my site is appreciated because it's very clear and don't leave any questionmarks behind. Because i don't want to tell you any lies and want to hide nothing for you, i put everything here that i see and what i hear if i can trust the source at least.
*Somebody who is looking for information about the Philippines because he has a filipina penpal or whatever reason, has to my opinon very often a much to positive view before he starts searching like it is Paradise here where you can only find perfect and honest people and where no negative things can be found. That's why without knowing it themself they are only looking for positive facts who are fitting in the next row : "Sun/White beaches-Hospital and Friendly people" and everything else that does'nt fit with this description about the Philippines is negative and they did'nt expected that at all so a negative impression stays behind.

*All the positive things they've also been reading here they forget already because they knew this and/or expected it already before starting the search. Unfortunately for all of you the Philippines is just another country in the world with good and bad people among the population and positive and negative facts like in any other country in the world, anybody who can prove to me that this is not true is welcome to do so.

*Many think that in a country where almost everybody is smiling everything must be perfect because in their own country most people are in a bad mood and short tempered because of the hurry and they have to work very very hard without a nice result in cash at the end of the month and no time left for relaxing anymore. So i've tryed to wake up those daydreamers by giving a realistic view about living in the Philippines and many things related to it which you will not see if you are only coming on holiday here.

*And most people did'nt count on that and are left with a negative impression about this page and site. If you came here already many times before you will recognize many things i've described on my own direct and no questionmarks creating way of writing.

*If you read everything again what i described here, there is not so much difference with the country you live in yourself and that is what in mean. All examples from things that already happend here and that i've describe mean that it CAN happen to you if you don't watch out and NOT that it WILL happen to everybody who comes here. Consider this page and site as a WARNING that you better not start daydreaming and lose all sence of reality, nothing more or les than that !
If you are to much in love and open your wallet to easy overhere, you can also end up like many before you did who lost all their lifesavings and everything else they had only because of the fact they were giving it away like it was candy, forgetting the simple fact it took many many years and a lot of hard labour to get it all together. And all of this because they trusted everybody who were smiling to them and because of that fact were honest and they good trust them 100% with their money.

*AGAIN : All the examples i gave don't mean everybody is like that overhere, just that there are also people like that and you have to watch out to prevent it also happens to you !

*I could also like many do, act and lie that everything here is perfect, but this is no help to you i think because this is not the reality, it's just another society like all others in the world. And AGAIN, the bad people here are probably a minority, but if you are not warned for their presence and how to recognize them, it can cost you a lot of money !

*In general if someone starts talking about your money in whatever country it may be, it's time to watch out, that is the case in your homecountry and also here in the Philippines. If somebody has another opinon about that, it's his right to think that way, no problem for me.

*If you do want to compare any country on the world with the Paradise, the Philippines comes closer to it to my opinion than my own homecountry.


That's all !
I'll be adding new stories on regular base !


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