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Don't forget to read "Warning" and "Welcomecommittee" and espacially Prostitutes Onboard at the bottom of this page !

I've made this page to show the difference between filipina and western girls about their behaviour, way of life and many other things connected to it. If somebody should get the impression what i don't aspect that there are mostly negative things to put here : In the contrary ! You better read all over again until you understand the text ! I also tried to put some funny text in between because these days people almost don't laugh anymore.

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First of all i want to try to clear up a misunderstanding :

In western countries many people think that girls with a brown skin are easy to open their legs. Maybe there are countries where that's true, but not in a strictly catholic country like the Philippines. Here it's normal that the man who marry the girl is the first one to touch her, exceptions prove the rule ! They also have a saying here :" Never been touched, never been kissed before !" It also seems to happen that they are brought back to their parents if the husband discovers she's no virgin anymore.

Also here it's changing because of the influence of the television and the influence from filipina who are married with foreigners and have a holiday here. The fact there are filipina girls working as a prostitute abroad is only because they're poor and it's an easy way to make money. It's also the cause that many think they're all the same. It's better to take first a look at the girls in the western countries before give a comment to another nationality ! Many of the western girls taste all nationalities before they are 18 or at least tried to do it, it looks like a competition between them.

Very often they have fun with every boy available starting on their 13 th or 14 th year, but they are "decent" (?) because they don't ask money for it ! If they should ask for instance 10 USD for every time, many could buy a new Mercedes at their 18 th birthday cash ! There are also decent girls, but i can't mention a percentage. Here in the Philippines divorce was not possible until recently and abortion is still illegal, but they're working on it to make that legal. The reason that many filipina girls are looking for a foreign partner is :

1-that many filipino man are irresponsible and only think about gambling, drinking and smoking during the weekend. If because of that behaviour their children can't go to school anymore or have no proper food is not of their concern. Also abusing is not an exception here. So it's logical that their daughters not want to be married to something like that and are looking for a foreign pen-pal. Many of those still get a foreign husband with the same habits who's already divorced because of that.
2-because they are crazy on dollars and think that every white "americano" is very rich.
3-because they want a ticket to a "rich" country and a foreign pen-pal will provide it for them.

How to recognize category 1 from category 2+3 i explain here below.



If you want to find a good wife here in the Philippines and you know how to recognize them it's no problem to find a good, loyal and beautiful girl. You only have to know how to recognize the good and the bad ones. It also happens there are good girls who have parasite relatives who want to empty the bankaccount from their future foreign relative. You have to watch out ! I will give some advice : Act normal and don't throw with money because you'll attract the wrong kind of girl. If you want a wife who only likes money, you don't have to come overhere, in your own country there are plenty of those !

If you wave overthere with a authorization to empty your bankaccount, you'll have plenty of candidates ! Most of the filipina girls are because of their color already beautiful and don't have to paint themself for half an hour to look beautiful. That's why overhere you won't see a lot of make-up, normal only on the materialistic girls who you better ignore. (there are exceptions !) If they go to weddingparties most of the girls use some lipstick/make-up, in daily life not. I must mention here that many girls who pick up their pen-pal at the airport also use a little bit of make-up and wear (borrowed) jewelry to make a good first impression !

Here i've put some tips you can use :

*Don't have any hurry finding a good girl !
*Understand very well that you enter another culture with very oldfashion rules and values compared to western countries. So you absolutely can't compare the girls here to the ones in your own country if they behave or dress the same !

*In general the filipina girls are more reserved compared to western girls. The reason is that many foreigners who are looking for a filipina wife try to "buy" one here by showing money and are acting like gentle people while they are in reality no more than rude alcoholics who continuesly abuse their wife physically and/or mentally which becomes clear after their wedding. So many examples from that ! No wonder many filipina girls first watch which way the cat jumps. The ones who have dollarsigns in their eyes will come themself to you or they are very easy and willing if you approach them.

*If you have no pen-pal here or you don't like the one you have for whatever reason and you try to find a decent girl here, here the next thing : First be sure if the person you approach does'nt have the same tools between the legs like yourself. There are gays/transvestites walking around here dressed-up like a girl with a dress and filled-up bra or even implanted silicone boobs etc. etc. From a distance they are difficult to recognize, from close it's more easy. The latest fashion from those is sunglasses in the hair like french girls use to do and ofcourse that gay smile from ear to ear.

*The girls who wear big earrings and expensive and/or sexy clothes and make-up you'll better ignore even they look delicious, because of the high risk that they are materialistic and to expensive in maintenance. There are some parents here that allow them nowadays to dress like that, but mostly not.
*Also you'll see girls walking around with sexy clothes, high healed shoes and watching a cellphone all the time, those are almost all spoiled and materialistic and very expensive in maintenance, so better don't entertain !

*You'll better look overhere at the girls who behave simple and for instance wear an ordinary t-shirt and short pants or jeans and without make-up and study their character to find a good girl.
*Don't look in a bar for a good girl because the one you'll see overthere are only looking for dollars and a ticket ! Conservative girls never enter a bar here like in western countries !

*If you find a girl that opens her legs very quickly, enjoy it (don't forget rubber !) and dump her because you'll probably holding something that's only looking for dollars and a ticket. The ones you're looking for are conservative and will not open their legs before they're married or maby just before the wedding is happening.(testdrive with obligation to buy !) You better believe that the girls who are opening their legs very quickly, only want a ticket and dollars ! If you get something like that to your homecountry, you'll better ask the divorce papers already at the wedding, saves you one trip. Or they wait until they have a foreign passport, that's also possible !

*A normal conservative family who aren't looking for dollars, first check the candidate husband for their daughter, a foreigner who wants to make impression with showing money and telling big stories about his richness/salary and/or looks down on filipino people and acts arrogant, will NEVER be accepted in a family like that and in a conservative family here, the daughter still listens to her parents, it does'nt matter what age she has ! If a foreigner like that is accepted without any problem in a family, it only means they're looking for dollars !
*If you visit a girl at her parents house (no matter in what neighbourhood she lives !) and you see the whole family drinking, smoking and/or gambling instead of working, the chance is big they see you as a milkcow ! It does'nt mean that the girl is no good, it only means you have to watch out and think what you're doing and have to watch their behaviour and attitude to you and your wallet !

*There are also parents who demand a big expensive wedding, it means they're thinking and want to show to others that you're very rich and they have more coming for you in the future ! If you give a big expensive wedding party is up to you, i can only mention that parents who want only a good husband for their daughter don't find that important. I also know a couple here that demanded a big support every month from the foreigner if he wanted to marry their daughter, because he liked the girl he promised them he would send it every month, but he never did it ! That is also a possibility.

Another couple demanded also a videorecording from the future foreign son in law at the expensive weddingparty they've already demanded and the future son in law agreed already on. The fact is that they had no videoplayer to watch the video which was automatically the next demand as soon as he had his drivinglicense for their daughter.

There was another girl who had an american pen-pal who wrote to her that he wanted to visit her and if they liked each other also wanted to marry her. On advice/by order from her mother, the girl wrote back to him that if he wanted to marry her, he had to give a weddingparty from at least P200.000. I think she also needed new furniture. She did'nt understand that she never received an answer to that letter. Probably the mother told her "If he don't want to pay that, he is close-fisted !"

I put here another story i heard from a friend :
His neighbourgirl had a pen-pal from around 70 years old visiting and he made the remark to the girl :"He, your pen-pal is almost 70 i think" ! The answer from the girl :"Yes, but the dollar is P50 this moment !".
No comment on that one. My wife is already used to situations like that when we visit the immigration where many older foreigners are coming with their latest very young girlfriend.

I want to mention here that i had several reactions (in dutch) to these tips to find a good and decent girl here in the Philippines and all of them have the same message which the next reaction i've received is a good example from :
"The one who's been reading your tips and tries to find a girl in the Philippines must be very dom if he ends up with one with dollarsigns in her eyes because you've really mentioned everything that you can mention about it ! A excellent piece of work !"

Now i start growing if i read this !
Let's be serious again, it only means that it's true what i've wrote here quickly from my own experience and observation. So if you gonna look for a girl here, you'll better print it out and take it with you during your search.

Good luck !



That means in Visayan language :"Rich" and that is the way many filipinos look at all the foreigners. Because foreigners can buy more with their dollars or Euro's etc some people throw away their money here and are acting like they are millionairee. There were already many girls who were fooled by an actor like that and when they followed him to his country they quickly discovered he also had to work for his money if he wanted food on the table.

I can give you a very good example from somebody i know, he didn't even showed money here in Cebu when he visited his filipina pen-pal, he only told big stories that he had a very big salary in Holland and had a beautiful house etc. His girlfriend believed everything and she thought she had a very big fish on her line. Later on she followed him to Holland and there she noticed that he was working for the minimum salary and had a less than ordinary house.

His budget for grocery was 70-75 guilder (35-37 USD) a week and mostly they had only soup for dinner. One time it happened in a shoppingmall that she ordered a hamburger and a milkshake and when he a few minutes later heard that, he canceled the order. Next he told her :"That is only for rich people !". If i tell this overhere in the Philippines, everybody has to laugh because of that, even here that is something ordinary. Here in the Philippines the whole day to the beach without buying a snack (minimum $0.50 for 2 persons !) was normal she told herself.

The whole day they said : "Honeýýýýýý " to each other, but only no : " Moneýýýýýý".

A far relative from my wife who also lives in Holland came on holiday to Cebu with her husband and spend the money like it was water, continuously partys. Loaded with fake jewelry she tried to make impression to everybody. Armed with a videocamera they also visited a expensive house that was for sale and afterwards "they had to think about it". Knowing they had no money to buy a decent doghouse in Holland, i have to laugh because of such behaviour. One time they hired 2 jeepneys to go to a beachresort with friends and family and they payed everything. She even gave money to her relatives.

Her husband had a very good job with a very good salary she said. In Holland she told my wife that they loaned all the holiday money at the bank and they needed 2 years to pay it all back. Her husband's salary was a little bit more than the minimum salary and they had to rent a apartment and pay the finance for their small car and with what was left they had to bring up 3 children. Very rich ! They did sent pictures where she posed at a big car in front of a big bungalow with a wrought iron fence around it, which both was theirs as she wrote her family. They are so rich that the last 10 years they had no money to come on holiday to her family in the Philippines while every year she promised to visit them.

I have a recently complete renovated big house for sale here in Cebu and we had a reaction on it from a woman who's son in law(european) and daughter were on holiday here in Cebu and were looking for real estate for investment. First they were looking for 4 hectares of land to buy here in Cebu and put apartments on it to rent out, but because they could'nt find that they were looking for existing real estate to invest their money in. I've been counting and only 4 hectares land is already almost $4 million !

I had already my strong doubts about it, but still we first cleaned that house and afterwards went according our appointment to that person to pick him up to take a look at the house. They had to "go somewhere else certainly", but they would call us the next day to visit the house. So my wife had a talk with that filipina and she asked what kind of "business" we had here in Cebu. The answer from my wife was :"No business !".

Automatically the next question followed : "Where do you buy your food from if you have no income ?". At that point we knew enough, no nail to scratch their ass ! Also a car, tv, video etc. etc. etc. on credit and probably also the money for the holiday from the bank and the next day no telephone to watch our house ! The last thing was indeed like that ! Things like this you can aspect here from many foreigners who're acting like millionaires. I always have to laugh because of people like that !

I can give you many more examples from fake millionaires like that because i hear one story after the other that the truth about the richness from actors like that is coming out. I leave it with these examples and have to laugh at beggers who're acting like millionaire here. The favorite toy from those "rich" people is a videocamera which they even bring to the toilet to film it seems. Everywhere they're filming the most crazy and ordinary things to make an impression to the filipino's, and it works !! Because a videocamera is still super luxery here, they leave an impression behind that they are very rich !

I can imagine that somebody who've made it their hobby or who want to look back to special events or trips during their holiday are filming here, but with these people it's very clear it's only to make an impression, as soon as they see other people, they start the camera. Also walking around with a lot of jewelry which is to my opinion the most stupid thing you can do in a country with a lot of small criminality is normal behaviour from these actors !



While in Europe the girls are almost (or complete) naked on the beach, the girls in the Philippines wear a t-shirt (with bra to hide the nipples) and a short pants. Some of them wear a badingsuit, but a bikini shows to much. The one who wear a bikini are considered to be frivolous.



Here it's normal that a girl does'nt visit her boyfriend if there's no birthday party or another special event, if she does the people see it as frivolous. The bull has to go to the cow here and not the other way ! Difficult to imagine if you live in a western country where everything is allowed. Also this is chancing already a bit and some parents allow their daughter to act like that, but the conservative parents never ! If their daughter likes a classmate and want to invite him, many times they have to invite a whole group which is sometimes allowed by the parents.

What is maby unimaginable in the year 2001 for western people is that conservative parents who want to give their daughter a nice future, just FORBID them to have a boyfriend as long as they're studying, mostly with the promise that if they ever find out she does it anyway, their finance for the university stops amediantly. This is because here they still believe that love and study does'nt mix. According to western rules, the girls would laugh because of that and do whatever they want, here they still listen to the parents and go from school straight to their house, even they are already 22 years old and so they stay untouched, age does'nt matter, they still have respect for their parents.
Also this is chancing already a little bit with some parents, but in general : No !



There are also girls who are married to a foreigner who have very lazy relatives overhere who'le stop working and only wait for "support" from their "rich" daughter. If lazy relatives like that don't receive enough support, they take action and for instance send a message to their "rich" daughter if a typhoon was around that their roof is blowen off and they need money to pay for another roof. Because they feel pity, the daughter and son in law send money for that and as soon as they visit again, the same roof as the last time they've visited is still on the house. I know a few people who were fooled with that trick.

I'll put something more here because it's not complete. It's not only a lie about a typhoon that they use, their fantasy is endless and they don't care if the girl is worrying the whole day because of the lies they tell. Lies like the father from the girl had a hart attack and is in the hospital and they need a lot of money to pay the doctor and the medicine etc is no problem for them. DOLLARS is the only thing that counts for them ! (advice: A telephone call to the hospital where they say he's staying is quickly and can save you money if they lie !) Their fantasy is really endless and you better don't believe them after you found out they've told a lie once before, because they make themself unbelievable with all their lies to beg and try to parasite. Just make it very clear to them that they have also 2 hands and 2 feet and they have to urn their money themself.

I never send any support to my parents in law because they are not to lazy to work. If they would be, they would have bad luck because there were already enough parasites eating from my salary in Holland. One time we received a telephone call from them that my wife could receive a part of the money they received by selling land from a heritage which we refused after discussing it because her parents needed it more than we did. I suspect i'm the only one who's married to a filipina where the money almost went the other direction !

The only thing i've payed was a part of the university money for my youngest brother in law who was studying for and now is a Civil engineer and came home with a 9.5 on the scale of 10. I would'nt like it if he had to work with his hands with brains like that. I know myself to well what it's like to work the sweat on the back from the age of 15. From the money i've send to pay the university not 1 peso went to the San Miguel and Tanduay brewery which is normal always the case when foreigners send money to their relatives here.

To show how far some families go to get their daughters married with a foreigner so they can send "support" as soon as they live with their "rich" husband, i will put the next true happened story here from a anti-social family where i've put already more stories from on this page.

The oldest daughter had to marry a foreigner(dollars) so the whole family could stop working here as soon as she send support. She did'nt had the same conservative thoughts like most filipina and opened her legs very quickly for every boy available (they call that a "softnose" here !). When the mother discovered her daughter was pregnant and it was already to late for a illegal abortion, she's been kicking so long on the pregnant belly until she had a miscarriage. You have to sacrifice a little bit to marry a foreign millionaire !

If one of her daughters had a foreign pen-pal who asked for a nude picture, they all cooperated with it ! A normal conservative filipina does'nt show anything too much with her clothes ! Later she succeed to marry an old american so she could send every month $500 for support to her family so they could stop working and party all the time and laughed at their neighbours by waving with dollars. As soon as the dollars were gone, they went begging to that same neighbours they first were laughing at and they were so disturbed that they gave them food too ! It would have been better if they've put rat poisson in it !

When their daughter send pictures that her husband been abusing her with a hammer on her back, the only reaction from the mother was :"That's life !". The 2nd daughter had 2 pen-pals,1 american and 1 dutch. She liked the american, but the mother told her to marry the dutch because that was a better candidate, he mostly put a few honderd guilder and a few times 1000 guilder in his letters, that's why ! When she later on went to Holland and lived with her husband, she received sometimes a phonecall from her mother to sent FL 500 because there were no dollars anymore to party. She was even so disturbed that she went to a bank to loan money to send to her lazy family !

The oldest daughter was in the mean time divorced from her husband who only wanted to cooperate in a divorce if his parents in law agreed that 1 of their youngest daughters would marry him as soon as she was 18 years old so he could abuse her too. Ofcourse they had no objection too it, how can you say NO, the support would go on !

Also some of the familymembers had to hold the youngest daughter so the mother could cut some hair from her private part and sent it to the american because their moneysupplier asked for that. Later on the mother went to America to get her youngest daughters also there in the name of familyreunion as soon as she had a american passport. In the mean time they have already 1 or more baby's here in Cebu which is still a discrase for a (conservative) family here, so it will be more difficult to get them married to a american millionaire !

Daughter nr 3 who had for several years a hobby here that is mentioned to a Greek island, is also married to a "millionaire"dutchmen. What i always wonder is why the millionaire husbands from this family like so many foreigners who are married to a filipina, have to beg to a bank to borrow money to pay the holiday here. They don't make a secret from that, to me it's strange behaviour for a millionaire !

Fortunately a anti-social family from this level is rare here, but you have to watch out !

Another example from a filipino family who were not very "motivated" to work themself. A foreigner who was married with a filipina and who had a big salary and wanted to pay for the renovation of the house from his parents in law which was in very bad shape, was sending every month $500 to his parents in law for that purpose which he made very clear it was for that purpose only. After a few years he comes on holiday here and the house is still in the same bad shape, all the dollars were spend on drinking, smoking and gambling, very clear !

He asked his father in law if he still works at the same factory like the last time he was on holiday here.
The answer was "No".
Where do you work now ?
Answer :"I don't work anymore ! Is'nt necessary anymore because you send money every month, why should i work if i have enough money ?".
Answer from the son in law :" If i were you, i'll find a job quickly, because no peso will come this direction anymore from me ! "

From that time on he was'nt very popular anymore with his family in law, what could be the reason for that ?



From observation i can say that almost all of the filipina girls who are living abroad and are loaded with jewelry to impress people (especially on filipina partys where you better don't go to because most overthere are only showing and telling lies and putting fire into others their relation.) are coming from the squatter area in the Philippines and are talking like they come from the high society here. The girls who come from a hardworking family behave simple because they know everybody have to work to have food on the table. Wearing jewelry is no expression for being rich for them because they also had that already here.


TopForeign Girl

There are in western countries many men (mostly reds) who amediantly have a comment as soon as they hear somebody is married to a foreign girl : "You better watch out she does'nt run away with your money !". I never had a comment like that but i want to say something to people like that who think they are so smart themself :"You better watch out yourself that your fat sow does'nt run away with your money and a asylum seeker !", it would'nt be the first time that happens ! Goal !


TopRun Away

It sometimes happens that a filipina girl who is married to a foreigner runs away from her husband and i've put some causes of that which i observed overhere.

* The foreigner choose a wrong girl who was only interested in money and a ticket.

* The foreigner was married before with a dominant and demanding wife from his own nationality who controlled him always and now he escaped that punishment, he wants a filipina girl because he thinks they except everything only to be out of the Philippines. So he treats the girl like a slave and shout at her the whole day because he have to show that this time he is in control. I don't even mention physical abuse which sometimes also happens.

There still are girls who except this, but most of them want to be treated like a human and when they had enough they run off and i don't blame them ! The community looks at them as they only used their husband to get into the country. This vision is caused by the first group of filipinas i mentioned above. What really happened inside the house and how the girl was humiliated all the time they don't know. If foreigners like that want to be a hero, they better first try to train a wife of their own nationality.

Another bad habit from dictators like that is jealousy. I know a few filipina girls who were quickly divorced only because their husband was already jealous if only somebody talked to his wife. In the house their wife had a noisy speech about that. I even know a girl who worked in the same company as her husband behind the desk, and as soon as she entertained a customer, it was already a reason for a big argument at home. Within 1 year she was already divorced because she had enough of it.

*The foreigner selected a good girl, but she was manipulated by another filipina ! I advice you to read the WARNING and WElCOMECOMMITTEE below.

Because of those cases there is a wrong impression that most of the filipinas leave their husband. I'm sure that the most of the filipina girls are good wifes and loyal to their husband, but these are not walking in the spotlight so people can't gossip about them. Also i had a conversation with a colleague driver who mentioned another girl with a brown skin who needed more than 1 man and finally run off to. First he gave her the Philippine nationality, but after 1 question from me it also could be a Thai or other nationality. On this way everybody can give examples ! The Philippines is an exception in Asia because they are strict catholic here and still have old fashioned norms and values compared to the western countries. Look above on this page and in "Living in the Philippines"



I also want to put a warning here for everybody who gets a filipina girl into his own country. If you meet another filipina in the shop or where ever : Don't talk to them and ignore them ! There is a lot of jealousy between the filipinas abroad, and it comes from the one who are/were married to the beggers/ fake millionaires i've described above. Especially on filipina partys they are showing and lieing to impress others and some of them do nothing else then putting other filipinas up to their husband.

In Holland i knew 2 like that, the first one started to tell lies about everybody (including us) behind their back and we told her not to contact us anymore and before she gave a comment about somebody else she better watched her own poor condition she lived in.(Watch the hamburger and milkshake above under "DATO "

She was throwed out by others too who had shit instead of thanks and at her work she was fired amediantly on request of her filipina colleagues because she was telling lies about everybody and tried to put them up against each other continuesly.
One time we met them in the supermarket when she wanted to buy a bag of frozen french fries from $ 0.50, and the comment from her "millionaire" husband was :"Put back Honeýýýýýýýýý, That is not necessary Honeýýýýýýý !".

She looked at him in a indignant way and returned it in the freezer.
When she had enough from the eternal hunger, she wanted to leave her "millionaire" husband. She asked all her ex'colleagues if they had a room available and she could move in into their house. She did'nt understand that the answer was everywhere "NO" because nobody wanted a poison like that in the house. They all referred her to the housing corporation.

The second one started to put up my wife against me at the first contact by telephone and the answer from my wife was that she put down the phone.(She already succeeded driving other couples apart !) Since that time my wife ignored all filipinas she saw except 3 she already knew. Unfortunately that poison i've mentioned above that she just met, as one of them. Maby you'll understand after that experience she never talked anymore to another filipina she saw. That's the best way to avoid trouble inside your house ! I know more couples who are victim of those 2 i've mentioned and there are many of those ! I even know people who took another secret telephone number because of biches like that.



After hearing different stories from ex husbands from filipina girls and also if i include all the things that happened and i saw myself i have the next conclusion : There is some kind of unofficial welcomecommittee from filipina girls(mainly the one who are/were married) who married a foreigner only for money and a ticket. As soon as 1 of them meets a new filipina in the country, they introduce the rest of the committee as quickly as possible and they give a lot of good (?) advice to her and try to put her up against her husband, it does'nt matter how good he is to her.

They work aswell separately as organized ! Mostly (not always) they are recognizable on the many paint on their face and the many fake jewelry they're wearing. All of the members of the committee will invite themself to visit you and your filipina wife (Easy, you or your wife don't have to do it yourself ! ) and as soon as they enter the door, they start to put up your wife against you. They behave like they are in control of all the filipina in the country and are able to do everything, like without notification (the word "asking" they don't know !) dropping in with 20 or more other filipinos and filipinas, even commanding your wife in her own house, i saw and heard enough like that.

They continue to brainwash your wife and put her up against you until she wants to divorce you, after that she is also welcome to join the committee if she wants. It looks like they agree to work in "shifts" and make sure that the new victim has every day 1 or more contacts by telephone or visit so they have the most chance for a (quick) success !

The remarks/advice/comments your wife will get from the filipinas from the welcomecommittee can be :
**WHAT, your husband did'nt gave you a new car when you arrived ? ? I had amediantly a new car from my husband when i arrived !
*Did your husband not gave you a XXX ?? What a closefisted man you have, don't accept that, open your mouth ! I had THIS and THAT and THAT from my husband !
(Don't check it, it's all lies)
*Don't listen if your husband ask you to do something, tell him to do it himself !
*These whities only want to use us filipinas, don't let him control you and open your mouth !
*What a bad luck you have with your husband, you are so pity !
*If you had enough from your husband, just get your things and run away, you can stay with us for a while, we will help you !

These are remarks/comments i heard from several people that they were given to their filipina wife, you can make up many like that yourself, not so difficult. All they can brainwash her with they will use. A new filipina in the country arrives in a strange culture to her and most of them will believe a filipina from their own culture instead of their own husband. It does'nt matter if it is a ex-prostitute (where they keep a big distance from in the Philippines) who gives her advice, on that moment it's somebody from their own wellknown culture and they mostly believe them without thinking.

Another thing i've noticed with bitches like that is that they will not help if they visit a philippine party at somebodies house, they keep on sitting on their lazy ass and must be served because they think they are superior to the other (new) filipinas. They will not help their friends with cooking and/or washing the dishes.
It does'nt always have to be a filipina they just met who will put her up, it also can be a relative like a sister or auntie or niece who is older and lives already in the country and who wil have a lot of power over them because that is a part of the philippine culture. They are not allowed to talk back or bad to an older person out of respect, so many will believe everything they tell them.

Something i saw myself how you possibly can recognize if other filipinas are putting your wife up against you is when you visit a philippine party where all the filipinas are eating and laughing seperate from the husbands is the next thing. You say or ask something to her and all the filipinas have a superfriendly smile for you, but she very clearly does'nt know how to react at you for a while, smiling or angry, that means 1 or more filipinas have a bad influence on her that moment. Very clearly they just gave her some "good advice" how to treat you. That is my experience with biches like that.
Now i said "how you POSSIBLY can recognize" , so it means you have to watch out here before taking the wrong conclusion !

1 of the things they will 100% certain advice your wife not to do is to sign at her wedding that the marriage is on conditions, so all the property you have stay in your name. If she did this already, they declare her crazy and will put her up to change it as quickly as possible so she can take half of your house and furniture etc. when she divorces you. Even the most radical way to achieve this, not opening her legs anymore until it's chanced, they will advice her. I heard this a few weeks ago from a visitor here who was confronted with this choice because his wife was also brainwashed by a committee.

When my wife signed to marry on conditions, they told her at the office that 80 % from the foreign girls refuse to sign and sometimes very angry hit on the table with their fists. Some of the man are so disturbed that they still get married even if she does'nt sign the papers, while it's already very clear why she want to get married to him. If they later on have to split their properties, because of a divorce, they blame their ex-wife while there is only 1 to blame, themself !

My wife talked to a relative on the phone who also lived in Holland and she said in rough language that my wife was crazy because she signed to marry on conditions. Because my wife always like to give an straight answer that fits, she told her relative that she could understand that because the husband from that relative was renting a very small apartment and had no nail to scratch his ass, so there was nothing to sign for. After that a moment from silence followed because such a straight and truthfull answer was'nt expected.

I advice everybody who want to marry a foreign girl to get married on conditions so she can't touch your property. If she refuses to sign, the best thing you can do is to buy her a one-way ticket and put her as quickly as possible on a airplane to her home country. If you are afraid to do that, you have to wait until the 2 of you go on holiday to her family and get her passport, ticket, your suitcase and go as quickly as possible to the airport and leave her behind so you avoid a lot of trouble in the future. If you get a filipina girl to your country (i don't know if there are also welcomecomittees among other nationalities !), avoid all contact with other filipina's !

This is the only way to avoid that if you get a good girl, the committee will brainwash her and put her up against you. Also explain her very clear why she has to avoid contact with other filipinas ! What i also know from others their experience (fortunately), that the comittee will also advice her to report everywhere that you've been abusing her heavely, even you would'nt think about something like that ! They don't feel any pity for you, they tell it everywhere and even good friends who know you very well start believing it and don't open the door for you anymore if you knock on it !

I know this now from several persons who had this experience and still can't imagine what has happened to them ! The one who visit me here had a fine relation with his filipina wife the first few years until one from the committee girls met his wife and the brainwashing began. After that he very quickly did'nt recognize his own wife anymore because of her remarks and behaviour and after that it went all very quickly and now they are divorced and everywhere to all friends and offices she reported that he abused her heavely. Are you so in love that you're sure it won't happen to you because you found the ideal girl, than read this : I believe i heard this before from several other people ! It does'nt even have to be a foreign girl, some of the western girls also know how to plunder their husband (victim)!

The whole story from a "welcomecommittee" may seem like a fairy-tale to you, but it's pure reality ! If you don't want to listen, you will feel it !! I have to say here that i was lucky (or i used my brain and picked up a good one and not the first one i've met, that's more likely !) that my wife had many warnings not to listen to other filipinas if she went to another country. Her mother is dressmaker and many filipina who lived in America and other countries ordered dresses during their holiday and warned her for it so she knew it already before she came to the Netherlands.

She had many advice not to go any further than a short talk if she met another filipina (most of them can' resist that) and she listened also to it. Now we have contact by email with another filipina and her husband and the coincidence is that my wife saw that girl a few times walking on the street when we still lived in the Netherlands, but never talked to her because of her experience with other filipina's from the "welcomecommittee" who are mentioned already on this page. In this way you can also mis good contacts as you see !

Prostitutes Onboard

( I've put this here in November 2012 because i think it's so important that i must put it overhere. )

Maby you think it's a little bit rude to use a term like this overhere, but many of the bitches from the welcomecommittee are no more then ordinary prostitutes and that is why i put this here. A few years after i've made this website i found out trough contacts with dutch and filipino sailors that all over the world in many harbours there are vans loaded with filipina prostitutes are coming to a ship to help the filipino sailors on board "to get rid of their need to mate with a member of the opposite sex".
To put this in a decent way here.

It seems that in almost every harbour there is a person who contacts the : "Mama San" , that is the mainwhore from the team of prostitutes, to inform her about the number of filipino sailors onboard of a ship that just entered the harbour. Next step is that this "Mama San" calls the rest of the team and pick the available prostitutes up with her own van to visit the ship and serve the filipino sailors.

If you do not understand the reason why the welcomecommittee is blowing up marriages with their brainwashing so the new filipina in the country loose a good husband and end up at the social security system, here is a good reason why ! The leader of the welcomecommittee who usually owns a van is also the "Mama San" of the team of prostitutes who are serving the filipino sailors onboard the ships and she receives a bonus for every whore she deliveres on the ship.
So every now and then she needs new employers and that is why she has to make sure that as many as possible new filipina in the country get a quick devorce and end up in a poor situation with a low benefit so they are more easy to convince to join the team and rent their body out to have some extra income. I do'nt have to explain i think why the most beautifull filipinas available are her main target.

And they are very good in brainwashing if you consider the fact that a filipina abroad who had a well respected profession like for example teacher in the Philippines who would never in their life would rent out their body and according to the Philippine culture always will avoid all contact with prostitutes, after a few moths of low benefit start a work like that herself. We know several filipinas who came to the Netherlands and had a quick devorce after beeing brainwashed by the welcomecommittee and now are getting into the van from "Mama San" as soon as there is a ship with filipino sailors is arriving in the harbour.
We even know a filipina who lived 1.5 hours driving from Rotterdam who they've picked up with a van to rent out her body onboard of a ship. So it does not happen only in or around a harbour !

Elsewhere on this page i described an event that a filipina bitch stopped at our gate in NL with a van loaded with filipino's and filipinas and my wife did'nt opened the gate so they drove away. At that time i allready wondered why this bitch needed a van. Another filipina later explained to my wife that this bitch was visiting filipino sailors to have "social contact" so the sailors had no problem getting homesick. She really believed the explanation from that "Mama San".

In the Philippines there is a nickname for a prostitute who visits a ship, it's called a "A.B. Job" , that means something like "Atjak Barko" in tagalog. English translation is something like "climbing onboard of a ship".

A dutchmen visited the Philippines and he was impressed by the beauty of the filipina girls and a few years later he also married one. He is a sailor himself and he knows about these vans with filipino prostitutes who climb onboard as soon as they enter a harbour. When his wife arrived in the Netherlands he warned her not to contact other filipinas because of the bad influence many of them have.
He was walking on the street with her in the harbourcity they lived and they saw another filipina walking and he told her to avoid any contact with that one because she was a prostitue who visits the ships.

But his wife has the typical filipina friendly attitude and most of them can't pass somebody they do'nt like without talking or ignoring them completely.(My wife is FORTUNATLY one of the few filipina who has no problem with that at all !) So one day she is in a shop and that filipina prostitute starts to talk to her and she answers instead of walking away and say nothing. She did'nt gave her address she says. So that filipina prostitute starts an investigation and at one night this new filipina in town was at home with the baby they had in the mean time and the doorbell was ringing. So she opens the door and that filipina prostitute was standing there with 2 filipino sailors. Amediantly she gets the question if she can handle one of the 2 because " I am so busy tonight !".

Ofcourse there are foreigners who pick up a filipina girl in a bar in Manila or Cebu or Angeles or elsewhere in the Philippines or who meet them at home not knowing that she worked there before, 1 or more small cousins walking around the house that later seem to be "working related accidents" is also possible, it wo'nt be the first time that happens. Also not the last time. The whole family has no problem with keeping this a secret.
It is very clear to me that filipinas like this who rented out their body allready in the Philippines are more easy to convince (brainwash them) to join the club and get a devorce and jump into the van as soon as a ship with filipino sailors is entering the harbour.

Now in a big country like Canada or the USA or Australia a team with prostitutes that drive from all over the country to the harbour to serve the filipino sailors will only occur in and around the harbours because of the immens distances overthere. This will mainly happen in small european countries.
But the welcome committees are everywhere, be aware of that !

Now that you been reading this and you are just married to a filipina who just arrived or is coming soon into your home country, you have a very easy way here to make clear to her to avoid all contact with other filipinas or at least be very carefull with it. From the Philippine culture they automaticly avoid all contact with prositutes, they do'nt like to talk to them at all because of the many (small village) gossip like we had in the fifties and these days is still normal in the Philippines.
1 warning from you to her what CAN happen if she has as much as possible contact with other filipinas should be enough, theoraticly at least.

Next announcement is for all socialists who want to protect all parasites and criminals and antisocials etc. and for all members of the welcomecommittee :
Now if after reading this you might think that i am a basterd because i write here some negative things about some (READ : SOME) filipinas as a warning to avoid nasty things in your house like a devorce.



The next emails i recieved (in Dutch) to put in the guestbook, but this was a better place to put it i think. Name and emailaddress are not shown as the one who send it to me asked me to do.


Your stories about the welcomecomittee sound familiar to me, i will tell you something from my experience. My filipina wife had already a marriage and divorce behind her with another dutchman. Maby there are more reasons for the divorce, but the "welcomecommittee" was the main cause of it. When my wife came to Holland, she was still young and had no experience at all with boys or man. In Holland she very quickly met the members from the "welcomecomittee" who were mostly divorced and started teaching her how to handle a husband. They told her it was necessary to ask on a regular base for juwelry and gifts and a lot of money and if he did'nt gave it to her, he was not in love with her.

Now she did'nt need a lot of money and was already satisfied with the things she had, but she was unexperienced and easy to brainwash and believed everything they told her that this was the only way to have a good marriage. Ofcourse this gave a lot of problems with her husband and the next advice the "welcomecommittee" gave her was to get angry if he gave no expensive gifts and money and after that she had to refuse to have sex with him. This whole thing made the situation only more fragile ofcourse. After they convinced her that her husband did'nt loved her, they teached her how to use the phone to enter chatboxes which created a very big telephonebill.

And all together the husband had enough of it and started a divorce procedure. At the last moment she did'nt want it anymore, but he finished it because he was full already with the whole situation. Because she moved out of the house after the divorce, the "welcomecommittee" lost contact with her.

Time goes on and we met each other and she moved into my house after a while, but the "welcomecommittee" heard about that and tracked her again and starts visiting her in my house. Very quickly i noticed what kind of bitches they were and i trowed them out of my house forever. (with force)
A description from the "welcomecommittee" :
Bitch 1 : A bargirl who hated man with many years of experience in a bar in Angeles city.
Bitch 2 : A backbiting creature coming from the Manilla nightlife.
Bitch 3: A bargirl who worked in the Cebu Silverdollar bar before.
All 3 of them divorced and telling all other filipinas that all man are bad.

According to my opinion, the biggest problem for filipinas who go abroad is that they believe everything from this type of filipinas who they in the Philippines would'nt entertain at all because they are very cheap and very low overthere in the Philippine society. If they see them overthere in the Philippines they will even walk around them on a distance to avoid any contact.

My wife comes from a conservative family and is brought up with Philippine norms and values and she graduated as a teacher, but in other countries there are also some filipinas who met their (ex) husband in a bar or a cathouse in the Philippines. Ofcourse they also can be nice women, but most of them have a way of thinking and an attitude to man that i don't like my wife to adopt.

Every "welcomecommittee" does'nt have to contain all (ex) prostitutes like in our case, also it can be divorced women who don't like it that other filipinas have a good relation with their husband and are happy in life and they will do their best to create a divorce in that house as quickly as possible. I removed all these bitches from our life and my wife does'nt entertain other filipinas anymore because she all see them as possible "backstabbers".


Next email arrived on Dec -22-2003 :

Hello, my filipina wife and i have been reading everything on your website and enjoyed it.
For someone who does'nt know the filipinas living here in Holland and the Philippine culture it might look like the whole story about the "welcomecommittee" is a fairy-tale, but i can tell those people from my experience that these stories are more true than i would like them to be.

My filipina wife coming from Leyte is several years in Holland now, completely adjusted herself and speaks and writes dutch in a way you can't notice she comes from another country. She has her driving license and went to administrative courses and has now a job she always wanted.

In the beginning she was in Holland, we went as much as possible to filipino parties, filipino churchservices and other filipinas. Only to make her forget her homesickness, but that did'nt disappeared, the more we visited those things. the more worse it became !
Not only that, her filipina girlfriends kept on advising her to continue her filipino way of life including the filipino food. Like for instance rice with fish that is in the Philippines the same like potatoes with meat and vegetables here in Holland. But the difference is that the dutch foods has more vitamins who everybody and especially a slim filipina needs in our dutch climate.

So she started to get sick and weak and had to throw up (NO, not because she was pregnant !). And all of this because the other filipinas advised her all these things, whatever i as her husband and as a dutch citizen told her had no value, she believed totally nothing from me, whatever the other filipinas told her was the truth !

You will understand this also had bad influences on our relationship, but this is al behind us and what has happened you can't change anymore. She has only contact with a few other filipinas now, nice and good friends and no backstabbers anymore !

Signed : A. Nonymous


Another case from a filipina coming from the Cebu nightlife who lives in Holland now. She left her (very good and caring ) husband very quickly to receive a wellfare benefit from the city which is automatically (partly ?) discounted on the salary from the husband until she will meet another man she can empty his bankaccount as quickly as possible, Her hobby in the mean time is to create divorces among other filipinas who live there.

The way she works is like this : she visits a new victim as much as possible and always shows a lot of bodymeat to the husband from the victim like by bending forward with wearing a tanga panty and a very short skirt.

until she will find the husband alone at home one day and the reason for the divorce is very quickly created in his bed. After that there is a possible divorce and this husband will approach her because after tasting one time he likes a full dinner every day, but she has no time anymore for him. She is already searching for a next filipina victim who's marriage she wants to destroy.

Somehow she enjoys this !



Something else what sometimes also comes with the welcomecommittee..
Our experience in Holland is that ladies from that committee very often also selling beauty/kitchen products or juwelry (on credit). The way they are pressing the new filipina in the country to buy something from them is very obtrusive and this is because they think they belong to a higher class then the new filipina in the country who have an obligation to listen to them, that's the way those bitches are thinking.

In the Philippines it's common that people are showing with juwelry to show rich they are, not all of them, the hardworking people have other things to do. The filipinas who sell juwelry in other countries use this fact and if they found a filipina who is not interested in buying juwelry, they will work on her and press her untill she does buy them. I knew one filipina who was approached by another filipina who sold juwelry on credit and she did'nt wanna buy them, but this filipina came back for a while to convince her to buy them. She did not buy them. One question she had in a commanding way was like this : "Why don't you buy anything from me ????"

This juwelry is sold on credit and with a nice profit for the one who sells them. They will even tell a filipina that she does'nt have to tell her husband that she bought the juwelry and that she can pay it monthly from the householdmoney.

A filipina approached my wife at a birthdayparty from a friend while she was helping doing the dishes. She said that the detergent she was using was'nt good for her hands, she sold herself "handfriendly" detergent she said. So my wife asks how much it costs and answers amediantly after hearing the price that she better stick with the usual detergent from the supermarket, it's only 10% of that price.

The one who sold the detergent did'nt gave up quickly and came to me to tell me that i had to tell my wife to buy her detergent because the ordinary from the supermarket is no good for her hands. I told her that my wife knows very well how to run the kitchen and does'nt need any advice from me what to buy. This answer was'nt welcome.
A few weeks later my wife gets in the bus and that filipina was sitting there and she watched at her and turned her head around and did'nt talk to my wife anymore.
Nice way to break contact with bitches like that !



Probably many western people will think that all filipina girls are very happy because they live in another country, should there be a survey on that subject, i'm sure another result would appear ! Almost all the filipina my wife spoke to (the carbidge from the welcomecommittee who are very happy they escaped the Philippines she does'nt entertain !) are feeling homesick and would jump amediantly in the airplane for a one-way trip if they had enough money to live here, if their husband also liked that ofcourse !

The only reason they don't do it is that they don't have the money for it and also many times because they have children and the life in western countries is better arranged for them because of the healthinsurance and free schooling etc which is very expensive here in the Philippines, especially with 2 children. Also something they never get use too is "hurry" which is a unknown word in the Philippines. Also the little time that's left if they come home from their work and have to go somewhere so they have to hurry a lot, is a big difference with the Philippines.

Here there are still many children and during day there's always somebody home if they visit, in western countries that's also different. The girls who come from a lazy family where they had many times none or not enough food on the table, enjoy their stay in a foreign country, the girls who come from a ordinary working family suffer almost all because they are homesick. Most people in western countries will also think that everybody who works in the Philippines is poor and live in the squatter area, but the people who use their brain and don't spend their salary on drinking, smoking and gambling and are always working, don't have a bad life here. Somebody with a reasonable schooling can also buy a house and a car and is'nt hungry, if he/she does'nt make too much credit. The more salary some people have, the more credit they make, there is'nt a country in the world where those make enough money with working !


That's all !


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