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We(your colleagues) would like to point you on the way you communicate with other people ! It seems that it's impossible for you to communicate in a normal (human) way. We would like to ask you to look for the cause of that and adapt your behaviour to the people around you. Sometimes it happens that somebody allready from birth is chagrined/peevish and because of that grumbles and snarls the whole day to his colleagues and act as an thickhead . But mostly it's because they have at home a dominant and money grubbing wife where they are afraid of and they have to get rid of their frustrations by acting like an animal to their colleagues . If you are one of those, we ask you friendly to leave your problems at home and not to bring them to work.

We can't help it that you against your will have to :
1-do the dishes, swipe the floor, vacuumcleaning and clean the windows.
2-have to wear a monkeysuit with a necktie.
3-have to ask for pocketmoney like a child from your own salary.
4-go to partys from some family in law who you hate.
5-dance at partys with your waterbed while you only like to sit behind a glass of beer.

We also can't help it that after all those years of hard working, the only thing you have is credit untill your ears because your wife likes to waste your money where you had to work very hard for. Ofcourse it's your own fould that if you gave your wife authorization to empty your bankaccount, it also happens. To make an end to your problems at home we advice you to stop the authorization to your bankaccount and the first time she start to command and shouting at you again, you use your hands and show her who's the boss. It seems to be a big relieve after you done that.

If you're afraid to do that, we wish you all the strength (you'l need it to ! ) for the rest of your life. We hope you do what we advice you to do, so in the future you'l appear at work with an smile on your face and know how to communicate with your colleagues in a human way, just like before your wife trained you. Don't forget 1 thing : you only live ones, so you don't get a second change to do it better the next time. If you don't like the treatment like a streetdog that you get now comfortable, you have to change it now.


Everything above fits on an a-4 form, so you can give it to a colleague who's acting like an animal at work, maybe it cures or temporarly become worse. I've worked at many companys and everywhere you'l find people like that, so it's a widespread problem. Maybe my contribution with this form helps to solve it. I wrote this form in 1996 in dutch and everywhere i came with the truck and showed this, i had positive reactions on it. One person was the worst one i ever saw in my life. He had every week 25 guilder pocketmoney and he had to pay his hobby also from that and he was laughing himself at work that he had a very expensive wife. He was bagging everywhere for a cigaret and at his birthday he brought a selfmade cake to work and said it was just as expensive as a full box with pastry from us. After he made promotion, he had 10 guilders increase on his pocketmoney.

Also such disturbed and trained lunetics always have a comment at bachelors that they are afraid from a wife, while themself they start shaking as soon as their wife opens her mouth ! I never saw lunetics like that laughing, all that comes out of their mouth is a forced gigling that they produce with a lot of pain it seems ! In the morning when they arrive at work, you can see allready in their face that their wife attacked them again. They arrive in the morning with their upperlip pulled up and it stays the whole day like that ! Also couples like that always try to outmatch others at parties with their clothes and behaviour (he had an order to do it !), i really believe couples like that think they belong to a higher caste.

Sometimes i think it's a part of the dutch culture that a husband is trained in such a (SM) mistress/slave relation. What is happening many times in holland at partys, that a wife is insulting her husband to show everybody who is the boss and he's just becomes quiet, i never saw at a party here in the Philippines, and i joined many partys allready. Complaining about their husband is something ordinary there, "He does this !", "He does that !", "He's to stupid for that !".

The only thing they don't complain about is the fact they can get whole his salary and spend it on the latest, unnecessary expensive fashions. If a wife here in the Philippines should try to insult her husband like that at a party, it probably will stay at one attempt and she has to buy artificial teeth as a result of it. If they have a problem, they talk about it in their house without any ordeance watching. At a party here people only enjoy, eat, drink, talk and laugh, just what it's made for.

But there is a solution from Sony for such men who can't or who are afraid to create a normal man/wife relation where you both are allowed to open your mouth and both have influence in what ever happens in and around the house.

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